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Suggest books for me > Future Sci-Fi Detective Story. Strong Female Lead.

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message 1: by Paige (new)

Paige | 664 comments I'll try to put into words what I'm looking for...
-detective story
-just barely in the future (autonomous cars being the norm, 3-D printers being the norm, wearable tech being the norm, menial tasks performed by robots [ex: toilet scrubbing]). I'd like the tech to be so taken for granted by the characters that it's just background noise with the real focus being on the plot/human elements of the detective story
-Takes place on the ground on Earth, not in outer space, not in the air, and not in the ocean.
-Has strong female lead(s)
-Is not focused on romance
-Does not have aliens

message 2: by Ebookworm2016 (new)

Ebookworm2016 | 180 comments Have you read the “In Death” series by J. D. Robb? It starts with “Naked in Death”. Lots of books and sounds just like what you want. Female detective, near future, etc....

message 3: by Paige (new)

Paige | 664 comments Looks pretty focused on romance. Thanks for trying.

message 4: by Ebookworm2016 (last edited Jul 29, 2018 12:46PM) (new)

Ebookworm2016 | 180 comments There are over 40 “In Death” books, each focused on a different case. I have not read them all and I found different totals, including novellas, etc..... the number of stories is even bigger if you count those. So, it’s not all focused on romance.... It does include personal things in the detectives life and one of those is a romance.

Spoiler....,though it’s not a spoiler if you read any reviews of later books, but I don’t want to put it without a spoiler warning. However, I don’t give anything away that isn’t easily found out by skipping ahead to a future review....,

I was able to figure out how to edit to hide the spoiler:

(view spoiler)

message 5: by El (new)

El | 502 comments You might enjoy Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Tom Sweterlitsch.

message 6: by Keith (new)

Keith | 220 comments The Greg Mandel books by Peter F. Hamilton should qualify. They have a male lead detective character, but all feature strong female characters who are often as much the focus of the story as the detective.

Mindstar Rising
A Quantum Murder
The Nano Flower

message 7: by Paige (new)

Paige | 664 comments El said:

"You might enjoy Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Tom Sweterlitsch."

Male lead. Thanks for trying though.

Keith suggested:

"Minstar Rising"

Male lead. Thanks for trying though.

"A Quantum Murder"

Male lead. Thanks for trying though.

"The Nano Flower"

Male lead. Thanks for trying though.

message 8: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5117 comments Why would you put “spoiler ahead” in a post asking for suggestions?

message 9: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 223 comments Rosa wrote: "Why would you put “spoiler ahead” in a post asking for suggestions?"

Because some of the answers might contain spoilers?

(Not reading much contemporary SF so i can't really help in any way)

message 10: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Love | 1090 comments Here's a possibility--Lock In by John Scalzi. The setting/time frame is just what you want. The main character is an FBI agent named Chris Shane. It's never specified by the author whether Chris is male or female, but Chris is definitely a strong character, and has a female partner who is also a strong character. There's also a sequel, but you should read Lock In first. Lock In

message 11: by Paige (last edited Mar 06, 2019 09:13PM) (new)

Paige | 664 comments Rosa asked:

"Because some of the answers might contain spoilers?"

Back when I wrote it, I figured I was looking for something very specific, and I didn't want to ruin something for someone else. I ended up taking some stuff out of my request, so it wouldn't be quite so specific.

Title is now edited. I had completely forgotten about that.

Pamela suggested:
"Lock In by John Scalzi"

I'll give it a go. I was hoping for something a little more lighthearted, but that may indeed work for me. Thank you for the suggestion.

message 12: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Love | 1090 comments You're welcome. And Lock In does have quite a few funny moments.

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