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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen girl driving with her mother, accident, scars, body image issue. Possible Spoilers ahead.

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Alicja | 3 comments POSSIBLE SPOILERS

I think this book was written after 2000.

Plot: A girl was driving with her mother. I think it was the girl's birthday and they were driving to a spa. A girl was on her phone and fighting with her mother. Thy had an accident. The mother died. The girl moved to lived with her father. I think she stayed in the house all the time because she was ashamed of the scars. I remember there was a guy involved. Not sure if they talked by e-mail, text or other way. He helped her gain some confidence. i think that at the end they fell in love but I'm not sure.
At the back of my head there is also some info that the guy was famous, but I might mix it with another book.

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Alicja | 3 comments cinder & ella

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