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B P Baggett (bpbaggett) | 1 comments Hello,
I was wanting to introduce myself so you all know who I am. Well, my name is Ben.P.Baggett I am a fantasy published author I have been writing my fantasy world for 20 years now. I have 5 books written and one is up on Amazon.
My fifth book is Ivar: Blood&Steel. This one will be up soon and I could not be more excited about this. Here is a brief summary of the story.
Ivar: Blood and Steel follows a young Prince that is thusted into an age old conflict. His father and home are destroyed leaving him, his mother and his older sister stuck in the world alone.
He is captured by the enemy and is forced into a labor military camp under the nose of the leaders. There he learns the ways of war and how to be a killer. He loves it.
This story will give the fans an idea of who this man is. It's bloody and dark with lots of turns in the story. It also gives the reader an idea of the world Ivar lives in.
Hopefully this passage let's you know who I am and what I do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or on FB page

Book title: Heroes of Aeolyne

Genre: Fantasy

Link to my book.

YouTube channel
The World of Aeolyne:

Facebook page (personal)



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Viktoria Faust | 1 comments Mod
maybe you would be interested in offer we have in our publishing house. Check out the details.

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Boyko Ovcharov | 1 comments Thanks for the invite! :-)

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