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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. British 90s YA fiction about teens doing a parachute jump or skydive for charity. [s]

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Rachel | 1531 comments A book I read at achool in the mid 1990s, may have been published a few years earlier. Written in the 3rd person.

The plot centred around some teenagers doing either a parachute jump or maybe a skydive for charity. I think they were friends from school. The main character was a girl, but there was at least one other character who was a boy. It was set in the UK. Nothing very dramatic happened during the parachute jump, it was just about the process of them getting sponsors, going to the airfield, doing the prep exercises and then doing the actual jump.

The cover had a photo of a smiling girl with brown hair, and I'm also picturing a lime green background but might be wrong about that part.

Any help appreciated.

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Ayshe | 4228 comments Hard and Fast? The Books for Keeps review mentions sponsored parachute jump.

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Rachel | 1531 comments I think you are right, Ayshe. The cover is nothing like what I remember, but the main character was definitely called Melanie, so I must have read a different edition.

Moving to solved!

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