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Redfang | 33 comments Mod
this is where we make animals and identify them

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Redfang | 33 comments Mod
Here is how we do it.

Dangerous/Weak (Is it dangerous, weak? How much?):
Use (Like, do their owners use them for hunting, fighting, etc):

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Bwahahahaha! Im going to go crazy here.

Name: Aisu
Age: 50
Element: Ice
Owner: Alice
Gender: F
Dangerous/Weak (Is it dangerous, weak? How much?): Very dangerous in cold climite, but very weak when it's warm
Use (Like, do their owners use them for hunting, fighting, etc): Fighting

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Lizzy Name:Sir Bobby Mindle Ranger Holy-cow Pumpkins Arr Redish ade Ocean View. ((AKA 'Sir'
Appearance:[image error]
Owner:my rouge girl, I can't remember her name, I'll edit this later
Dangerous/Weak (Is it dangerous, weak? How much?):hes not powerful. AT ALL.
Use (Like, do their owners use them for hunting, fighting, etc): just good to have around
Other:well, he's a talking ferret. what else do you want me to say?

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Annie/Soul | 67 comments Mod
Lol! Totally!

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Lizzy yes, I know he's from ice age three, but he is HILARIOUS!!! luv 'im!

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Lizzy Name:Walls
Age:unknown (and frankly, I don't think he cares...)
Appearance:[image error]
Owner: Edge
Dangerous/Weak (Is it dangerous, weak? How much?):he's a strong horse, good in battle
Use (Like, do their owners use them for hunting, fighting, etc):he gets riden
Other: he can talk (i LOVe talking animals, they are HILARIOUS!)

message 9: by Annie/Soul, Annie...THE EVIL!!! (new)

Annie/Soul | 67 comments Mod
Name: Frostlight (Kind: Darkaroi)
Age: Last of her kind, she has lasted a thousand years, recorded being in the time of Svenska and Norbrig.
Appearance: Wolflike with frost and ice covering it's fur. Wherever it walks, it becomes chilled. It feels like ice when you touch it but is warm in its heart, even though they are known to be as cold as their coat.
Element: Ice
Owner: She is a solitary creature.
Dangerous/Weak: VERY Dangerous. But if exposed to true fire, (She can freeze any normal fire) she could become weak and vulnerable.
Use: So far, not one Darkaroi has ever been recorded to have been caught and used. One time, it was known that a man had tried to catch one, and it died fighting. Another time, it was successful, but the Darkaroi slowly died in it's grief, alone. Nobody has ever tried to contain one in captivity since.
Other: Frostlight, though harsh, is also a kindhearted creature. She has been recorded as being the king of Svenska's companion once upon a time. In portraits, you could sometimes found her at his side. When the king went out to "The Meadow of the Lost" And never returned, she went there and has stayed there since. Recordings lost track of her, and she vanished from everyone's minds and writings. It is said that she went to "Breaking Pass" Later and as lived there all this time.

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Redfang | 33 comments Mod
name: Narbog
Age: born about 1,000 years before Svenska and
Element: fire
Owner: some people say it will obey you if you dress as Norbrig
Gender: male
Dangerous/Weak: very dangerous unless if you dress like Norbrig.It is immortal but it is said that at 12:pm its chest is vulnerable to bronze arrows and that is the one way to kill it
Use: It is known that on his death bed Norbrig told him to guard his tomb so when he died Narbog guarded the tomb waiting for Norbrig to come and let him rest many have told him to do other things but not one of them where smart enough to say he my stop
Other: rumors say that if you kill it then the ghost of Norbrig will haunt you for ever

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Name:Mokona Modoki
Age:lost count
Dangerous/Weak:Extremely strong and skilled
Use:not sure
Other:talks in third person and doesn't like fighting

message 12: by Rielle (new)

Rielle (Icefire) Name: Lafaita
Age: 150
Appearance: shapeshifter; favorite form is a white cat
Element: Earth
Owner: (not owner, friend) Maia
Gender: Female
Dangerous/Weak: Extremely dangerous, very self controlled
Use: Laif is Maia's best friend and companion.
Other: Lafaita is a Werecat, a nearly extinct race. She is a master of disguise (obviously!) and can go anywhere, anytime without being detected.

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Rielle (Icefire) Name: Haikleene (hi-KLEEN-eh)
Age: unknown(really, really old)
Element: air/fire
Rider: Arya
Gender: Female
Dangerous/Weak: Incredibly dangerous, breathes fire; razor-sharp spikes down back and tail
Use: Fighting, companionship
Other: She's a dragon who shares Arya's thoughts and speaks for her.

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Annie/Soul | 67 comments Mod
Name: Sith'arn (Kind: SvartsSjäl Meaning: BlackSoul)
Age: 52 years old.
Appearance: A pitch black raven with glittering golden eyes
Element: Magics- Sorcery. Usually unseen, the most detailed recoding of it's magic was "as if all the energy and power was drawn away in its own web of carefully instructed magic. It has no element of its own.
Owner: None. Though the Svartsjal tends to switch from time to time, to whoever has proved their worth. They stay with that chosen until it has passed away, then they go back to the wild.
Gender: Male
Dangerous/Weak: Not exactly dangerous, unless threatened in the wild.
Use: It is usually used as eyes. Spying, seeking, finding hidden trails or such. It is not used for attack though, it's magicks is used for itself.
Other: It cannot speak, though it can emit curious croaks and clicks. It is very intelligent though, and can understand everything the user says, even other animals.

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