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Azure sat on the bench, legs crossed in front of him. He was completely engrossed in watching people fight. He’d been practicing a minute earlier, with a sword, but it hadn’t helped much. He still hated doing it himself — healing was so much easier. But watching? That was a different story. The rhythm of it all was amazing. Each person knew their place and what to do. One person stepped forwards to strike, and the other stepped back and blocked. There was a move for everything. Everyone fit where they were supposed to go.
He raked his hair out of his eyes and stood up, about to get going. He was completely done with this arena, especially after those close calls with dummies when he’d been practicing. One of them had nearly lobbed his lead off from a bounce-back after he’d struck it.

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{no it’s okay!}

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{ok, it’s fine lol}

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Azure groaned when she asked him. More like challenged. If he did this, he’d probably end up with more than one severed limb — and not because of the other person. He was horrible at handling these swords, especially because all of the ones here were so big. There were a few he was decent with. Although, the only one he considered himself a worthy opponent with was in his cabin, under his bed. Unused. And he didn’t want to run to his cabin and back (it was nearly across the whole camp from here) just to fight some girl. So, the outcome was as stated: no way.
“No,” he said simply, with a little smirk, and kept walking towards the exit.

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At first, he had just not been in the mood to fight somone. It would have required too much effort on his part with too little reward. Now, though, it was amusing him to see the girl in such an annoyed state. He himself was a bit annoyed too, but he wouldn’t ever let her see that. He crossed his arms and turned to face her. “No.” He said again, a bit sharply. He was done with this argument …
But, it would be good for him to excercise (not like he hadn’t been doing it, but he’d been pretty lazy this morning). If she asked him one more time, he resolved, he’d stay. No, he’d have to get his sword. But he’d stay for the fight.

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He was about to repeat himself. But … she was right. And when else was he ever going to practice? Not on his own, that was for sure. He grumbled and turned around, head hanging sideways in mock annoyance. “Fine.” He trudged over to the sword-wall (where numerous lethal-looking weapons were hanging) and chose the shortest and bluntest of the swords. He weighted it in his hands — definitely uneven. Whatever. He swung a few times to get the feel of it and accidentally lobbed of the arm of a nearby dummy. This would certainly be interesting.

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{probably the shortest sword you can find lol}

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{I suppose archery? I didn’t really put that on my template …}

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{what’s the problem exactly?}

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{lol ok}

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