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Jocelyn As I continue reading I have noticed that Celie is allowing her background and experience to get the best of her. For example, when she tells Harpo to beat Sofia it goes to show how she is used to receiving violent consequences. Celie and Sofia are very different in the sense that Sofia does not allow her self to fall under sexist stereotypes. Although she has also experienced violence she does not continue the pattern and won't allow her husband to feel any sense of superiority. I personally relate more to Sofia because she stands up for herself and doesn't accept bad treatment from anyone. Sofia noticed that Harpo was not fulfilling her needs nor her kids so she decided it would be best to leave. I think she did the right thing because if a relationship is toxic it is better to get out of it.

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Nazi Hey guys can anybody help me? Is there a novel with the same plot as The Color Purple ? I need to write a paper on it. The plots should be similar.

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