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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA book/series boy's father's gf/new wife moves in with her daughter and the two kids discover mythical creature type things are real

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Ashton Stansel | 1 comments Things I remember about this book series (This is basically All spoilers)

They were in somewhere super hot and the father was an architect type person

theres a scene where he uses a wheelbarrow to move like a half dead water-needing...creature back to a pond

a car ends up full of sand and blamed on him due to little pixie ish things
In one of the not first books, there is a creature where basically all the tails of a snake (or a rat? Cant remember) ended up like growing together and stuff and it created sinkholes and such

In one scene, he uses a wooden mini boat he made (and stabbed his foot on a nail to rescue from an earthquake-ish related house destruction issue) to lure a thing back out to sea from where it was close in.

There were definitely giants fighting at one point

I am not sure what year I read the book, but no more than like 5-7 years ago

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Ashton, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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