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Idea credit: GatsbyLover20

Prometheus is a rival academy that teaches young metas to use their power, in hopes of getting them to eventually dominate the human race.

There are four headmistresses who are in charge of the Rival Academy that believes in supernatural domination over the human world

Madame Ivory is the oldest and one above all; she is the most powerful and keeps the strongest and most powerful students in her entourage. She actually cares and is seen as a mother figure to all of the students under her.

Powers: Light Manipulation, White Light Blitz, Mental Manipulation, Power Augmentation

Personality: She is bitter towards humanity and wants to see it's downfall. She sees all supernatural as her children that will one-day surpass and dominate humanity. To supernaturals, she is kind and caring, a motherly figure to each and every one of them but also slightly manipulative to them as well. She sees herself as the goddess who will lead her children into a new age. The second Enlightenment

Madame Medallion is the smartest and most emotionless; she is in charge of technology and the students who are intelligent or powers are more energy based.

Powers: Superhuman Intellect, Electricity Manipulation, Technopath, Power Combination

Personality: She is very cold and emotionless, she sees life and it's creation as test subjects that need to be studied. She does not hold sentiment to anything, even her own students. She always chooses to take the most logical route and could care less about morals.

Madame Sapphire is the most manipulative and head of Student Development. She is in charge of double agents and destroying from the inside. Most of her students are also manipulative.

Powers: Emotion Manipulation, Water/Cold Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Power Negation

Personality: Sapphire is unique among the Headmistress. She comes off as very kind and thoughtful, not at all like the others. However, this is all a farce. Of all the Mistresses she is the most manipulative and can convince anyone she is caring and not their side. In reality, she is a vain and arrogant woman who craves luxury and control over almost everything else.

Madame Magenta She is in charge of Prometheus Academy Military and combat. She is very battle hardened and ready to overtake and kill whoever stands in her way. Her students are usually very blood thirsty and are all trained ruthlessly.

Powers: Fire Control, Weapon Creation/Forging, Weapon Summoning, Fear Inducement, One Woman Army

Personality: She is a warrior at heart. Only thinking about battle and training. After having everything taken from her in life, she vows vengeance on anyone who crosses her. She is very angry and irritated. Often losing her temper easily. She will not take disobedience or defiance lightly. In the end, she is always ready for battle or war.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) I'm claiming madam Ivory but the rest are free to claim!

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