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Bujold Community Airbnbs, Couchsurfing.com (FREE) or simply People Offering Free Places To Stay: So We Can Easier Connect & Meet This Community Worldwide!

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WackyRomanticPyrate Diana (wackyromanticpyratediana) | 8 comments If you'd like to offer your place for people to stay, either for free, or a fee; post it here! Please post your country, city at top of your post; + if you have a www.Airbnb.com or www.Couchsurfing.com link, post it!

***I don't have this to offer at this time; just wanted to create a new resource for the community by starting the discussion.*** I DO of course, want to meet as many Vorkosiverse lovers as I can in my life-time! :) I think people attracted to this series tend to be the positive-global-changemakers (the kind that will truly succeed if supported!), & lovers-of-life of the world! :)

Best wishes & may we all have a life-time of amazing adventures together!

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Mary Hopkins | 3 comments Quillota, Chile
Interesting idea! I don't have either of those (or a handy grav-bed :) but if anyone comes to my non-touristic, boring town wanting to talk about the joys of reading LMB, I can offer a sleeping bag and floorspace. :)

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