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Ana S | 1 comments okay so. I knwo that there are at least three books in this trilogy. The first book is about sky(?) who is a blonde girl. She is adopted by a nice couple when she is little. She can play the piano well. but she can also see auras, or colors around people, but she tries to supress that. Sky moves to a new school where she meets bad boy Zack (or sometjing) and he rides a motorcycle. he has also powers and is the 7th child in his family which makes him super powerful. He is convinved that Sky is his soulmate. They fall in love but this evil mafia dude kidnaps her to Vegas for reasons and alters her memories. She defeats him with the power of love and lifes happily ever after with Zack.
Second book is about Phoenix. She lives in London. She is a thief of some sorts, working for the mafia. She meets Zacks older brother. Shinanigans insue. (i didnt read to the end, sorry)
Then there is the third book. Cant remember the girl's name bit i know that it takes place in Venice. The girls is really tall and is the 7th child of her family and is supposed to hafe great powers but doesnt. She meets Zacks other brother, Alexander. She designs clothes. A and the girl play extras in a movie and develope feelings. She holds a bachelorette party at this old woman's mantion for her sister. The old woman is actually evil and the next morning the girl is trapped on an island?? The girl discovers that she has incredible super powers and can find EVERYTHING because she can see like, threads?? She gets out with the help of Alex, who is her soulmate, and confronts the old lady, who is evil because her son was a mafia boss that got killed in the 2nd book.
Ironically I remember this much but not the name of any of the books. I hope some of you can help out :))

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Lobstergirl | 38154 comments Mod
Ana, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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