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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Fiction where young female artist / painter moves to America with her family. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Dayo (mizasa) | 5 comments I read this book about 2004 - 2006. It didn't seem like an old book, I think written by a female author.

The book starts with a woman going to a house in a small town that's been left to her by her aunt who just passed away. She meets a man there and finds some paintings in the attic - about forty of them which tell her aunt's love story over that many number of years.

Her aunt was an artist who moved to America as a young girl (I forget what country she's originally from - European probably). Before moving to America, she met a young American boy in the park and drew him. They fell in love. After her move to America and a series of events, they lose touch, he gets engaged / married. Somehow, she ends up being commissioned to paint his wife I think. His marriage was not based on love. They begin an affair that pretty much spans his entire marriage. he would visit her in the small town she lived. One time she but pregnant but lost it and while he was grieving, she painted an image of him out on the water in a boat (i think the painting was named 'grief').

After many years, when his kids with his wife were grown, he decides to divorce her to be with his artist love but died in a plane crash on the way home.

Turned out the man at the beginning of this my spoiler whom the niece met was his son / grandson.

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Dayo (mizasa) | 5 comments Ayshe wrote: "Someday, Somewhere by Eileen Ramsay maybe?"

Yes! yes!! Thank you! I have been googling and searching for years now. The niece's name always tickled my brain...'Hailey?', 'Heather?' but it's Holly

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