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Naoki's house is an average sized, two story building. The first floor consists of a living room, kitchen, dining room and a bathroom. The second floor has Naoki's bedroom, a guest bedroom which Naoki uses as a study, and a room filled with unopened boxes that Naoki has yet to go through. There is a cellar filled with lots of alcohol. The entrance to the cellar is in the kitchen.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke looked up at Naoki, and shrugged. "I sort of understand why you left now. Things already feel different..Like, It feels like I don't have an unbearable weight on my shoulders anymore." He said, and smiled back. There was no doubt about it, Hansuke was sad. Very sad. He'd get through it though eventually though.

((oops sorry it's short))

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Naoki nodded as he spoke. "It feels better after a while, knowing that you actually have a chance at a normal life now." He said in response. As they approached his house, Naoki reached his hand in his coat pocket and fished around for his keys. He pulled his keys out and stepped towards the door. Naoki fiddled around with the lock for a few seconds, until he heard the click. Naoki turned the nob and let the door swing open. "After you!" he said, holding the door for Hansuke.

((It's fine!!))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Naoki was right. This was a chance for Hansuke to have a normal life. Since he was a child, the only thing he had known was the White Fang. He stepped inside Naoki's home, and looked around. "You surprisingly have nice taste." He said in a teasing manner. He wanted to take off his coat and hat, but he didn't want to be rude. "Seriously though, your house is nice." He repeated.

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Naoki closed the door after they both entered. He decided that it would be a good idea to lock it. "Slightly offended," he began, obviously joking. "But thank you." Naoki was actually being sincere for once. He slid off his trenchcoat and hung it up on a rack next to the door. On the rack was the old black coat that he used to wear when he was in the White Fang. Even though it was a bad reminder, one of his friends gave it to him..and he couldn't stand to part with it.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke's eyes lingered on the black trench coat for a brief moment, before he reached up and took his hat off. He set it on the coat rack, along with his jacket. He decided that there was no reason to act awkward with Naoki. Hansuke sighed softly, and looked at Naoki. "So, what do you do as a member of the rebellion?" He asked curiously. "Or is that confidential.."

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Naoki was taken aback by the question. "I-I don't do much anymore. I just give orders to lower ranked members. It's not super exciting." When Naoki first joined, he traveled everywhere, helping people, campaigning for new members, those sort of things. "I used to do much, much more. It's gotten quite dull."

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muuumew | 1619 comments "Oh..Would I be a bad person if I didn't want to join?" Hansuke asked. At this point, he didn't want to be involved with anything that involved being in the White Fang, or fighting against it. "I mean, I'm already a bad person," He started. "But would I be worse?" Hansuke finished with a dry laugh.

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"Not at all. I've been considering leaving for a while now." Naoki admitted. He shot a glare towards Hansuke. Naoki flicked him on the forehead. "Stop that. You aren't a bad person." Naoki walked into the kitchen, to the cellar door. He placed his hand on the rusty knob, and forced the door open. Before Naoki disappeared down the stairs, He said: "Help yourself to anything, alright?"

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke put a hand on his forehead. "Ah, you've wounded me." He said, his voice flat. He smiled slightly and looked around. "Okay. Do you have any good wine?" Hansuke asked, and followed him down the stairs. The cellar was dark, so it took a moment for his eyes to adjust and see clearly. "If you don't, we're gonna have a problem." He added. He was partially joking, and partially not.

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Naoki laughed at Hansuke's comment. "I do- although it depends on what you consider good." He replied, making his way down the stairs. Naoki searched the shelves for some matches. Once he found one, he lit it and then lit a candle that was sitting next to the matches. The cellar lit up with a soft, yellow light. The walls of the cellar were shelves, stocked full with different types of alcohol.

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muuumew | 1619 comments The only reason Hansuke started drinking at his age was because of the White Fang. Stress, and guilt made him do so. This would be the last time he'd drink his problems away. Asano's remarks were eating him up inside, but he'd need to find healthier methods for dealing with his problems. He looked at the shelves in awe, and browsed through them. "I want to drink this one." He said, and picked up a bottle. It was one of his favorites.

((i just learned that chuuya gets drunk easily?? even tho he loves wine? lol))

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((wine mom chuuya

"Do it, do you want a glass?" asked Naoki. He only asked because Naoki occasionally came down into the cellar and drank straight from the bottle when he was upset. Naoki reached over and grabbed an oddly shaped bottle, that was half empty with a caramel colored liquid sloshing around inside.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((chuuya is wild))

Hansuke nodded his head. "Yes please... What's that?" He asked, eyeing at the bottle that Naoki had chosen. "Is it wine too?" The liquid looked like it could be beer, but Hansuke had no idea. He hated the taste of beer, so of course he had no reason to buy it. He was practically cradling the bottle of wine in his arms, while he waited for Naoki. The collection Naoki had was a little surprising, Hansuke wouldn't have taken Naoki for the type to drink often. Or at least, the type to collect this many bottles.

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((S o m e o n e s t o p h i m))

Naoki crouched down and grabbed a wine glass from the bottom shelf. He handed it to Hansuke and plopped down in a chair. In one of the cellar's corner, was a small wooden table with two chairs. Despite being a cellar, the place was very clean and tidy. "I honestly don't know. But it's pretty strong!" said Naoki, before he removed the cork from the bottle and took a large drink.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke took the glass, and sat down on the other chair. "That's a little worrisome.." He commented, but said nothing more. He crossed his legs, and popped open the cork on the wine glass. His delicate looking fingers held onto the bottle of wine tightly as he poured himself some to drink. He set the wine bottle aside, and brought the glass to his lips to have a sip. Hansuke let out a satisfied sigh, and set the wine glass down. "How can I repay you for doing all of this?" He asked, looking down at the crimson liquid. "You've done a lot in this one day. I appreciate it.."

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((oooo what if one of them gets drunk and conFessEs thEir aTTrAcTiOn to The OtHeR?))

Naoki carefully placed the glass back on the table. His face crumpled in disgust, due to the terrible flavor of the strange liquid. "You don't have to do anything," began Naoki. A smile tugged at his lips as he spoke. "I'm just glad that we were able to get you out of that terrible place." Naoki thought about responding with something cheesy, like "Your happiness is payment enough". Even though it was true.

Naoki reached out to grab the drink, and the cork. He positioned the cork in the opening of the bottle, and pushed it down. Naoki turned around in his chair, and placed the bottle in its original place. He slid down from the chair, only to grab a stemless wine glass and a bottle of whiskey. He pushed himself up off of the ground, and sat back down,

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((yesss, who should it be?))

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((maybe hansuke bc he gets drunk easily?))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((*budges in like a fangirl* oh ;3))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((yeyeyeye)

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke stopped drinking moderately after the first sip. He downed the glass of wine he had, and he already felt a slight buzz. His body felt warm and cozy, and he couldn't help the grin that formed on his lips. He poured himself another glass, and drank that one too. "Can I ask you something? Why don't you wear hats? I think they'd suit you. Well- they suit me better, but that's not the point." Hansuke said. he seemed a lot more talkative than before.

((i'm reading an article about "the stages of being drunk" so i'm basing it off of that lmao oof))

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Naoki had just finished his third glass, when the buzz hit him. He chuckled softly. "Why should I wear a h-hat, when I have such fabulous hair!" He giggled. Naoki brought his hands to his head, running them through his soft, somewhat curly hair. "Ooh, I think I know why you wear hats!" Naoki giggled again. "Because they make you look taller! 'Cuz..you're short!" Naoki thought again for a moment. "If I wore a hat..would I be taller?" he mumbled to himself.

((oof i know nothing *didnt pay any attention in the health class alcohol unit*))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke's vision started to blur slightly, but he could still make out what was what. He rested his head on his hand, a lazy smile on his face still. "Your hair isn't that fabulous, mine is far better." He stated confidently, and sipped from his wine glass again. He shot Naoki a look. "I'm not short..You're just a..giant! Yeah, you're not even human! You're a giant." Hansuke rambled, his voice becoming more slurred. He finished his third maybe fourth glass, he had stopped counting, and frowned. "Why do I have a crush on a giant??" He asked out loud, and rested his head on the table. Now that his glass was empty, he was holding onto the wine bottle.

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Naoki furiously shook his head. “M- *hic* My hAiR is sooOoo much better!” He exclaimed. Naomi’s voice became slurred tremendously. “Well... If I’m a *hic* giant, you’re like a- um- small- short person!” Naoki has another glass, and another. After a while, the bottle was empty. Naoki burst out laughing. “Haha! Hansuke has a cruuuush~” he said in a singsong voice. “On a- wait..” he began, realizing that Naoki was the giant. His jaw dropped. Naoki sat there, with a dumbfounded look on his face. After a few seconds of staring at Hansuke, he finally responded. “Woah! That’s sooooOo cool, I have a *hic* crush on a really small person named Hansuke! Wait- That’s you! Haha...” Naoki let himself slump back into the chair in a drunken mess. He hiccuped again, and then started giggling for no reason.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke hopped up from the table, and looked at Naoki with a huge pout on his face. "I'm not a 'small short person'!" He said loudly. The room felt like it was spinning, so he plopped back down onto the chair. His face was red, and at this point was both drowsy and excited. Hansuke drank more wine from his bottle. He didn't have nearly as much alcohol as Naoki, yet here he was, just as drunk. "Youuu have a crush on me?" He slurred a bit, as his hand slid from the wine bottle to rest on the table. Hansuke furrowed his eyebrows as the sound of Naoki's giggling faded, and the room went black. He passed out.

((i think hansuke would be the type to get blackout drunk))

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((probably lol))

"Yes you are..." he slurred, Naoki could feel the room starting to spin. "But it's cute...you're cute!" he giggled, "I liiiike youu- Oh, he fell asleep..." Naoki's eyebrows furrowed, and his smile morphed into a frown. Naoki blinked slowly and then began to rub his eyes. He pushed himself up from the table. As soon as he stood up, Naoki felt like the room began spinning even faster, and he began to sway back and forth. Naoki shook his head as an attempt to stop the spinning, and it sort of worked. He took a few steps towards where Naoki had passed out. Naoki bent down and slid his arm underneath Hansuke's neck. He used his free arm and slid it underneath Hansuke's legs. Naoki pushed himself up and pulled Hansuke closer to his chest so he wouldn't slip. Naoki spun around and began walking towards the stairs. On his way there, he blew out the candle and began making his way up the stairs. Once Naoki reached the top of the stairs, he used his foot to pull the door shut. The room was still spinning, but Naoki tried his best to stay standing since he was holding Hansuke. He walked over to the second set of stairs, going up to his bedroom. Naoki continued to march up the steps, until he made it to his room. He used his foot to pull back the blanket, and carefully laid Hansuke down on the bed. Naoki pulled the blanket up, and then everything went black. He passed out on the floor.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((dang, boyfriend goals))

Hansuke opened his eyes, and immediately groaned. It felt like a dozen knives were piercing his skull. He pulled the blanket up so it covered his face, but then he widened his eyes. He remembered bits and pieces of the night before, but how did he get in bed? Whose bed was this? His face turned completely red when he remembered his terrible confession. Hansuke tried to sit up, but the pain in his head made him slightly dizzy. Glancing around to see if anyone was around, his royal blue eyes landed on a man on the floor. "..Naoki..?" He asked. Hansuke's own voice sounded foreign to him. He blushed/groaned again and laid back down. He held blanket up to his chin, and rolled over on his side so he could looked at Naoki.

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"Mmmmmmmm..." groaned Naoki, who was lying face down on the floor. He had been drifting in and out of consciousness for about an hour, but couldn't find the strength to push himself up. Naoki was able to summon enough strength to roll over onto his back. "Ugh..." he mumbled. Naoki felt like his head was going to split in two. His eyes fluttered open and immediately shut due to the bright light entering the room from the windows. Memories of last night came back in pieces. He couldn't remember much, but from what he could recall, he drank way too much, made fun of Hansuke's height, and confessed his attraction. Shit. thought Naoki.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke noticed the light was bothering Naoki, so he forced himself out of bed. With squinted eyes he stumbled over and closed the curtain, only to plop back down on the edge of the bed. The elastic that was holding his orange hair into a ponytail must've fallen out, because his hair was everywhere. "Why...Why are you on the floor..?" He mumbled. Bits and pieces of the night before came back slowly, and he shoved his face into the blankets. He wanted to scream out of embarrassment. Did I really get that drunk? He thought, Naoki probably thinks I'm weird for confessing. Hansuke didn't remember Naoki's confession at all.

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Naoki tried his best to sit up. Eventually, he was able to pull himself up, but as soon as he stood up, he flopped down in the middle of the bed. He rubbed his eyes, Naoki's vision was blurry. "I think...I...passed out...." he groaned. Naoki's words were slurred, but that was from sheer exhaustion. "I know..you passed out..!" he mumbled. "You said something about....about...liking a giant, and then you passed out...with a bottle of....wine" Naoki's face flushed bright red when he remembered what he had said in response. A part of him wished that Hansuke wouldn't remember.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke wanted to bury himself in the blanket out of embarrassment, and he did. He successfully wrapped the blanket around him, and only peeked out to speak. "I- Yeah. I did, didn't I." He started, and took a deep breath. "T-That 'giant' was you.." Hansuke admitted, and covered his face. "And then you called me short." He groaned, as they were figuring out what had happened. Hansuke didn't put two and two together, he only remembered being called short that night. He yawned softly. He still felt really tired, but he definitely would not be able to fall asleep again- especially with what was going through his head at the moment.

((https://i.imgflip.com/128etq.jpg except he's not a dog lol))

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Naoki rolled over, so he could face Hansuke. He propped himself up using his arm, so he could look at Hansuke. "D-Do you remember anything else?" he asked, before stifling a yawn with his other hand. Half of him wished Hansuke wouldn't remember, but at the same time, he hoped that Hansuke remembered. Naoki attempted to brush the hair out of his eyes, but it kept falling back into place.

((Oof sorry its kinda crappy))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((it's fine!))

Hansuke was still looking forward, but if he looked out of the corner of his eye he could see Naoki. He furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, trying to remember anything else. "Um.." He mumbled in thought. A few more things came back to him, but one thing really stood out. He blushed softly. “Woah! That’s sooooOo cool, I have a *hic* crush on a really small person named Hansuke! Wait- That’s you! Haha...” "You..sort of confessed to me..?" Hansuke replied, sounding confused. "But, you also called me small."

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Naoki's arm slipped, causing him to fall into the mattress. He tried his best to bury his face in it, to hide the fact that it was a burning crimson shade. He wanted to scream out of embarrassment, or just crawl into a hole and die from embarrassment. Naoki was afraid that if he spoke, he would become a huge stuttering mess, so he just let out a small groan in response.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke laughed, and kicked him with his foot before rolling onto his back and looking at the ceiling. "Did you really mean it?" He asked softly. He didn't want to get his hopes up too soon. In fact, he'd rather face rejection now, rather then be led to believe Naoki did like him. He played with a lock of his hair, twirling it around his finger. It must've been his nerves, since he rarely played with his hair.

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Naoki pushed himself up so he could roll over, to face Hansuke. The blush on his face had faded quite a bit, although it was still very obvious. Naoki nodded softly. "I meant every word. Well, except for the small person part." He was able to speak without stuttering immensely, Naoki was proud of himself for that part.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke turned his head and smiled. He was definitely blushing, but he was surprised to not feel as embarrassed as he expected himself to be. "Me too..And you're not really a giant. It just feels better to call you that." He said, and yawned softly. He stretched his arms and legs, making a 'nnnng' sound while doing so.

((http://v2.worldlifestyle.com/wp-conte... idk how to describe stretching :/))

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Naoki sighed, he was glad that he didn't get rejected, "You aren't that short, I just like making fun of you, and your hats.." he admitted softly. Naoki yawned loudly and tried to sit up. He fell back into the mattress, sighing again. "I'm sorry for leaving." He said randomly. "And for not telling you that I was planning on leaving." It was shown in Naoki's voice, that he was dead serious. He kept thinking about how it must have felt for Hansuke, which just made him feel worse.

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muuumew | 1619 comments "You know, you're the only one that gets away with that." Hansuke mumbled. It was true though. Despite Hansuke's complaining whenever he was teased by Naoki, he didn't really mind it. If anyone else teased him, there'd be hell to pay. His expression became serious when he listened to what Naoki had to say. "I'm going to be honest, it was pretty damn horrible for a while. But you're here now, the past is the past. I guess." Hansuke was terrible at explaining his emotions.

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Naoki continued to lie on his back, staring up at the ceiling. "Did you hate me?" he asked curiously. "I don't blame you, if you hated me..." He tucked his arms behind his head for support. The sound of Naoki's stomach growling broke through the awkward silence. He couldn't remember the last time he actually ate something. "Sorry about that.." he mumbled, embarrassed again.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke frowned. "At first I did. For a long while I was felt angry and lonely, but I understand why you left. It was for good reason too." He said, and then grinned. "Jeez, c'mon, you can't starve to death after confessing to me." Hansuke teasingly said and sat up. He held his head for a moment as it was still hurting and stood up. "Do you mind if I use your kitchen?" He asked, pulling his hair back into a ponytail.

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"Did I tell you why I left? I honestly can't remember!" he said, trying to be somewhat funny to lighten the mood. "Use whatever you'd like!" he replied. Naoki let out a long, exaggerated groan. "Help me uuuuup..." he whined, raising his arms up. Naoki could get up, he just didn't want to.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke thought about what he'd make. Of course, he'd have to see what ingredients Naoki had first. He shook his head, as if Naoki's behavior was unbelievable- It was, though. He walked over and grabbed Naoki's arms. "One, two, three!" He said dramatically and pulled him up. Hansuke pulled him up, and pretended to be out of breath. "Gosh, you're so heavy."

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((sorry it's so short!))

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Nokia gasped. "How dare you?!" he questioned, pretending to be offended. Naoki steadied himself on the ground and crossed his arms like a small child. "I am not heavy" pouted Naoki. After a few seconds of acting serious, he burst out into a fit of laughter.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((no worries!! lol sometimes it doesn't post!))

((https://d.wattpad.com/story_parts/345... OML EICNAS))

Hansuke laughed with him, and turned around. "What do you want to eat?" He asked, as he stepped out of the room. He tied his hair up into a low ponytail, and grabbed an apron that was sitting there. After all, he didn't want to ruin his white shirt. He led Naoki to the kitchen and leaned on the counter. Hansuke wasn't a master chef, but he did know how to cook. He often did for some of the other White Fang members. He wondered if the White Fang was putting him on a 'wanted' list. Frowning softly, he placed his hands on the counter and sighed.

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God, he's so adorable! thought Naoki as he followed Hansuke to the kitchen. Naoki chuckled awkwardly. "Uh..I don't know if I have any..edible..food.." he said truthfully. Most nights, Naoki ate out at a bar, so he hadn't purchased food in a while. Naoki noticed Hansuke's frown. "Are you alright?" he asked curiously.

((sorry its bad ugh))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Hansuke looked at Naoki and nodded. "I know I made the right decision when I left yesterday, but I keep having second thoughts about it. I'm just being dramatic.." Hansuke groaned, and checked around. He didn't seem as awkward as he was when he first arrived. "Um..You literally have nothing good. What should we do?" He asked, putting his hands on his hips.

((it's not bad!!))

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"Hey..It's going to be alright." Naoki tried his best to reassure Hansuke. "I could go out and get some food?" he asked. He could easily go to the marketplace and get some food that they could make breakfast with. Naoki had plenty of money hidden in his coat pockets.

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