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a medium sized shop in the town square. It is a two level building, the bottom level being the shop, and the top floor is the home of Megara Rei (and sometimes Asra Rei). The shop specializes in tarot readings, psychic predictions and selling mystical objects and artifacts.

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A soft sigh escaped Meg’s lips. Exhaustion tugged at her eyelids, but she fought to keep herself awake. Asra, her brother, had kept her up all night with his crazy antics. As much as she enjoyed seeing him, he was sure a pain in the- well, you know. Meg let herself lean against the counter, propping her elbow up on the table and holding her head in her hands. Business was particularly slow today, which Meg didn’t mind. She pushed herself up, and shook her head, trying to wake herself up. Meg walked to the end of the counter, where her tarot deck was arranged. She gently shuffled through the cards, reading each individual one, before arranging them into a stack and sliding them back into the pouch she kept them in.

((Sorry, it’s kinda short ugh))

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Meg jumped slightly when someone opened the door. She hadn't expected anyone to come in today, so she was taken by surprise. "Hello- Uhm.." she began nervously. "H-How can I help you?" she asked. God, Meg! Why are you like this?! she thought. Meg's gaze drifted down to the woman's fingers drumming on the hilt of her sword. She seemed worried. Perhaps she needed a reading of some sort? Meg reached up and brushed a fallen strand of hair out of her eyes. She fiddled with the velvet pouch containing her cards as she waited for the woman to respond.

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Meg arched an eyebrow. "It depends. What are you looking for? Luck, Revenge, Love, etc?" She asked. Meg sauntered over to one of the shelves and picked up an ornate emerald locket. "For example, this is supposed to grant the wearer luck."

((I'm sorry this is so short, I SWEAR ill have longer responses.))

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"100 coins." Replied Meg. "It does." Meg took a few strides towards the woman when she picked up the red jewel. "Oh- Be careful!" she exclaimed loudly. Meg exhaled a sigh of relief. "It- I shouldn't even have that out. It was used for curses, many years ago. It's a dangerous object that no one should use." Asra had brought it for Meg a few months ago. She was going to destroy it, but simply forgot about it. "If you want victory, I suggest trying this." She said, reaching over to the ring holder. On top, was an onyx ring with a silver band. Meg carefully slid it off of the holder and handed it to the woman.

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((grants the user victory in any situation))

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A bright white light clouded Meg's vision when her hand brushed against the woman's. She blinked a few times, to make the vision go away. Once she regained her full sight, she turned to the woman and responded: "The ring is 200!" Meg wondered why the woman was so interested in the jewel. "Death, sickness, any horrible thing you could possibly imagine, but it comes with a price. A terrible price. See, the jewel doesn't just grant curses, it's cursed itself. So whoever uses it shall become cursed in the manner that they used it for."

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"Alright, let me ring that up for you." Replied Meg. She walked back over to the counter and grabbed a small paper bag for the items. Meg wrapped each of them carefully in thin fabric and slid them into the bag. "I currently don't, but if you come back in about a week, I should have something." Meg thought for a moment, before ducking under the counter to grab Asra's letter. She read it quickly, and popped back up. "My brother should be in Wintervale. He supplies me with everything, so he could possibly have something." Meg was a bit shocked by the next question. "I-I try not to take sides, although I do believe that what they are doing is right.."

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"No problem!" Chirped Meg. "I just might take you up on that offer. Have a nice day," she replied with a warm smile. Meg slid her hand over the pile of coins, so they fell into her other hand. She scooped them up and placed them into a safe underneath the counter. Meg locked the safe, and placed the key in her pocket.


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Meg hopped down the stairs, carrying a large box of random items that Asra had given Meg from his travels. Reaching the end of the staircase, Meg turned around, and used her shoulder to push the door open. She was shocked to see someone actually in the store. "Oh! I'm sorry. C-Can I help you with anything?" Meg questioned the boy.

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Meg hesitated before answering. "I-I am." she responded, mentally cursing because of her stutter. "Readings are free of charge. What type of reading would you like?" she asked. Meg set the box down on the counter. Meg ducked down under the counter and searched the shelves underneath for her tarot cards. At first, Meg couldn't find them. She cursed silently, but eventually found them shoved in a corner.

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Meg stood back up, with the cards in her hand, and thought for a moment. She nodded. Meg was surprised with this request, not many people were actually interested in their past lives. Meg thought she could do it, although she hadn't done one in quite some time. "Alright then, please follow me." she asked, before walking over to the curtains that were near the counter. She pulled one of them back, revealing a small room.

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((oof so i have no idea how this works so imma just make stuff up))

Meg walked over to a small table, covered in a dark velvet tablecloth. She set her cards on the table, spreading them out, so all of them faced down. She sat down on one of the small cushions surrounding the table, and waited for Haruto.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 90 comments ( oop i have a tarot reading resource if you want it bc i'm writing a tarot reading rn as well lmao )

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((that would be vvv helpful, thank you sm!!))

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 90 comments ( this does a basic overview and then this is more in-depth and has all the card meanings )

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