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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Young Adult fiction. About teenage girl who meets a guy in her dreams, he’s often described as irresistible and he might even shimmer or sparkle maybe. Spoilers ahead

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Mikaila Hudson | 3 comments I read this book in like middle school (2004-2007). It's a either an 70s/80s/ or 90s book. It's definitely an old book. On the cover, it may have both the main characters on it which is a girl and a guy and it probably will be either fantasy or fantasy AND horror themed. What I remember of the plot goes like this: the girl lives with her mother (I'm not sure if the dad is dead or just not in the picture.). They go to a castle or a large house (I'm not sure if it's permanent or just for the summer) and the house is big enough for a tennis court. The girl meets the guy in her dreams at first, or at least she thinks she's dreaming and she calls him irresistible which remains a running theme in the book. I also think the guy sparkles or shimmers or something. She is immensely attracted to him (view spoiler) Either way, he is very possessive of her and controlling, but she doesn't mind at first. I think this book is a trilogy or has a second part. I think either the series or the book ends with her trying to get her life back on track and he comes back (view spoiler)

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Ayshe | 4129 comments Dream Date seems to have similar plot, but maybe not exact match, reviewer mentions her parents.

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Ayshe | 4129 comments Ayshe wrote: "...but maybe not exact match..."
Or maybe it is, someone named Mikaila (you?) has found it on librarything 2016: https://www.librarything.com/topic/22...

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Mikaila Hudson | 3 comments I tried that before. It isn't it. Thank you though!!

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Mikaila Hudson | 3 comments Yup, that was me. I was totally premature with that LOL.

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Mikaila, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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