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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 2 comments Hi. I am reading “Christine” for the first time. I’ve read almost everything else and am catching up on some of his books from his earlier works. The original owner of Christine is Roland D. LeBay. Is there any connection between this character and Roland DesChain? I find it interesting that King gives us the character’s middle initial. And, the character has an obsession that follows him through his life....just wondering if anyone else had made this connection too. Happy reading, everyone!

message 2: by Nick (new)

Nick Iuppa | 3996 comments Man, I never noticed that. But those characters are as different as they can be.

message 3: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 3977 comments I don't think there is a connection, King recycles names a lot, so I think it's just a name that stuck with him.

message 4: by Jen_Ken (new)

Jen_Ken a.k.a....Jenny from the block | 725 comments Like Kandice King does use a lot of similar names and classic characters tend to have a typical sound... like LeBay and Leland Gaunt.... both seems to have a devilish twang.... my first car was a bright red duster and I always wanted a Christine but IT was close... happy reading this one... I did like the 70’s though back to my high school days which brought back some found memories.

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