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message 1: by ~KarenH~, Moderator (new) - rated it 4 stars

~KarenH~ | 7518 comments August Buddy Read

message 2: by Kristen (last edited Jul 24, 2018 09:28PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Hi Ruth!

So this is my first ever buddy read, you might have to walk me through it/tell me what to do :)

I had a quick look at the compare books thingy and it looks like we have similar tastes, yay.

I also had a look at your read next shelf, looks like we are both up to Upon the Midnight Clear in the dark hunter series. I also have Sweet Filthy Boy on my TBR. I've also been meaning to get to Darkfever, I've heard amazing things.. Lastly, I noticed we both have Bound by Blood on our TBRs (though I just noticed that one is super short).

That was just at a quick glance though, I'm really happy to read basically anything as long as I've not read it already lol. Just let me know your thoughts! I'm excited.

Wealie | 393 comments Hey Kristen

Nice to virtually meet you. This is only my second buddy read, so it’s a case of partially sighted leading the blind :-D

Either Dark fever or Upon a Midnight Clear would be great. If we go with the Dark hunter series I just need to finish up the previous book, as I’m currently reading that one, but I was planning to finish this weekend anyway.

The way I did it last time was we roughly divided up the chapters equally over the four weeks and then as we read the chapters for each week would come back here to the buddy thread and share our thoughts on a Friday and then debated/discussed over the weekend.

Let me know what you think.

message 4: by Kristen (last edited Jul 26, 2018 04:27AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Haha well fabulous! I’m kinda leaning towards Dark fever, it’s been on my list for years and I know I’ll read the dark hunter book regardless so... darkfever? From what I can see you’re a very fast reader as well, so if you want to do it any faster than that, I’m down with that. Otherwise I’m good with a few chapters a week.

Wealie | 393 comments Hey Kristen

Sorry, just realised I hadn’t responded. DarkFever sounds like a plan then. I’ve had a look and it has 25 chapters so we could do 7 chapters a week and the chat through what we think about those 7 chapters as it’s quite nice to occasionally take a little more time when reading a book. I’ve already got the book so will start reading this week, with the aim of posting my thoughts here next Fri/Sat.

R x

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Sounds good! I will aim to get the first 7 chapters read and share my thoughts fri/sat as well. Can't wait!

Wealie | 393 comments Cool, hey if we like it, there’s nothing to say we can’t go on and buddy read the rest of the series. ❤️

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Ruth (Wealie) wrote: "Cool, hey if we like it, there’s nothing to say we can’t go on and buddy read the rest of the series. ❤️"

sold! i own them all haha

message 9: by Wealie (last edited Aug 03, 2018 02:56PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Okay, so just finished the first seven chapters and tentatively rating it 4 🌟

I felt it took a little while to warm up to the action in the first four chapters, but by chapters six and seven I was riveted. I’m sorely tempted to read my next seven chapters after I finish my thoughts here.

Just like the plot took a while to warm up so did my investment in Mac. She seemed a little too flippant and innocent, but this might be intentional on the part of the author. I just hope she imbues Mac with a little more street smarts soon. I prefer my heroines to at least be agents if not mistress of their own destiny. At the moment Mac is being swept up in events and her interactions with Jericho seem heavily weighted towards him in the power stakes.

I found myself warming more to Mac when she spoke of her grief over her sister Alina, in fact it was one of my two highlighted passages:

“Missing Alina was worse than a terminal illness. At least when you were terminal you knew the pain was going to end eventually. But there was no light at the end of my tunnel. Grief was going to devour me, day into night, night into day, and although I might feel like I was dying from it, might even wish I was, I never would. I was going to have to walk around with a hole in my heart forever. I was going to hurt for my sister until the day I died. If you don’t know what I mean or you think I’m being melodramatic, then you’ve never really loved anyone.”

I found it very poignantly written and something I identified with wholeheartedly. It helped to drive the sense of why Mac would continue on in what seems to be a fruitless quest for traditional justice for her sister.

Jericho is a mysterious character, I’m wondering if he doesn’t have a touch of the fae about him and Mac’s descriptions of him bear a striking resemblance to that of her sister’s mysterious boyfriend who we’re led to believe isn’t human, so fae? The prologue mentioned the light and dark fae, so perhaps Jericho is a Light fae (not entirely sure if the sidle and the Tuatha De are the same thing, but I think they are) of the summer court, or half-breed Sidhe/human maybe, or one of the Druids? It’s obvious he’s a fairly complex character and the story really started to get interesting with his introduction. I’m hoping we’ll get to unpack his motivations and character a bit more and perhaps see more of a partnership and sympatico developing between him an Mac. I’m leaning more towards Sidhe or Sidhe/Human half-breed in terms of how irritated he gets with Mac when she doesn’t afford him the deference and respect he seems to assume he deserves from her.

The Celtic descriptions are nicely researched, as is Dublin, where I’ve spent a fair amount of time - quite a bit wandering around alone, so I could picture myself back in Temple Bar with Mac easily.

I thought the two descriptions of the dark Tuatha De morphing from beautiful men into shadowy groteseques was exceptionally well written. The final encounter at the end of chapter seven was the best and it also being the watershed moment in Mac’s shifting understanding of reality added to the tension of the moment.

So all in all, a little slow to start, but building tension and anticipation enough to make me sign off now and go read the next seven chapters!

Hope you enjoyed it too.

R x

Wealie | 393 comments Well I couldn’t resist have read up to and including chapter 14. I’ve also bought all the sequels!

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments bahaha first, i love that you couldn't resist and read some more. i know exactly what you mean though, chapter seven ended on a MUST KEEP READING note. i'm totally fine to speed it up if you want..

like you, it took a little bit to get into it but now things are picking up and making sense, i'm hooked.

Yeah, I agree with your thoughts on Mac. You are probably right that it was intentional. She's not *as* stupid as some characters I've met before but definitely could do with some more street smarts.

I loved that passage about Alina. It was so sad and beautifully written.

Yes, my suspicions are that Jericho is a light fae, though I'm kind of hoping not her sister's mysterious boyfriend. i keep thinking about that part of the prologue that mentioned the light fae like to use women like Mac for sex.

sometimes when authors do the foreshadowing thing, or telling the story whilst also looking back, it can really annoy me, but so far i am digging it. it's like, without it, we'd be floundering and have no idea what's going on along with the character, but this way, it's like.. i don't know how to explain it. we aren't being suffocated with world building because of the snippets of looking back/foreshadowing she's sharing. does that make sense?

Yeah, Jericho is definitely an interesting character and I'm loving how he gets irritated when she interrupts and whatnot. I am very intrigued and can't wait to find out more.

I agree about the descriptions of the dark Tuatha De, very well done and realistic. That chapter was probably my favourite, finally things are starting to happen and yes, Mac seems to have accepted things. But sad about her never eating fries again, ha!

I've heard such great things about this book that the slow start was a bit of a bummer, but I'm glad things are picking up now. I'm with you on it being a 4 star right now but I'm assuming it'll get even better now. I'll have to read up to 14 to catch up with you so we can talk about it!

Kristen :)

message 12: by Kristen (last edited Aug 03, 2018 07:05PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Ok, caught up now and just finished 14.

Well, now I don’t know if I think he’s a light fae anymore. Obviously he wouldn’t tell her if he was but he’s talking about them as if he’s not one - ‘their race’, ‘they are as disconcertingly beautiful as their darker brethren’... but he’s still obviously *something*.

And what is the connection that she mentioned she didn’t get immediately between Jericho and Mallucé....

That whole meeting with the prince... that was intense. Friend or foe, I’m not so sure.

Hmmmm Jericho obviously did something to Fiona to make her accept Mac staying- side note, I keep forgetting her name is Mac because the only person who says her name is Jericho and he calls her Ms Lane.

And I’m curious what will happen if she touches the book. Jericho made it sound like something would happen like it would change her somehow.

Hmm. I feel like we didn’t get enough Jericho in those 7 chapters, he’s still a mystery to me.

Wealie | 393 comments Glad to hear you’re enjoying it too. The next seven chapters are even better, but I won’t say more until you’ve caught up and I promise not to read the next seven just yet, even though I am really tempted :-D

I feel bad about the slow start in that I think a lot of other readers that need pay offs in the first couple of chapters won’t stick with it and then miss out on a good book. Also being the first in the series they will probably not read on. When I read the first Kate Daniels book by Illona Andrews I found the whole first book dragged some, but my GR pals begged me to stick with it and it’s one of my fav series now.

I know what you mean about foreshadowing and world building, too much and there’s nothing to discover or it just confuses the plot and cuts back on character development. Too little and you don’t fully understand the ramifications of the world and can also be confused and befuddled. My last buddy read ‘The Diabolical Miss Hyde’ had almost zero world building, but a very complicated set of rules, characters and quirks that were never fully explained or realised. However, the author spent an inordinate amount of time describing the minutiae of the grubby streets of London, but didn’t explain how magic worked?!

Anyway back to the book at hand. I don’t think Jericho will end up being the Sister’s boyfriend. Mainly because all his interactions with Mac and his reactions would be false, which would really pee me off and seems a bit too hackneyed given the skill level of the author’s storytelling.

I must admit I hadn’t heard anything about the book, but it came up as a ‘currently reading’ for a GR pal and I was sufficiently intrigued by the blurb to buy the first novel on spec. I tend to do that, buy the first in a series and see if I like it and then just splurge on the rest. Suffice to say I have a shedload of books to get through!

Can’t wait to see what you think about the next seven chapters.

Happy reading

R x

message 14: by Kristen (last edited Aug 03, 2018 07:23PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Ok, so we are both up to 15? We could probably finish it soon if we wanted, haha. I am off to bed soon but I will be able to finish it tomorrow if you want. Feel free to finish it whenever you want, just let me know so I catch up/don't read more than you.

Yes, I agree! sometimes I get annoyed at myself because I suck at quitting books, but most of the time I am glad for it because several times, the books do get better if they had a slow start. I am with you on Kate Daniels - I liked the first book but didn't absolutely love it. Kept going with the series and devoured them, CANNOT WAIT for book 10!

Anyway, sidetracked haha.

Yes, exactly what I meant with the foreshadowing and world building. It's just enough. I understand with some books you need to be confused for a bit until things make sense, but if the world is never explained properly it's just frustrating.

Totally agree about Jericho - if he does turn out to be the sister's boyfriend, I mean, I just can't see that happening, it would ruin everything that we've read so far. It wouldn't be sneaky or a twist, it would be lying or bad storytelling almost.

I am intrigued by this series because I think all the books are about these two characters? I'm so used to series being about a different couple each book (with the exception of Kate Daniels lol). I bought the first 5 a couple years ago which is so silly of me, sometimes if I get good deals I buy a bunch of books in a series without even knowing if I will like the first one, let alone all of them. Seems to be a good choice in this instance lol.

Kristen :)

Wealie | 393 comments Lol just saw we crossed messages YAY I’ll continue on with the next seven then :-D At this rate we’ll be reading three or four of the series this month at least :-D

Yeah, more Jericho would be good, but the prince is definitely intriguing and yet another must read on moment! Introducing another player 50% of the way in is ballsy. I get the feeling the Prince and Jericho will definitely butt heads.

I’m thinking Jericho is either a Druid, half-breed or some other supernatural we’re not party to yet. Although he could be a Vamp given she hasn’t seen him in the daylight and he only appears at 8pm and that connection thing between Malluce and Jericho and the blood he had on him that night that he said was a dog and she said she found out later was human. He’s obviously got inhuman speed and strength, so I don’t think he’s a Sidhe-seer, or if he is, he’s one of the more powerful, but it doesn’t ring true for me.

I really want Mac to come into her powers a bit more though so she can realistically stand tall amongst these strong male personalities she’s being surrounded with.

The bit about the book changing her is interesting, could also link in with that foreshadowing about the fact that the Fae are interested in making and unmaking. Perhaps it would transform her some how so that she was unmade and re-made into something more powerful?

If you’re up for it let’s continue on and share thoughts at Chapter 21.

R x

message 16: by Kristen (last edited Aug 03, 2018 07:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments haha i love our overlapping messages.

oh wow i didn't even click that we hadn't seen jericho in the daylight yet! you're right. yeah he's obviously super powerful and if he was a sidhe-seer i feel like he'd be the best there was, in that case he wouldn't need Mac, so it doesn't ring true for me either.

I agree about Mac - I think I just want her to be a bit stronger, coming into her powers and accepting what's happening. It's a little irritating how she will keep randomly trying to deny it in her head.

Hmmm, that's a good point about the book - though Jericho said she wouldn't like herself.. because she doesn't like this whole world, or because it would be bad? I am very curious.

Yes absolutely, let's continue. I might not share more thoughts until morning but I'll pick it up first thing.

message 17: by Wealie (last edited Aug 03, 2018 07:52PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Cool, I’ll read the next seven, I’m enjoying the conversation too much to rush on to the end straight away, but at this rate I don’t think it will take that long.

I agree re: your comment on Mac not liking how she’ll be changed. At the moment she’s approaching her current life as if it’s something she’ll be able to turn her back on once she has justice for her sister. However, we as the readers being privy to her future self’s foreshadowing and being old and wise enough to know once your world changes so significantly it’s impossible to just go back to the way you were. I get the feeling that Jericho understands she’s not fully committed to her new reality and anything that might drag her further into it would not be something she’d welcome, at least not yet.

There does seem to be a few more series out there now that focus on one or two central characters. I think that’s often one of the main distinguishing features between a series being paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Urban fantasy tends to be the long build centred on a small group or singular hero/heroine, whereas paranormal romance focuses on an individual couple for each novel. I quite like the series which are a mixture of both, Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter and Psy-Changeling series and D.B. Reynolds Vampires in America series being my fav paranormal romance/urban fantasy cross overs.

Here’s a few other series you may or may not have read that focus on one or two central characters that I quite enjoyed:

Mercy Thompson
Elemental Assassin
Jane Yellowrock
Night Huntress

See you at chapter 21.

R x

message 18: by Wealie (last edited Aug 04, 2018 09:10AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Well I’ve now read up to chapter 21 and happy to finish the book today if you are willing.

More revelations for poor Mac, but I don’t want to just pity her. She’s starting to show a little more determination rather than just childish obdurance, but I want more. As this is a series which follows her perhaps the author wanted to make this first book very much Mac’s coming of age. I hope so, because I think if she stays this way it will detract from my enjoyment of the rest of the series.

The revelation of her and her sister being adopted was handled well and I felt her emotional reaction to it and psychic unravelling of her last steady elements of her past life was very believable. I found this passage really emotional:

”I wept for me, for my sister, for things I couldn’t even begin to put into words, and might never be able to explain. but it felt something like this: I used to walk on my feet. Now all I knew how to do was crawl. And I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take for me to get up off my knees and regain my balance, but I suspected that when I did, I would never walk the same way again.”

I’m almost 90% convinced Jericho is a vampire, especially after he says:

”Details, Ms. Lane,” he said, “go the way of emotions in time.”


”At least her sojourn in hell will be brief.” “That’s supposed to be a comfort?” I cried. “That it will be brief?” “You underestimate the pricelessness of brevity, Ms. Lane.”

Both these quotes seem to suggest a being of great age who has also known great suffering, whilst his appearance stays ever young. Also his interactions with Fiona suggest she might be a daylight guardian and blood donor? She’s obviously unhappy with Mac and perhaps fears she will usurp her in Jericho’s affections.

It’s obvious that Jericho has a darkly sensuous side that the author keeps giving us tantalising hints to and he’s obviously attracted to Mac on some level as she is to him, even though she conveniently blames it on residual energy from her interactions with Prince V’Lane.

Anyway I’m definitely enjoying it and unless something really rubbish happens in the last few chapters its definitely a solid 4 star book, not bad for a first novel in a series.

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments oh, you're right about the difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy. that makes sense. i will check out those other series, the only one i've read is the psy-changeling series (well, i'm up to book 6 if i ever get it from the library!).

ok, i am now caught up as well so we only have a few chapters left, yeah? may as well finish!

Mac is kind of frustrating me a little bit, I want her to be stronger. She's getting there, and I suppose that's the benefit of the whole series being about them, she's not going to have all of her character development and growth in the first book.

I totally agree about the whole adoption thing - i can't wait to find out how/why because alina and mac are obviously related, so how did they adopt two sisters? i feel like there is something there besides just normal adoption, you know?

yes, whatever jericho is, he is something super old and powerful. ever since you mentioned the daylight thing, the hints are there - the comparison between the two when they are talking at 1am, she's tired, he's totally fine, she mentions their 'nocturnal conversation', like pointing it out almost.

whatever he is, perhaps it's not revealed in this one - you know how there are shelves/tags on goodreads? i can't help but notice them on the right side of the book page sometimes and i've accidentally spoiled things before because of how books are shelved. anyway. there's nothing there besides 'fae', besides the fantasy and paranormal tags. which i find interesting. i didn't mean to look for spoilers, i just notice those things because i try not to read too many similar books at once, so i'm in the middle of a couple other paranormal series and wanted to make sure this didn't overlap with demons or shifters lol.

Yes, I feel like we are meant to misunderstand that conversation with Fiona that Mac eavesdropped on. that we are meant to think they are lovers, but i'd prefer that isn't the case haha. Obviously she feels something for him, but i am hoping nothing has happened there besides your suspicions.

the Prince thing.. I know she doesn't trust Jericho but it is frustrating that she's keeping that whole thing to herself. and it's so.. not ridiculous, but different to the rest of the book and gah i felt her humiliation at the museum. like girl keep your clothes on lol.

i agree, not quite a 5 star for me but a good first novel that makes me want to continue! so, shall we finish? :)

Wealie | 393 comments Cool, just got to take my dog Dexter out for ‘walkies’ but will finish the book when I get back.

R x

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Okay Ruth - finished! ready to chat about it when you are.

message 22: by Wealie (last edited Aug 04, 2018 08:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments I’m finished too. If you’re up for it, perhaps we can start the sequel next week. I’ve got a few challenge reads to do next, but would be happy to do another ‘weekend read’ of the next installment Bloodfever from Friday? It’s twenty chapters long, so we could share thoughts after 10 chapters perhaps?

So my final thoughts on DarkFever....

I’ve rated it 4 stars, but in the end it feels more like 3.5 stars. There just wasn’t enough of a payoff by the end of the novel as I’d have liked. Not to mention, so many open questions that if I hadn’t enjoyed the writing style and world building I’d have been really miffed at not having got enough character and plot closure. We still don’t know anything much about Mac’s origin, we know next to nothing about Alina’s boyfriend other than he’s very bad and not a fae, but not human and in league with Malluce - another vampire perhaps? We know next to nothing of Prince V’Lane (a seriously underused character) and his motivations. We still don’t know what Jericho is and what his true motivations are. Oh and Mac is still vascillating on whether to accept her destiny or runaway back to Georgia.

Mac’s selfish nature is really starting to grate on me, it seems so at odds with her sister’s nature and makes me think the wrong sister died. After everything she’s been through it doesn’t sit right that she would not have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment by now. I mean how many times does she have to have the paranormal thrown in her face and almost die to just accept that yes it’s all real and wow I’ve got the power to do something about it while avenging my sister’s death. Instead she constantly questions her sanity, expresses no interest beyond avenging her sister and refuses to trust or runs away from absolutely everyone with any paranormal skill or experience. At the same time she is constantly beating her head against the wall to get the inept police involved, while they’re not interested in re-opening the case, mishandled it in the first place and so obviously ill equipped to deal with her issues it’s laughable that she she thinks they can help.

I think over and above my general distaste of whiny heroines who seem to be wilfully ignorant even when things are spelt out in the most basic ways, and while powerful, need constant saving, my main reason for Mac annoying me is that she shows a sense of determination and doggedness in her need to avenge her sister. This determined Mac just doesn’t fit with the ‘virtual-Barbie Mac’, so I don’t understand why if she is so willing to embrace revenge/justice for Alina she can’t make the emotional and intellectual leap to accepting her place in this new reality and truly avenging her sister, by giving her death meaning.

It’s interesting reading the author’s note. It seems she knew this was going to be a series right from the start, so that does explain Mac’s long ‘awakening’ arc and the author not giving away much detail of Jericho’s background and introducing powerful characters, but not exploring them fully - V’Lane, Malluce and Alina’s boyfriend.

I still think Jericho’s a vampire, but would have liked to have something more tangible than him continuing to refuse to answer Mac’s questions. A bit of mystery is good, but stubborn and wilful deception could make me start to dislike Jericho if we don’t see him opening up a little soon.

The author also describes Mac as a ‘virtual-barbie’ with little ambition or interest in the world around her’, which she managed quite effectively in the story, though as I said previously I think she played that out too long. An example of where that’s been done well is in Buffy the Vampire slayer, if you look at season one the first three or four episodes Buffy is a bit of an annoying Barbie avoiding her destiny, but as she gets into the second act of the season she begins to come into her own and accept her destiny. It seems DarkFever is really just the first act, but usually you expect a bit more emotional growth to have been completed.

The equity of power between Mac and Jericho appears to be shifting slightly, albeit glacially. However, in the end Mac had to be rescued by Jericho, which felt a bit too Disney princess like. There are much better single female protagonist series characters like Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, Jane Yellowrock, etc. Just because you’re not as powerful as all those around you doesn’t mean you have to be stupid and at times Mac made some incredibly foolish decisions.

At the end of the day, Mac and Jericho seem to have an uneasy alliance, but it would have been nice also to see more of a relationship of trust developing between Jericho and Mac in the closing chapter. We know next to nothing about Prince V’Lane’s motivations, the sinsar dubh is nowhere near being found, we don’t know why Mac needs to find it, and the two main baddies got away? It definitely sucks in the standalone stakes.

On the other hand, there’s something powerful brewing between Mac and Jericho, Mac obviously is much more powerful than anyone imagined, there’s some dark mojo going on and we don’t know all the players and this is a seriously dark and intense world full of Thanatos and hints of Eros. It’s a unique take on the fae myths with a smattering of vampires and possibly more paranormal yet to be discovered in the sequels. The world building is excellent, the character development has flashes of brilliance, if it could just be a little more pacy and the plot is an interesting one, if still too many unanswered questions.

I’m hoping the sophomore outing will improve the character of Mac and elucidate more on the motivations of Jericho and V’Lane, whilst tying up some of the unanswered plot threads.

Reading back through that it almost sounds like I didn’t enjoy it, but I did. I guess in someways when author’s show some degree of skill and a novel’s universe and characters show such promise I find myself inordinately irked when it doesn’t live up to the potential it has to be great.

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Wealie | 393 comments Another benefit of a buddy-read is that I have lots of notes to use for my review :O)

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Sorry for the delay, busy day today.

Yes, lets do the sequel next week, weekend read sounds good! I have something on Saturday night but depending on how we split it that should be fine. 10 chapters is good for me.

Yes, I think I agree - 4 stars would be generous for me. 3.5 is more accurate. We just didn't get enough, too many open questions and I don't feel satisfied. I know that's the point, to want to continue, but still.

The Prince V'Lane character and that whole situation annoyed me - I mean, like you said - seriously underused! I kept expecting more from that. I'm sure it will pop back up again in the next book or two, but I just feel like we got a taste of 75 things and resolved like 1 of them lol. I think the Jericho thing annoys me the most. I want to know something, anything about him!

Oy vey, Mac. Characters that don't accept what's happening and what they need to drive me bonkers. The fact that she kept going back and forth made me want to shake her. She is a very selfish character, you are right. I mean, I know it's fiction, but I feel like I would be a lot quicker on the uptake! I'd want to learn, I'd want to do something (but I wouldn't just run out on my own when I was aware how dangerous it was.. but again, it's fiction and it would be a boring story if the characters never made mistakes).

And the police!! WHY. why did she keep trying to get them involved?! Argh. That frustrated me so much.

You hit the nail on the head with her contradicting traits - she's either this way or that way, the two do not match or work together. She's so focused on Alina's boyfriend being her boyfriend and possible murderer when she should also be worried about the fact that he's the lord master or whatever.. it's like she's choosing the wrong things to be seriously intense and determined about.

That does make sense about the author's note but it's still annoying.. perhaps it's because I am used to the different couple in each book, so you get a certain set of problems and characters and most everything is tied up in a bow at the end lol. until the next book anyway.

hopefully we learn some things in the next book! i'll be super frustrated if not.

yep, i agree about jericho - i hope he starts opening up soon or just showing a little bit more personality.

well in that case, I really hope Mac follows Buffy's lead and gets her act together in the next book because it will be really annoying if not. I mean, go ahead and wear pink and paint your nails if you want to, but start accepting the world around you as well. I'm not sure if I've ever read a series where the character refuses to accept things or is still in denial after so much evidence, you know?

right now, i feel like Mac is a kid and Jericho keeps getting her out of messes. i really hope that changes in the next book because i'm used to much stronger independent women - a la kate daniels.

yes, i don't quite have a grasp on what mac and jericho's relationship is.. they get along sometimes and have issues other times, but not enough to be 'enemies'. they don't trust each other but she willingly puts herself in his care so she must trust him a little.

it absolutely sucks in the standalone stakes, which could go two ways for the author - in our case, we are going to continue, but i bet a lot of people don't.

i just wish we got a *little* bit more from mac and jericho in this book. that being said, neither of them are where i want them to be as characters, so it's probably for the best that nothing happened in their 'relationship'.

like you, i enjoyed it as well even if it doesn't sound like i did. it's easier to pick apart and point out the things i don't like than the things i do sometimes. and i am definitely curious enough to continue, so i liked it that much. fingers crossed the second book blows us away with its brilliance lol.

Wealie | 393 comments Cool - hopefully bloodfever will answer some of our burning questions and deliver on some true character development in Mac and Jericho. You’re definitely right about them not being in a place for a meaningful relationship to develop between them right now. Until Mac learns to accept and Jericho to trust there can be no relationship, sex maybe, but not in a way that I think would satisfy a discerning reader. Hopefully V’Lane will be a bit more prominent going forward too.

I’ll aim to read the first 10 chapters by Friday evening and leave my initial thoughts.

FYI - this has been great fun. My first buddy read was not quite as wiling to discuss the nitty gritty details as you. I’d write my long essay of questions and she’d come back with ‘I agree, we really need to see more of this character’. It was a bit disappointing to say the least. So thanks for being so game in discussing with me :-D

Have a great week!

R x

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments I agree - on one hand I want something, but I would be dissatisfied if sex came without the relationship/trust I want as well. I honestly kept expecting something to happen with Jericho and Mac when V'Lane turned up, like V'Lane makes her want to and Jericho is there.. but maybe that was too predictable lol.

I will also read the first 10 on Friday :)

I am so glad! This was the perfect first buddy read for me. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining my thoughts or opinion on a book so this has been a great way to muddle through that. And I'm super glad we felt basically the same about the book.

Have a good week!

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments alright, i've read the first ten chapters so, warning, don't read the below until you have too lol. chapter ten certainly ends on a bang!

okay, first off - Mac seems, so far, like she's way more accepting of everything. like, immediately. i feel like we left the first book and she was so-so and that's why we were frustrated, yet this book picks up immediately after the first one and she's like, totally on board and not in denial anymore.

the rest of my thoughts are all over the place so bear with me.

1. when o'duffy came to the store, it was 11am. barrons shows up. so, daytime. but - it was super cloudy and overcast.

2. how did v'lane know Mac was in trouble??

3. fiona. whoa. did not see something that extreme happening. so we are assuming she's dead, right?

4. What is under the garage?? at first i thought - Barrons? but there was two, so probably not.

5. i was kind of frustrated that she lied to the police about why o'duffy was there. i mean, i know she couldn't explain everything but i don't know why she didn't say a bit more and say barrons showed up. he can clearly handle himself better than she can, i'd throw him under the bus with zero shame. i'm frustrated because i feel like the police will keep showing up when they think she's lying. you know? which is obviously the case because the layne guy keeps showing up. i know she said she couldn't tell them everything, they wouldn't believe her, but i don't know. that scene just frustrated me for some reason. meanwhile, who killed o'duffy?!

6. barrons is totally jealous of v'lane, right?? or, does he just not trust him or hate him.

7. also, her lying about the window to Barrons. facepalm. of course he has cameras, you goose.

8. the pretty boy from the museum. gee, i wonder if he's going to turn up again... you gotta wonder if Barrons knew about him and that's why he sent her to the college.

9. so we find out more about the girls being adopted, and they never confirmed their birth mother died. will she show up again? and do you think jericho did something to Mac's dad to make him relaxed and not worried about her being in ireland? like maybe he has some sort of mind trickery powers...

10. i really liked the line about how she was hunting the monster that killed her sister, but she was the monster that killed derek o'bannion's brother. in fact, i liked derek (and rocky, actually lol) at first, until she went out with him and he got all aggressive. sigh. not that i thought anything would happen with them, but i liked them for some reason.

11. i knew barrons wasn't the same as mac, and that dani girl confirmed it by saying there were no males among their kind.

12. what's up with her grim reaper visions? curiouser and curiouser.

lastly, still nothing in the romance department. which is fine, again because they are clearly not there as characters or building any kind of meaningful relationship.. but i wanted some growth! at the beginning, she thinks that 'most women think Barrons is drop dead sexy but i'm not most women' and then he's all jealous about V'lane and Derek, but that's it. i mean, i know that last chapter had a few weird gazes and whatnot, but.. They still don't trust each other or like each other any more than they did at the end of the first book, unless i'm missing something. I just don't want a switch to suddenly flip and all of a sudden they'll be in a relationship - sexual or otherwise - and we didn't get any true build up or growth, you know?

i'm off to bed now, need to finish another book tomorrow but should be able to finish this one some time tomorrow or sunday if you want. let me know your thoughts when you got 'em!

Wealie | 393 comments Hey Kirsten - Hope you had a good week, I had an eventful one, my three and a half year old niece came to stay. I was pretty pooped and very little energy or time and inclination to read. I ended up reading the chapters last night and this morning. Happy to finish the book today/tomorrow too.

Here’s my thoughts

It’s a definite improvement on the first book, retaining much of what I enjoyed in DarkFever, whilst going some way to addressing the issues of loose plot threads, without adding too many new characters or story plots. It’s also starting to address the protagonist and love interest issues.

Mac’s Character and ‘Death’ spectre
I agree re: Mac. It’s as though she went to bed at the end of the last book with one attitude and woke with a more take charge (sometimes) attitude the next day. I enjoyed the way the author described Mac as having a darker, primeval inner self emerging, which is the one I think will be able to match wits with Barrons:

”Inside me was a Mac I’d never met before. I couldn’t dress her up. I couldn’t make her take a bath. She wouldn’t mix in pleasant society. I couldn’t corral a single one of her thoughts. My only hope was she wouldn’t suddenly sprout a mouth. She was a bloodthirsty, primitive little savage. And she hated pink.”

It’s obvious she’s afraid of who she’s becoming and if the ‘Death’ apparition is a figment of her imagination it could be it is a metaphor for the death of her old personality and life - though given the nature of Mac’s world I’m thinking Death is a much more literal character in her story and perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for Mac’s fate. I don’t necessarily agree with Mac’s assertion because only she can see it, it can’t be real.

That’s another example of a trait I’d like Mac to lose. She still assumes so much and jumps to conclusions, most notably: the Dark Master is responsible for Alina’s death, even though he’s not a Fae and it’s clear Alina was killed by a Fae monster. Yes the Dark Master may have orchestrated Alina’s death, but I get the impression he was using Alina to get to the Sinsar Dubh. Why would he kill Alina before reaching his goal? Yes she discovered he wasn’t what he seemed (we still don’t know what), but he could have held her against her will until she did what he asked. I think there’s another faction involved here.

I like even though there is a darker side emerging in Mac, she hasn’t lost her compassion - for example, when she puts the half eaten Rhino Boy out of his misery. It’s good the author continues to have her struggling with her feelings over the loss of her sister, her need for revenge and her guilt over the deaths she caused of the O’Bannion men - it ensures her character remains a ‘real, authentic person’, rather than a superhuman who gets over anything. I hate it when some authors write a character’s pain so eloquently, then in a few chapters or the next book they’re completely over it, even though little to no time has passed. When Mac’s confronted with Derek’s admission it was great to read about her inner turmoil. I especially liked her though process on compartmentalising:

”Is compartmentalizing just another way of divvying up our sins, apportioning a few here and a few over there, shoving our internal furniture around to hide some, so we can go on living with the weight of them individually, because collectively they’d drown us?”

Mac’s relationship with Barrons
Mac’s still in an inequitable relationship with Barrons, but there are flashes of admiration coming from him in amongst the ire. She’s starting to defy and stand up to him - the garage break in and then lying to him about it are cases in point - though I agree it was a bit naive of her to think he wouldn’t be able to find out. I found this epiphany she had early on refreshing:

A dutiful soldier, I retreated to the ditches as ordered and hunkered down there. In those ditches, I had an epiphany. People treat you as badly as you let them treat you. Key word there: let.....Barrons might have sent me to my room, but I’m the idiot that went. What was I afraid of? That he’d hurt me, kill me? Hardly. He’d saved my life last week. He needed me. Why had I let him intimidate me?

I like Barrons letting her run the bookstore with zero interference from himself. Like he knows she needs a normal purpose beyond being a Sidhe-Seer. Although there’s no physical relationship between Barrons and Mac yet, there are still tantalising conversations, especially the non-verbal ones. Plus, Barrons actions towards her hint of a growing depth of emotional investment on his part. He’s definitely jealous of any interactions she might have with other men. For example, his caveman treatment of her when he smells the kiss of Derek on her and at her admission V’Lane helped her out with the Shades and he immediately wants to know if she had sex with him. I loved this interaction between Barrons and Mac:

”One day you may kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find breath is of little consequence. Right, and one day my prince might come.” “I doubt he’ll be a prince, Ms. Lane. Men rarely are.”

Mac is deeply in denial of her growing attraction to Barrons, blaming her attraction on anything and everything else, or just downright pretending it doesn’t exist. I must admit this bit made me laugh out loud:

...a vision of Jericho Barrons naked—dark, despotic, and probably flat-out ferocious in bed—flashed through my mind. I found it staggeringly erotic. Disturbed, I performed a hasty mental calendar count. I was ovulating. That explained it.

I have a working theory as to why Mac is so obstinately denying her attraction to Barrons - if she admits, its like accepting Dublin is now where she belongs, distancing herself further from ‘Virtual Barbie’ Mac and her Georgia life. She’s still clinging to a vain hope she’ll be able to turn her back on everything she’s seen, heard and done once she’s gotten revenge for Alina and go back and live a ‘normal’ life in Georgia. And then there’s dark and primeval Mac, who is starting to emerge within her, a Mac who would have much more in common with Barrons. Taking over the bookstore and sending her Dad home without her all suggest on a deeper sub-conscious level she’s already accepting her life in Georgia is over and is tentatively embracing a life in Dublin at Barrons’ side and coming to terms with her darker self?

What species is Barrons and what powers he posesss?
I also noted Barrons seemed to be around during the daylight, although as you say it was muted by the storm and fog and the shades seemed to be able to be able to be out in it a bit too. The fact Mac’s Dad went from going to bed angry and determined for Mac to leave with him to happy and content on leaving did suggest some form of hypnosis, which we’re led to believe was done by Barrons. This sounds like it was either some spell-casting or mental acuity that certain paranormal species might have. I wonder though after Mac heard the howling noises in the basement of the garage on a full moon whether perhaps he’s a werewolf? That would explain how he was able to smell Derek’s kiss on her and his physical strength and reflexes. Another intriguing clue anyway and I wasn’t surprised at the revelation he couldn’t be a Sidhe-Seer and was pleased that Mac wasn’t particularly phased at the revelation either. I think she was clinging to a twisted hope they were the same to avoid dealing with her feelings over him and the knowledge he’s not human.

I think V’Lane knew Mac was in trouble because he’s been watching her. I believe he told her that way back when he met her. His turning up and providing assistance at the last moment suggests he’s been keeping an exceptionally close eye on her for sure.

I don’t trust him and I’d definitely like to know more about his true motives, but it would also be nice for them to have a scene where Mac isn’t stripping her clothes off left, right and centre.

The hour of ‘friendship’ should be an interesting read.

Fiona’s betrayal/fate and Mac’s continued ‘Damsel in distress’ status
Fiona’s betrayal hit hard, even though it was obvious she was jealous of the relationship between Mac and Barrons I didn’t expect her to betray Mac in such a deadly manner. I agree there’s no way she’s alive and she definitely over-estimated her value to Barrons and his affection for her. I imagine he would have been apoplectic with rage upon discovering her betrayal. I think honour is important to Barrons and regardless of his feelings for Mac or Fiona, he would have taken it as a major slight that having offered safe harbour to Mac it was withdrawn without his knowledge by someone he trusted, even worse it was made deadly.

In a way this had to happen though. As a character she wasn’t adding much and could only be a barrier to any romantic relationship developing between Mac and Barrons. The scene also provided Mac an opportunity to be a bit brave and tackle an issue without Barrons around, though this was spoilt by the fact another man (V’Lane) ended up being the one to have to rescue Mac, perpetuating her role as damsel in distress. I want more Mac standing on her own two feet. I get that it was a way to progress the relationship arc with V’Lane, but she’s yet to successfully handle anything supernatural without help from Barrons or V’Lane.

Pointless police interactions
I wasn’t so frustrated about her lying to the police. After all, what could she say that wouldn’t get her committed and them into more danger? What I found frustrating is they practically ignored her pleas for help and support the entirety of DarkFever and now they stick their oar in when she least needs it and then the lead detective goes and gets himself killed bringing a shedload of unwanted and unwarranted attention from the police.

I felt the way they treated Mac was unrealistic. They had insufficient evidence to haul her down to the police station, at best they would have just questioned her in the Bookstore. The detective having her name and address on a piece of paper in his hand is wildly circumstantial, added to the fact she is a next of kin on an unsolved murder case. They couldn’t hold her without question like and without access to a phone call to request a solicitor. Plus, they would have had to feed and water her if they kept her all day. I found it all eminently silly and felt it didn’t really add much to the overall story.

I’m assuming the lead detective was probably devoured by one of the shades, given he had all the maps with the dead zone streets on it and likely decided to walk into one and try to find the address Alina scraped where she died. I definitely don’t think Barrons killed him, that would be far to gauche and my perception of him is he’s not afraid to kill, but only ever as a last resort and out of necessity. He gets no joy out of it.

Trinity College pretty boys
The pretty boys (remember there was a second one, who showed interest in her when she went to collect the auction invite) are intriguing. Are they human, why are they showing such a great interest in her. Are they agents of the fae, or perhaps the Dark Lord?

Mac and Alina’s origins
I’m intrigued to find out more about the origin of Mac and Alina. There’s definitely a possibility their birth parents are alive and Mac may have siblings and family in Ireland. Looking forward to reading more about the Council and the role Rowena plays, I’m guessing she’s the head of it. I’d like to get a look at the legal document Mac’s parents had to sign. It’s obvious the girls were given up to protect them, does that mean their parents were discovered by the Fae and are targets, so it wasn’t safe for the kids, or perhaps they decided to take a more active role in the fight against them?

message 29: by Wealie (last edited Aug 11, 2018 05:13AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Phew, sorry about the essay above, it seems yes I can fill the character limit on discussion comments 🤪🤓.

Forgot to mention about the shades above. I found them even more creepy this time around, which is saying something as I found them very creepy to begin with. There’s something about the way they are interacting with Mac, especially the big one that seemed braver than the rest. Perhaps there’s something to their developing sentience that will be explored further?

I’ll read the rest of the book today/tomorrow.

R x

Wealie | 393 comments Okay I finished the novel, so don’t read the next post if you haven’t finished yet :-P

All I can say is that I’ve got lots of notes and over 60 highlighted passages in total!

Happy to continue on next weekend with Faefever if you are game? Again reading first ten chapters for Friday/Sat and remaining nine chapters for Sat/Sun?

message 31: by Wealie (last edited Aug 11, 2018 08:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Wow - this really is a book of two halves and the second half picks you up, slaps you across the face with a kipper and pummels you to its conclusion leaving you bereft and jonesing like the worst kind of junkie for the next instalment and a slightly disappointing and anticlimactic ending with more loose threads than a cat could ever wish for. At least that’s how it felt to me.

Overall I’d have to say this is an excellent 4 star book. It’s not quite great as it leaves a lot of barely introduced characters and open plot threads that require you to read the next instalment, which irks me slightly even though I want to read it. The first half also moved a little slow (though not as bad as the first novel) which was necessary to tie up a lot of the character and plot loose threads into a semblance of understanding and cohesive narrative for the plot to progress.

It’s a definite improvement on DarkFever and this is primarily down to tying in the loose plot threads more tidily from its predecessor and doing some fine character and relationship development around Mac and Barrons, whilst fleshing out the characters of V’Lane and the other Sidhe-seers a bit better. It sadly fell into the same problems at the end as DarkFever, introducing new characters it barely fleshed out or explored (Scotty, Derek, Dani) and continuing to give very little away about the Lord Master and only a little tidbit on Rowena and V’Lane.

I’ve got a lot to say, so forgive me if this next bit goes over a couple of posts :-D. Okay lets try and put my thoughts in order, I’ll start with the easy bits.

Now there’s a tricksy bastard. I liked how Mac handles him though and puts him in his place (see quotes below). It’s unclear what his true motivations are yet and he is obviously opportunistic and able to take advantage of any loopholes in his interactions with Mac. The loss of one month in the six hours she spent with the Alina spirit being a great example of this. I get the feeling V’Lane will become more important and play a greater role in Mac’s life as the series progresses.

The pretty Trinity boys
It’s a shame the novel ended before Mac was able to meet up with Scotty and get to the bottom of what he knew of Alina, how he knows about the Fae and what side of Mac’s metaphorical playing board he sat on. I’m thinking he could be part of a Druidic order maybe, possibly serving or opposed to the Lord Master? Who knows, hopefully this is another thread that the next novel FaeFever will pick up on.

The Sidhe-Seers: Dani and Rowena
I really liked the character of Dani. She’s a fun and spunky character who could add a bit of much needed comic and youthful relief to the cast of characters Mac is amassing around her. I couldn’t help but notice that she seems to have her own trilogy, not sure if it is a spin-off or a direct link into the Fever series.

As for Rowena, I tend to share Mac’s disdain for her. It seems that only when she recognised Mac’s power and that she wielded the spear or destiny did she make any effort to get to know more about her. She has a very schoolmarmish attitude and seems quick to belittle and berate Mac, even after finding out she knew nothing of her origins or powers. I agree with Mac that her rigid and confining views in black and white make it difficult to empathise with her and may well get her and the other Sidhe-seers killed if they aren’t able to adapt. This is evidenced in their rigid stance on not interacting with anyone other than other Sidhe-seers, this includes Barrons as well as V’Lane.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Mac learns and experiences when she visits the Abbey and interacts with more Sidhe-seers

Mallucé - aka Mac’s Grim Reaper Apparition
I knew Mallucé wouldn’t be dead, that would be far too prosaic a death and a wasted plot thread that Moning spent a good amount of time setting up. And didn’t that thread pay dividends in spades - I genuinely had no idea the Reaper was Mallucé, I contemplated it being an angry apparition of Alina or perhaps another Fae monster which was able to cloak itself so people like Barrons couldn’t see it. The description of Mallucé’s deterioration and his despair were excellently written:

”You lose yourself in degrees. You think, I can live with this, but then the next part goes and the next, and you find the worst part isn’t the mornings when you wake up to discover another part of you is no longer alive, but the nights when you lie awake in terror of what you’ll discover at dawn. Will it be my hand next? An eye? Will I go blind before I die? Will it be my tongue? My dick? My balls? It’s not the reality that undoes you; it’s the possibilities. It’s the waiting, the hours you lie awake wondering what will be next. It’s not the pain of the moment, but the anticipation of the next pain. It’s not the dying itself—that will be a relief—but the desperation to live, the stupid fucking need to go on long after you hate what you’ve become, long after you can even stand to look at yourself. You’ll feel that before I’m through with you.”

Moning achieved the unlikely event of me feeling for the evil little toad with that soliloquy of a tortured existence. I like that in the end he was revealed to be a spoilt and despotic little rich boy who killed those in his way in his quest for more power and wealth. I just wish that Mac had been the one to take his life, not Barrons.

The Lord Master and Derek O’Bannion
I’m not finding the Lord Master particularly all that scary at the moment. He’s one of the let downs of the two books so far that hasn’t really been addressed. Both times he’s been faced with Barrons he’s merely retreated and in the first instance left Mallucé and his hoard of recently crossed Unseelie to capture her. Like Mallucé and Barrons he’s definitely not Fae, and questionably human given the dark magic powers he weaves. I suspect he may be some sort of rogue Druid?

Derek it seems is another bully and the replacement Mallucé, like the Lord Master and to an extent V’Lane I’m assuming he’ll play a bigger part in the novels to come, but like Mallucé could ultimately be another throwaway lieutenant of The Lord Master. He did show some sense though when he barges in to confront Mac and she delivers her chilling truth about how Mallucé died after being stabbed by her spear when he’d been eating Unseelie. So maybe he’ll last a little longer than his predecessor did.

A switch definitely seems to have been tripped in Mac’s personality and she’s ready to kick arse and take no prisoners. Almost as if finally finding out that she’s the last of her biological line, that the other Sidhe-seers will want to control her as much or more so than both V’Lane and Barrons has finally kicked her into owning her choices and actions, without griping about the unfairness of it.

Whether it’s her pithy and unapologetic interactions with V’Lane:

”What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? The n or the o? No is not maybe. It is not I like to play rough. And it is never, never, never yes.”

“So, what you’re saying in a nutshell,” I distilled, “is that for all your superiority and power, you’re no smarter or better off than we are. Perhaps worse.”

Her finally standing up to Barrons and calling him on his bullshit:

”You have no idea what it was like! My sister died without warning and suddenly there she was again, standing right in front of me. I got to see her, touch her, hear her voice again! Do you know what it’s like to lose someone? Actually, probably the right question for you is have you ever loved anyone other than yourself? Loved them so much that you couldn’t stand to go on living without them? Do you even know what love is? I did not indulge myself. I had a weakness. People who feel things sometimes have weaknesses, but you wouldn’t know the first thing about that, would you?” I said bitterly. “The only things you feel are greed, mockery, and occasionally you probably get a hard-on, but I bet it’s not over a woman, it’s over money or an artifact or a book. You’re no different than any other player in this game. You’re no different than V’lane. You’re just a cold, mercenary—“

“This was a line I couldn’t let him cross. I had to own myself. I had to win this one. “If you do this, Barrons, I’m going to walk out of this place as soon as you’re done and never find another OOP for you. If you force this on me, you and I are through. I’m not kidding. I’ll find someone else to help me”

Or her cool demeanour when faced with Rowena’s demands and her refusal to give up the spear to either Dani or Rowena:

”I suspected if anyone tried to take the spear from me, that savage Mac inside, the one that hated pink and hadn’t particularly minded watching the Rhino-boy flail in eternal pain, might do something we’d both regret. Well, at least one of us would regret.”

“I am no one’s puppet, Rowena,” I said without looking back. “Not his. Not Barrons. Not yours.”

I liked the way the author dealt with Mac’s shifting personality by dividing her into a sort of trinity, with ‘Virtual Barbie’ on one side ‘Dark, primeval Mac’ on the other and her consciousness as a referee trying to navigate the shifting balance between them. The descriptions of ‘primeval Mac’ were stunningly written. Especially the way she described Mac seeking inward to find a metaphysical part of herself:

”It hadn’t been hard to find the part of me that was different, and now that I knew it was there, I couldn’t believe I’d been unaware of it for twenty-two years. There was a place in my head that felt as old as the earth, as ancient as time, always wakeful, ever watching. When I focused on it, it pulsed hotly, like embers in my brain. Curious, I’d played with it a little. I could fan it into a fire, make it expand outward, consume my skull, and pass beyond it. Like the element it resembled, it knew no morality, didn’t understand the word. Earth, fire, wind, and water are what they are. Power. At best, impartial. At worst, destructive. I shaped it. I controlled it. Or didn’t. Fire isn’t good or bad. It just burns.”

Mac is developing a much more mature outlook on life, understanding that absolute black and white thinking will get her killed and worse could lead to overzealousness, which she sees in Rowena’s absolute outlook. Faced with difficult choices Mac chooses to embrace life and hope in the shades of grey:

”There are only shades of gray. Black and white are nothing more than lofty ideals in our minds, the standards by which we try to judge things, and map out our place in the world in relevance to them. Good and evil, in their purest form, are as intangible and forever beyond our ability to hold in our hand as any Fae illusion. We can only aim at them, aspire to them, and hope not to get so lost in the shadows that we can no longer aim for the light.”

“I wasn’t so sure about Rowena. If she believed there was someone more qualified—and more malleable than I—to honor her holy triumvirate of See, Serve, and Protect with my spear, to what lengths might she go to take it from me? If humans met Fae ruthlessness with equal ruthlessness, how were we different from them? Didn’t there have to be some defining factor? Was I really supposed to walk up to a human woman and kill her because a Fae had stepped inside her, without first trying to see if there was some way to get it out?”

I was glad that for the most part the downside of eating the Unseelie flesh wore off Mac. Her having the super human powers was interesting, but the negation of her OOP detection and possible inability to weird the spear made her more vulnerable and less able to fulfil the destiny her need to avenge Alina requires. I though the fact she was able to withstand the effects of the Sinsar Dubh without passing out though was a nice touch.

Wealie | 393 comments Mac and Barrons’ relationship
This is the one area where Mac is still a bit naive, questioning Barrons loyalty over the words he says, when his actions, (especially in moments of great danger for Mac) show a deeper level of care for her than his words often convey. I liked when Ryodan challenges her to examine Barrons’ actions:

”Open your eyes, Mac.” “What do you mean?” “Words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis words mean nothing. They are labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when ninety-nine percent of the time the totality of the reality is an entirely different beast. The wisest man is the silent one. Examine his actions. Judge him by them. He thinks you have the heart of a warrior. He believes in you. Believe in him.”

However, this hasn’t stopped their relationship from moving from speaking glances and sexually veiled barbs, to all out brutally antagonistic hot and heavy petting, which now the genie is out of the bottle, Mac doesn’t quite know what to do with. I thought the fight kiss and make out session was very well written:

”His mouth was on mine again, the hot silk of his tongue, the sharp, deliberate abrasion of his teeth, the exchange of breath and the small, desperate sounds of need. A tsunami of lust—no doubt amplified by the Fae in my blood—crashed into me, knocking me from my feet, and dragging me out to a dangerous sea.”

And I absolutely adored the way Barrons showed his tenderness with a brief caress of her cheek, it was written so evocatively and beautifully raw:

”I was about to look away when he reached across the seat, touched my jaw with his long, strong, beautiful fingers, and caressed my face. Being touched by Jericho Barrons with kindness makes you feel like you must be the most special person in the world. It’s like walking up to the biggest, most savage lion in the jungle, lying down, placing your head it its mouth and, rather than taking your life, it licks you and purrs.”

I was a little disappointed that Moning didn’t given Mac a chance to prove herself yet again. Barrons turns up to rescue her after she fails to activate the amulet and then he denies her the kill of Mallucé, citing her ‘enjoying it’ and ‘taking too long’ as his reasons for stepping in. He also demonstrates that in the power stakes he’s still light years ahead of her. Perhaps with the slow build of Mac’s character, Barrons ability to trust and the developing relationship between them this is something that will come later, but I think the novel and the characters would have benefited in Mac actually winning a battle on her own merits and this is why I’ll rate it 4, rather than 5 star.

What is Barrons?
Well I definitely don’t think he Fae or straight human, I don’t believe his strength comes from eating the Unseelie and given all his tattoos, his gift for magic and knowledge of the Druidic language I think he’s at least half Druidic. I found Mac’s quick insight into his childhood through the visions when they were kissing interesting. I think his other half might be either werewolf or vampire and that he might be shunned from the normal Druidic order for this possibly? He’s obviously got friends in high places and resources - I’m intrigued as to whether we’ll get to know more about and interact directly with Ryodan.

He’s definitely not a heartless bastard and he’s not without conscience, but I think he’s lived a very long time (something he’d prefer not to have) and it hasn’t been an easy life. I loved his angry admission to Mac:

”Yes, I have loved, Ms. Lane, and although it’s none of your business, I have lost. Many things. And no, I am not like any other player in this game and I will never be like V’lane, and I get a hard-on a great deal more often than occasionally.” He leaned fully against me and I gasped. “Sometimes it’s over a spoiled little girl, not a woman at all. And yes, I trashed the bookstore when I couldn’t find you. You’ll have to choose a new bedroom, too. And I’m sorry your pretty little world got all screwed up, but everybody’s does, and you go on. It’s how you go on that defines you.”

That’s definitely the voice of a man who has suffered and come out darker, bruised and less trusting as a result of it. Moning uses a lot of animalistic terminology to describe him, like there’s a dark feral side (Vampire/Werewolf?) chomping at the bit to emerge from the sleek and urbane surface:

”I could feel the heat of his big body, along with the energy that always seemed to roll off him, that strange electrical current that bristled, omnipresent beneath his golden skin. There was something different about him tonight. Control was Barrons’ middle name. Why then was I getting this feeling of … wildness … of an emotion I couldn’t identify but was surely kin to violence. And there was something more …”

message 33: by Kristen (last edited Aug 12, 2018 03:06PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments alright, i've finished! sorry for the delay, had a busier than expected weekend.

i agree about Alina's killer and Mac assuming things. Like how she assumed/decided Malluce was dead, just because no-one had seen him for a little while.

i think you're on to something with Mac and admitting any feelings/attractions for Barrons, that'll mean she's fully accepting this life over her former.

So now we've finished, I'm curious as to why V'Lane came to Mac's rescue with the shades, but not when Malluce had her. I do wish Mac had somehow gotten out of that mess that Fiona created on her own, rather than a man saving her. Again, with Malluce, she decided to give up rather than save herself. Granted, she really didn't have a lot going for her to save herself, but still. Very damsel in distress-y.

Yes, I think that's why I was so frustrated with the whole police thing. In one book, they are lazy and never do anything, in the next book they are always around and doing their jobs. I wouldn't have been surprised if it turned out they were being paid off by someone, like wasn't that mentioned in the first book? That O'Bannion or Malluce was paying the police or something? And yes, they didn't have enough evidence to drag her down there. I mean, if I was a cop and discovered a murder, and they had a piece of paper with a name and address on it, my first thought wouldn't be 'well, this must be the murderer!' you know? Overall I think that whole police thing added nothing to the story and just aggravated me.

you're probably right about the shades being the reason O'Duffy died.

Ok so now we know a bit more about the college pretty boys, well we know enough that they know something about Alina and Mac. I don't know what to think about them. Good guys, bad guys? Probably bad guys, lets be real.

I really want to know more about Mac & Alina's adoption/birth parents. There's a lot going on in this series and I feel like we're only getting snippets and nothing is really being answered yet.

i laughed at your line about the book being in two halves and the second half slapping you in the face. for real though! it definitely picked up in the second half. and yes, SO many loose threads! ugh, so frustrating!

i'm with you, 4 stars again, on one hand all the unanswered nonsense is bugging me but i'm still intrigued enough to continue so it's obviously not bugging me that much. the adding extra characters but not developing them well enough is starting to get a bit annoying too, if she adds any more in the next book i won't be able to keep everyone straight!

oh, very interesting about Dani having her own trilogy. She does seem like a fun character. I'm with you (and Mac), not a huge fan of Rowena.

I also had no idea that the reaper would turn out to be Malluce - I didn't think he'd be dead, I mean they kept mentioning that it wasn't confirmed and that they were assuming he was dead so I was like whelp, he's gonna show back up. But I had no idea he was going to show up with such a bang lol. I did feel for Malluce during that speech as well. But I also wish Mac had been the one to take his life too, what the heck Barrons.

Ha, I'm not finding the Lord Master very scary either. Especially because he seems to be scared of or at least listen to Barrons? So I'm just not that worried about his character yet. I'm curious, but not scared.

Ugh and now Derek is back too. I liked him for a split second when he first popped up but now he's an annoyance. I'm glad he walked away when Mac stood up to him, but of course he'll be back. He still thinks she is responsible for his brother's death, so he has that extra bone to pick, not just being one of the Lord Master's minions.

Mac does finally seem to be getting stronger and I like it! Like when Derek showed up and she stood up to him, she said her heart rate hadn't even elevated, which I loved. Like yes, finally. I'm glad she seems to be maturing.

I am also super glad the eating of the unseelie wore off. For obvious reasons like her being an OOP detector, but also because... gross. But yes, seems like that little bit was enough to help her being near the book without passing out.

I loved Barrons reaching out and caressing her cheek. I mean, he obviously cares for her, and it's frustrating that she can't see that when we can. I get that she can't trust him because he's not revealing anything, but actions speak louder than words and perhaps he would reveal more if she was more trusting or accepting. I'm glad something finally happened with them but nothing too crazy or unrealistic.

I would love Mac to finally win a battle, it's getting a little silly to always have someone come and rescue her or treat her like a little girl. That's super frustrating to me. I didn't like the reasons Barrons gave to Mac for why he stepped in and, not gonna lie, was not a fan of him punching her, even if she was all superhuman because she ate the unseelie.

I'm super happy she stood up to Barrons about the tattoo, but obviously that turned out to be pointless because he'd already done it. WTF.

Still having no answers re: Barrons is also super frustrating to me. It's probably one of my biggest pet peeves of this series so far. I thought it was really interesting that she saw his memories/thoughts when they were kissing.

I hope we see more of Ryodan in the next book, he seems like a fun character. Maybe you're right, the werewolf could be a possibility, maybe the noises underneath the garage were Barrons and Ryodan?

So, all in all, I enjoyed it but ugh, I want more! I want answers lol. I'm good with Faefever next week! I have another busy weekend planned but splitting the chapters up is really helpful.

Wealie | 393 comments Coolio - sounds like we’re very much on the same page with this series. I’ve decided to approach the series as a serial rather than a set of novels (ala Lord of the Rings) and lower my expectations as to getting answers. However, I fear Moning will continue to add extra characters and not expand on them in the book they are introduced and leaving lots of plot and character threads open. Sadly this means we’re likely to always have anticlimactic endings and a series that may not ever be sufficiently concluded given she’s still writing it.

No worries on the busy weekend, I know what that can be like. Have a great week and let’s chat again next weekend x

Wealie | 393 comments BTW just read Some Girls Bite, which is an example of how a strong female character should be written and how to write a multiple book series based on one set of characters. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Wealie wrote: "BTW just read Some Girls Bite, which is an example of how a strong female character should be written and how to write a multiple book series based on one set of characters. If you h..."

good to hear! it's on my list so i'll move it up to read it soon!

Wealie | 393 comments Okay I’ve read the first ten chapters and it was like pulling teeth. Not because the writing was bad, but because it’s like Mac and Barrons have stepped back into their character dynamics of the first book, which is beyond frustrating, makes no bloody sense after what they’ve been through and shared and for effing sake just bloody well bring these two characters together so we can get on with our lives. At the moment I’m giving it a begrudging 3 stars, because it’s not a bad book, it’s just AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH extremely aggravating.

*Deep cleansing breaths*

Sorry about that, maybe it’s because I’ve read the first two books in Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series which shows exactly how to write a good adversarial relationship between a more powerful male and a female coming into her power, who refuses to be cowed by him and although having a bit of angst is dealing with it and most importantly growing in character.

Mac’s gone back to being a whinger of the most annoying variety. Two and a half books in and she still has very little idea of whom she should be allied with. She’s getting beaten up by everyone. Barrons has descended into a douche-bag jealous lover who resorts to violence when he doesn’t get his way and I’m sorry, but yes subjugating her will and demanding answers is a form of rape. Personally I’m not sure how the characters come back from that, but as is often the case with some authors they seem to gloss over the male’s mistreatment of the female and couch it as being ‘for her own good’. What offends my feminist sensibilities even more though is that very often it’s women authors that do this!!! V’Lane is even starting to look nice when lined up against Barrons and he’s another would be rapist. 🙄

We still know nothing about Barrons and his inability to share even a grain of information about himself and his loyalties or just answer one damn question without evasion is grating. V’Lane at least healed her wounds, offered her some trust, forgave her (which I found most out of character) after she broke her word to him and instead rewarded her with an afternoon in the sun and information on whom the Lord Master really is. I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps Barrons might be an Unseelie Prince, seeing as he’s so much the opposite of V’Lane, but I really hope this isn’t the case.

Hopefully the second half will be a bit better. At least Barrons is now aware of everything that’s going on so will be able to step in a ‘save his recalcitrant princess’ again *cue eye-rolling* and maybe, just maybe he’ll trust her with some information given that she isn’t loyal to anyone, in the hopes he might obtain that loyalty for himself.

Rowena - well isn’t that just a let down, Dani at least seems like a good character and it looks like we might be getting a fracture in the Sidhe-seer camp between those that side with Rowena and those that want to fight with Mac.

Okay, enough ranting. I’m going to finish the rest of the book, but won’t comment until you get around to having your say on the first ten chapters.

Hope you’ve been having a great weekend.

message 38: by Kristen (last edited Aug 19, 2018 08:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Ok, first off, so sorry for the late reply. I started the book on Friday but struggled with it and kept putting it down- for the same reasons you said. I feel like we've not moved on at all! I finally made myself sit down and read the first 10, just finished those chapters, I'll finish the rest tomorrow. I'm seriously so frustrated. I'm on my phone so hard to type out everything but basically I agree with you re: Barrons and what he did to her with the Voice. Not okay dude. Does the author think by putting in that little 'it's not rape' speech that we'll magically forget about it or agree with Barrons/her? Yeah. No. I'm also with you on V'Lane, didn't expect him to forgive her st all. To be honest I'm getting a bit sick of him, not his character or part in the story, but the constant trying to seduce her, is this supposed to be some sort of love triangle? Why is everyone in love with her or want to get in her pants. I didn't hate Barrons and his jealousy at first, was it in the first or second book? Either way I'm getting sick of it now. Time to grow up.

All in all, I feel like I have the same complaints as the first two- Mac is frustrating me with her inability to take care of herself and constantly whining, and we STILL know nothing about Barrons. UGH. I am sorry I've not finished it yet, I'll do it tomorrow for sure and then we can chat about it if you'd like.

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments ugh okay, i'm finished. i'm feeling super frustrated with this series. not enough to give up, especially how that one ended, but if we don't start getting SOMETHING soon, i'm going to quit. maybe. ha. probably not. i'm too curious. but seriously, frustrated.

message 40: by Wealie (last edited Aug 20, 2018 08:00AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Lol, yes, I’m rating it 3 stars because of that god awful cliffhanger it ends on. I’m so glad I’m not reading them as they are released that would kill me!

I agree with you weirdly although I’m annoyed with it, I’m invested enough in the characters to want to continue to hopefully get some resolution.

So she’s not been rescued at the end of this one, but did she manage to manifest her destiny and save the day, nope she ends up eating more dark fae flesh, which switches off her Sidhe-seer powers so she hides in a closet while the world falls and then goes out and gets gang raped, by three (possibly four) dark fae princes who ensure she forgets everything about her life and is now a fae sexually obsessed amnesiac tool for the Lord Master 😳🙄😬🤬🤯

Yeah not quite the ending I was hoping for though definitely not a ‘Disney princess’ rescue. Cue extremely heavy sighs and rolling of eyes.

Happy to read on with the next instalment for this weekend if you are still up for it?

Wealie | 393 comments Oh at least we know Barrons isn’t Dark Fae and it was good to get a bit more knowledge about the fae from V’Lane and the interactions with the book were fairly creepy. Unfortunately with pretty boy we’ve now got a new set of players (The Scottish Druids) for Mac to be of unsure of whether to trust or not.

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments i know, if i was reading them as they were released i'd be so annoyed and probably give up lol.

yes, i cannot believe that happened. i kept waiting for someone to swoop in and save her because of course she can't save herself. for pete's freaking sake. awesome. it was a shocking ending that's for sure.

absolutely up for it. i want to know what happens lol. same as before, first 10 chapters by friday/saturday?

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments yes, i feel like we were getting teensy tiny bits about Barrons - well, we are getting what he is not, just not getting what he is. awesome. i swear, it better be something amazing otherwise it will be a let down lol. yeah, i don't know how i feel about the pretty boys/scottish druids.

Wealie | 393 comments It looks like the next book has 37 chapters, so shall we go with reading the first 19 chapters by Fri/Sat?

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments Wealie wrote: "It looks like the next book has 37 chapters, so shall we go with reading the first 19 chapters by Fri/Sat?"

sounds good to me!

message 46: by Wealie (last edited Aug 26, 2018 10:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Hi Kristen

Hope you’ve had a good week, sadly I was back at work, my two week staycation now behind me and another year older :-D

Anyway I’ve read the first 19 chapters tonight, Mac at least is back to being less whingey (in the main). It’s resting at a 3.5-4 stars at the moment.

Weirdly it feels like a lot and not much at all has happened over this first half. Mostly it’s been Mac coming to terms with the fall out from Halloween and her months of being pri ya.

I was a bit let down with how she has sex with Barrons first while in the grips of being a pri ya. I feel as if we were cheated emotionally out of something more meaningful, although there were tantalising tidbits of his deeper emotions. Quite frankly after all they’ve been through together I don’t understand how they both can’t trust each other enough to open up and share some feelings and truths. No instead they react violently towards each other, with Mac committing the same kind of mind rape she accused Barrons of in the previous book.

In terms of what Barrons is, I’m definitely leaning towards Werewolf now, the fact Mac referred to him as a beast and how she saw him killing a Fae princess when she invaded his memories and there seemed to be no weapon, suggesting he might be a weapon in and of himself. That might also be why he couldn’t come to her for four days when she was with the Princes and then at the Abbey, it might have been the three nights of the full moon and his beast nature is in charge? It would also account for his savage moments where Mac sees something beastly beneath his suave surface? However, again, I just want to know damn it. We’re four books in and we still know next to nothing - I definitely feel cheated by the author’s meagre style of sharing information.

Added to the Barrons as werewolf theory is the fact he has other’s (Ryodan and the other 8 team who went with Barrons to get her from the Abbey), perhaps Barrons is the the Alpha werewolf of the pack?

The revelations about the prophecy being linked intrinsically with Mac is interesting, as is her growing knowledge of the dark well of power within her. She’s definitely a character being honed in fire and steel

There’s obviously a great backstory to Dani, her hero worship of Mac is sweet, but there’s a darker well of loneliness and guilt there that I’d like to see unpacked and I worry at her attitudes to V’Lane and Barrons. She acts fearless, but she craves acceptance and love.

Rowena continues to be a character I intensely dislike. I wonder if she didn’t become Grand Mistress by orchestrating the loss of the book and by overthrowing Mac’s mother perhaps? Maybe that’s why she hates Mac and is so afraid of her. Well that and the prophecy. I hope Mac gets to go in the forbidden library and get some answers soon. I also have a left-field theory that perhaps Rowena was taken over by one of those ephemeral Sidhe that slipped into the human skin and were undetectable.

The gang-raping by the Unseelie princes was disturbing, but well written and I have a theory that the fifth participant might have been the physical manifestation of the book. It’s obvious the book has plans of it’s own to corrupt and possibly use Mac to it’s own ends. I liked the conversation Mac has with Ryodan on whether she was actually the most dangerous creature in the room and what the book’s intent towards her was. It was also telling (though Mac failed to pick up on it), that Barrons has a great deal of faith in her, more than Ryodan.

I think V’Lane is beginning to develop some true affection for Mac and is definitely jealous of her relationship with Barrons. It’s good that the he no longer has the sex-fae power over her, but I don’t like how the author has attributed this almost to Barrons now, although this could be more of Mac ignoring her feelings towards him as she buries them into her metaphorical box at the back of her brain.

The other pretty boy from the University turned up again and he’s obviously not merely human, but again what is he and whose side is he on? And poor Christian, human lie detector is missing somewhere in Fairy!

It does at least feel like the other Sidhe-seers might be coming around to rally behind Mac. I thought it was sad how things were left with Jayne. Again I feel a little like the author is stringing things out and we’re unlikely to get all the answers until the final showdown (whichever book that ends up happening in, though I’m not counting on it being this one!). I can’t help but think it will take all these dispirit and conflicted groups rallying together behind Mac as a unified force to truly win the war.

I really don’t understand the LM, it sounds as though he was just as affected in his way by Alina as she was by him. But that doesn’t stop him from committing horrendous acts against humanity in general and Mac in particular, even knowing it would have hurt Alina. He’s obviously a very deluded and angry ex-Fae out for his own ends, which makes his strange interaction with her when he had the upper hand to force her co-operation very perplexing. He doesn’t act how you would expect a truly evil antagonist to do so. In some ways that’s one of the things I quite like the series for, there are no black and white, good and evil characters, only a myriad series of shades of grey, with shifting priorities and alliances. Unusual in much fiction, but with the pace of the plot in this instance extremely frustrating at times.

OK that’s my thoughts so far. I’ll wait to read the rest of the book until after you’ve shared your thoughts.

R x

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments okie dokie, sorry *again* for being late, i meant to start it on friday but the weekend got away from me. i'd almost finished the first 19 this morning but then book club.. i swear i'm not normally a busy person lol. boo your staycation is over, hope you got lots done and some relaxing too, happy birthday!

sigh. i was super unimpressed with the fact that she had sex with Barrons... i agree, we were cheated emotionally. i'm disappointed. and ugh, yes. Mac doing the same mind rape thing Barrons did to her, hypocritical.

I like your thinking re: Barrons. werewolf, especially with the few days he couldn't get to her. but i'm with you, i'm very frustrated at the author for giving us absolutely nothing. I'm leaning towards werewolf too.

Yes, Dani is an interesting character but disturbing sometimes.

ooh i like either of your Rowena theories. I really don't like Rowena either. I don't trust her and I'm sure there will be some twist with her and some sort of betrayal or some reason she hates Mac.

ahhh interesting about the other participant in the room with the gang raping.. that makes sense. That whole thing was super disturbing. I really don't like what happened after with Barrons. I'm not sure I'll get over that lol.

I hope Christian turns up and is okay. I'm sure he will.

I'm really annoyed with how everything is being strung out.. I just feel like it could have been a shorter series. What is it, 6 or 7 books? And we are only at 4? I really don't feel like we have 3.5 books worth of knowledge, action or development. I'm cranky. I'm not hating it, but it's just stringing things out like this is frustrating when we get almost nothing back.

I'm curious about the prophecy. Honestly right now I'm feeling like Mac is very 'Chosen One' a la Harry Potter, and like you said, everyone will rally behind her to beat Voldemort (or the Unseelie, whatever).

I agree with you re: LM. Even though I dislike him and things he's done, I felt for him re: Alina, and that's happened multiple times where I've liked a 'bad' guy in this series, so I agree, it's one of the things I like too.

Anyway. Sorry again for being so slow, I'm ready to continue when you are!

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments just looked and it's a 10 book series. i think the last one (or more, i didn't want to read too much in case of accidental spoilers) is about a different character, but still. if the books keep going the way they are going, we are going to continue stinging things along for a long time.

message 49: by Wealie (last edited Aug 26, 2018 03:08PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Wealie | 393 comments Lol No worries, you said you might be busy this weekend, so it’s not a problem. I’ve also been reading the Chicagoland vampires series, which I have to say is EPIC and everything this series could have been.

Like you I’m just super frustrated, because it has so much promise, but she keeps eeking it out like she’s J.R. Tolkien - and that’s not a compliment, personally I think Lord of the Rings could have stood a little editing!

Like you I couldn’t help peeking to see how many more books were focussing on this storyline and was relieved that it wouldn’t be the whole series, but I hope there’s a bit more forward motion soon, otherwise it will be a rush to put all the good stuff in one final book/section, which will be an exceptional let down. I’ll definitely finish this series, but I don’t think I’ll be following Moning or starting any of her other books. Her style is just a little too manipulative.

Will aim to finish this one tomorrow as it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK, so no work YAY me.

Kristen (kristenlees) | 859 comments good to know about the Chicagoland vampire series, definitely reading that one soon.

haha I agree! i am a LOTR fan but it definitely needed some editing.

i am on the fence about other Moning books - i own the first in her other series, but not any of the following books. i will try the first one and if it feels too similar to this series, i'll give up. i already owned the first few in this series, plus this buddy read.. i don't know if i would have continued otherwise! maybe that's just hindsight talking though, knowing it hasn't gotten better.

lucky you with no work! i will try and finish when i get home tonight.

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