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July 2018: Dystopian > Messenger by Lois Lowry 2.5 stars

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Magdalena | 414 comments So in this one Mat from Gathering Blue now known as Matty lives in a village called Village and is a Messenger traveling though a forest called Forest bringing important news to surrounding villages. That is until one day when Forest turns on people and starts attacking them. Then he sets out on a mission to bring his friend Kira, who is in anther village though safely before it's too late.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why I liked Messenger so much less than the first two books in the series. I was excited when I found out it followed Mat who had been an interesting side character in Gathering Blue, but in truth this book just seemed like kind of a mess.

I didn't feel the same empathy to the characters that I felt in the previous books and although the writing was still good it no longer had that breathing taking haunting quality. The story also felt pretty rushed. And then there's the down right absurd things such as the man eating forest, a village that is selling their souls for slot machines that spit candy.

By the end I was just disappointed. I am still planning on reading the last one though, who knows why.

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments Son is weird. I really didn't like the magical element of the stories after The Giver. The sequels don't even feel part of the same story. The Giver is an alone favorite of mine and I was disappointed by all the sequels, including Gathering Blue.

Magdalena | 414 comments I agree Gathering Blue didn't feel part of the same story. I was able to overlook it because I enjoyed the story so much. But this one? Not so much. I also didn't mind the magical elements in Gathering Blue since it was only hinted at. But in this one it was just too much even for me because they don't really don't seem to fit. Isn't the world of The Giver supposed to be our world in the future?

Jason Oliver | 2063 comments Yes, the son tries to explain the magical elements but it's just gets more confusing and weird. I feel you have to read it now but I don't see you liking it. The magical elements I think are allegorical.

Amy N. | 256 comments I pretty much have the same feelings on this one as both of you. Son is actively terrible and I don't understand how a Newbery-winning author can write something so bad. Everything that was off about Messenger is worse in Son, so brace yourself if you're determined to read it.

Magdalena | 414 comments I appreciate being warned. I've started it. So far no magical elements but I'm not particularly liking it.

annapi | 4916 comments TBH, I wasn't impressed by The Giver when I read it as a teen. It was only recently that I discovered it was a series and I read the rest of it, which taken as a whole was not a bad story, but still all the books only get 3 stars from me, though oddly enough my favorite I think was Messenger, as I rated it 3.5 (round down).

Magdalena | 414 comments I actually really struggled trying to decide what to rate is. I almost gave it 3.

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