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message 1: by Cassie (new)

Cassie | 9 comments Hello Everyone,

I read this the first few chapters of this book as a kid and was frightened so I did not finish it. However, it has been haunting me for years to know what happened. It had to be published before 2007, as that was around the time I read it, but I could be off by a year or two. I checked it out of the library, so I suspect it was in circulation before that. I believe the cover had a raven or a blackbird on it, but I could be mixing it up with a different book. I remember that at the beginning of the book a girl had overhead that a bag of kittens were going to be drowned by being thrown in a river while tied in a sack. So the girl tries to rescue the kittens, and before she can, a giant spider shows up to try and eat said kittens. That is where I was too frightened to continue reading. I believe it was written in first person, but it was a long time ago - so I could be mistaken. Thank you for your help!

message 2: by Cassie (new)

Cassie | 9 comments Also - I believe the book was set in Medieval or Renaissance Times

message 3: by Cupcakedoll (new)

Cupcakedoll | 287 comments First Test (Protector of the Small, #1) by Tamora Pierce

Read the rest, it's a good book! =)

message 4: by Cassie (new)

Cassie | 9 comments Thanks! I will pick it up at the library and see if this is the book. I don’t remember it being about a girl training to be a knight, but it was so long ago that it could be it.

message 5: by Kris (last edited Jul 27, 2018 08:04AM) (new)

Kris | 34395 comments Mod
Here's the Google Books preview of First Test by Tamora Pierce - Cassie's suggestion - https://books.google.com/books?id=2yc... There are different cover images.

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Lobstergirl | 38240 comments Mod
Bumping since Cassie posted recently.

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