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Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns, #1)
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BUDDY READ:Paranormal/Fantasy > Heart of Thorns (Heart of Thorns #1) by Bree Barton - Starting July 24th 2018

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Anna 'Bookbuyer' (bookbuyer) | 22775 comments Mod
In the ancient river kingdom, touch is a battlefield, bodies the instruments of war. Seventeen-year-old Mia Rose has pledged her life to hunting Gwyrach: women who can manipulate flesh, bones, breath, and blood.

Not women. Demons. The same demons who killed her mother without a single scratch.

But when Mia's father suddenly announces her marriage to the prince, she is forced to trade in her knives and trousers for a sumptuous silk gown. Only after the wedding goes disastrously wrong does she discover she has dark, forbidden magic—the very magic she has sworn to destroy.

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chapter 1 (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chapters 2-4 (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chapters 5-7 (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments End of part 2 (view spoiler)

Anna 'Bookbuyer' (bookbuyer) | 22775 comments Mod
I'm still on like chapter 2. Starting off slow. :)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments I'm actually going pretty slow for me, keep getting distracted today. LOL

Anna 'Bookbuyer' (bookbuyer) | 22775 comments Mod
Carrie wrote: "I'm actually going pretty slow for me, keep getting distracted today. LOL"

Same. Usually I have to have no distractions to get a good chunk done. :)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Ending (view spoiler)

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