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Dasein paradigmatically understands being as time
Source: Rethinking Difference, Daniel Dahlstrom

What is that supposed to mean?

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Lia | 522 comments Mod
Dasein “triangulates” being and beings:

on the analysis given in Being and Time, the ontological difference is rooted in Dasein. Dasein, with its distinctive, existential understanding of being, triangulates being and beings.

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SZ§1 “a Battle of Giants concerning Being," Plato, Sophist ... sustained the avid research of Plato and Aristotle but from then on ceased to be heard as a thematic question of actual investigation. What these two thinkers achieved has been preserved in various distorted and "camouflaged" forms down to Hegel's Logic.”

I read that as Heidegger saying “fight me, Hegel!” In a bar.

What’s his problem with Hegel?

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Lia | 522 comments Mod
SZ§1 “the idea that a questioning of being is not needed cannot be discussed in detail. They are rooted in ancient ontology itself.”

Ancient Ontology as in Aristotle’s ousia etc?

Or as in Meno’s Paradox: that is, either you know or you don’t know, either way, answer is impossible?

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