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quq  (190511) Kiera watched the writhing mass of bodies carefully. She was sitting at the bar, her back to the counter and her elbows propped on the marble. The machines were so distracting, and everyone was so loud here; she didn’t know why they couldn’t just quiet down. She finally stood up and strode over to the one empty machine. She’d not observed anyone seemingly dangerous. Sadly, though. It probably would’ve provided her some much-needed fun. She sat down carefully and placed her bet ((idk what happens, im just guessing)).

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muuumew | 1619 comments Adela sat at a table that was away from the machines. Here, people were betting more than money. It was practically taboo to bet money in this section of the casino. Only the most daring of people would gamble in this section, and Adela was one of them. One of the regular patrons sat down in front of her. "You up for a match?" He asked, and she nodded. "What are we betting? Are you up for losing another house?" Adela asked, and giggled. She played with a strand of her long black hair, and eyed a few of the onlookers. "Should we have some other people join?"

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quq  (190511) She clicked something and the screen went black. Okay. That’s fine. She told herself. She wanted to, like, pound her first against the screen until it woke up again, but that would’ve attracted too much attention. So she just cursed the machine inside her head and stood up. She glimpsed a group of from across the room. She shoved through all of the wandering drunk people and finally made it to the table. “You need someone?” She asked, forcing her tone into lightness.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Adela's gaze landed on a woman, and she smiled. In a honeyed voice she asked, "What bets are you willing to place? This is no ordinary gambling." She said. There was an odd aura about her. She didn't seem arrogant, but she came off as incredibly cocky with the way she spoke. To some, this behavior of hers could be unnerving. She drummed her fingers on the table patiently, and turned to an overseer of the game. "Can you get the chips please?" Adela asked.

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quq  (190511) ((do u know how this works?? idek anything about gambling))

She stayed quiet at the dark-haired lady’s question. She was certainly not going to tell them all that she had, first off. And secondly, this girl … woman, she supposed … spoke in a self-righteous way. Like what she said was obvious, even when it wasn’t. She narrowed her eyes a little and waited for further instruction, or questioning. Whichever came first.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((sort of lol i'm loosely basing this off of shows+movies sooo, yeah))

Adela watched as the chips were set down. She pulled out a deck of cards, and sat it on the table. "Let's play Memory. We'll lay out fifty-four cards face down, and try to match the number and suit. Simple, right? Whoever gets the most matches wins, and if you get a match you can try for another. If you don't, then your turn is up." The game was relatively simple as long as you had good memory.

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quq  (190511) ((oh wonderful i’ll just go by lando’s standards then))

Kiera nodded and sat down. She looked around the table once more, uneasy. She’d never played with these many menacing-looking people. She kept a wary hand on her knife, strapped around her thigh. As for the game, she probably wouldn’t win, she knew, but that wasn’t her goal. At the very least she’d get a few good matches.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Adela thought for a moment. "How about, we each bet five hundred? We can start low, and raise are bets throughout each round." She said, and watched as the dealer picked up the cards. He spread them around on the table face down, after he shuffled the deck." Eventually, she hoped she could rope someone into betting dangerously. Their life fortune? Their first born child? Anything went, as long as there was a thrill to it.

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quq  (190511) ((first born child XD))

Kiera nodded, agreeing. She most likely wasn’t going to raise her bet past two thousand, if even that much. She needed most of her money and wasn’t about to gamble it away. She watched the dealer carefully, looking for sleight of hand or any other dirty trick. If any of thes people cheated — shush, she told her inner voice. She wasn’t going to hurt someone, not in a casino.

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Adela looked up, noting the girl's careful eye. Even if someone did cheat, gambling was fun- at least, in her eyes. The risk of going from being in the lead and winning jackpot to immediately hitting rock bottom was exhilarating. Her eyes glazed over the people playing, and she looked at the woman. "You can go first." She said. Her hands were folded patiently on her lap. While the man across the table was a regular player, he had been known to cheat every now and then. Because of this, Adela made sure a few onlookers were keeping a watchful eye on him as well.

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quq  (190511) She watched the other players for a while longer, only breaking out of her trance when that girl spoke up. Her eyes were such an interesting brown. Kiera shook her head, though, hen she was offered first. "No, thanks," She said, a bit of ice lacing her voice. Going first was dangerous. Or maybe she was just taking this game too seriously. After all, it was just gambling, not an assassin's mission or anything.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Adela looked at her, a bit shocked. "It's only a game! No need to be so serious." She said and smiled. "I'll go first." Adela glanced at the other player to make sure that was alright, and he nodded. She reached for a card to her far left, and flipped it over. "Okay..A four of hearts." She mumbled more so to herself than anyone else. Her hand hovered over a few cards before choosing one near the other girl. Adela flipped it and frowned. "A nine of spades. Okay! Who wants to go next?"

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quq  (190511) She resisted the strange, childlike urge to stick out her tongue at the other girl. She didnt respond, just turned her gaze downwards towards the cards and watched her draw the two cards. She memorized their places: four of hearts, (2,3), and nine of spades, (9,4). "I can go," Kiera said after she was done drawing. She picked up a card from the opposite end of the table - an ace - then moved her hand to the adjacent card - a five of spades.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Adela watched the cards carefully, and turned to the other player. "Your turn." She said, and watched as he flipped them over. A two of clubs, and a six of hearts. No cigar. She sighed, knowing that this game would most likely take longer than expected. Adela stood so she could flip over a card that was near him. She flipped it. "Ah! Six of hearts." Adela said, and flipped over the card the man had flipped before. She frowned a bit, when a two of clubs appeared. Eventually Adela smiled. "Oops. Your turn!"

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quq  (190511) She bit her lip to stop the smile from spreading further across her face. She was actually having a bit of fun, which was a different experience than what she was used to. She reached across and pulled the other girl's six of hearts, and then found the man's. "Yesss," She said in triumph. Her memorizing hadnt been in vain after all, like she'd definitely thought it would be.

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{do you want to continue this or nah
tbh it’s a bit boring
no offense}

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((ooof i agree with you. we don't need to continue it! thx for the rp :) ))

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{cool :)

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