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message 1: by Ivy (new)

Ivy | 33 comments I am looking for anyone who will give honest yet encouraging feedback on my writing. I have completed the novel. I reread it once or twice. I am looking for someone who will point on grammatical flaws I may have missed. I would be critiqued on pacing, story structure, etc. just an overall gentle yet honest critique on my writing.

message 2: by D.T. (new)

D.T. Henderson | 24 comments what exactly is it about? Could you give a small blurb?

message 3: by Ivy (new)

Ivy | 33 comments Destiny wrote: "what exactly is it about? Could you give a small blurb?"

It is about an ordinary girl who is close friends with a popular boy. They are unlike in their high school social status. It is about her struggling to accept he's not who she thinks is. They are Latino living in an unspecified state in the USA.

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