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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments Rockin' Rolls is a 50's style diner open from 6 to 12 A.M. every day of the week.

((I just came up with this name. Don't hate me for my horrible puns.))

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Bennett | 763 comments ((Wait its only open for 6 hours 6 am to 12 pm cause if you ment midnight it is 12 am))

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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments ((OH yes sorry that's exactly what I meant. Let me fix that.))

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quq  (190511)

Chu finally pulled into the parking lot in her beat-up old pickup. She didn’t like having to explain where she’d gotten such a fancy car, so she never drove her others. Only her horse-pulling, dirty pickup.
She was actually terrified of being late, so she parked fast and jumped out of her car, jogging to the sidewalk and dropping her keys more than twice. She’d never really been on an official date like this, and she had no idea what to do. So she just stood on the sidewalk, chewing on her lip, and waited for the guy to show up. She couldn’t even remember his name, gosh darn it.

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quq  (190511)

Chu had been peeking around a corner, looking for her date, when a door suddenly slammed behind her. Of course, like the flighty cat she was, she jumped forwards in terror and tripped over a fricking crack in the sidewalk. All of her things went flying, and she whacked her head fairly hard. “Owww,” She said, rubbing her forehead, still sprawled on the pavement. She looked up dazedly and saw the guy. He didn’t actually look bad; in fact, he was kind of cute. Maybe it was just her head. She’d hit it pretty hard.

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quq  (190511)

“It’s okay,” she said as she used his hand to pull herself up. She rubbed her forehead again and bent down to pick up her keys and bag. Seriously, it wasn’t that big of a deal. This kind of thing happened on a day-to-day basis. She wanted to tell him, but decided it wasn’t neccessary. No one cared if she fell a lot. So she just tucked her hair behind her ear and started walking towards the entrance of the restaurant.

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quq  (190511)

She nodded quickly and suppressed a small smile. He kept making her laugh, and she didn’t know what to do about it. Usually people interacted with her only when she was in someone’s spot at lunch, or accidentally cut in line. Chu was like the invisible girl. But, this guy was making her laugh. It was really, really nice.
She shook her head a little, boding the thoughts away, and pushed open the door, shivering at the rush of freezing air.

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quq  (190511)

She managed to control her smile, looking down at the table shyly, until the last part. She snorted, and a small laugh escaped her. Bad boy? How could this guy … he was a literal sunshine. Like, a rambling, friendly sunshine. That didn’t burn.
She shook her head and laughed a little bit again. “Bad boy.”

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quq  (190511)

{haha me too}

“You … smoke?” She asked, a bit surprised. That wasn’t a good sign. She shifted a little in her seat awkwardly. She laughed a little at ‘mysterious bad boy’. As if bad boy wasn’t enough. She looked through the menu until one of his sentences was aimed towards her, and then she looked up, slightly surprised. “I guess I’m a quiet person?” She said cautiously, not wanting to mess it up.

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quq  (190511)

“It’s bad for you,” She said scornfully, giving him a pouty face. She changed the subject then, feeling awkward. “Um … are there vegetarian options?” She asked. She wasn’t a vegetarian, not by a long stretch, but she still limited her meat consumption. It was a health thing. She nodded at his next comment, not really listening anymore.

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quq  (190511)

She nodded again at his suggestions. “Um … would the strawberry salad be okay then? For me to order?” She laughed a little. This was probably the most she’d laughed in a single day since she’d moved here. It was ground breaking. She didn’t really know how though, so she just copied what other people sounded like.

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quq  (190511)

“Okay. Thanks,” she said, smiling. She closed the menu and slid it towards the center of the table, focused on the checkered pattern that was everywhere in this restaurant. It was so interesting … and distracting.

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quq  (190511)

She sighed. There wasn’t much to tell about herself, other than that one thing … “I’m rich,” she said plainly.
She’d never heard the song, but cracked a small smile when he said he wanted it played at his funeral. She’d always imagined that she’d die tragically and early, like drowning in a river. in reality, it would probably be the culmination of her head injuries.

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quq  (190511)

She grinned. “Well. I have a lot of pets?” She said carefully, almost wincing at her choice of words.
Was that another date invitation? So early? He hardly knew her. “Sure,” She said, shrugging. She thought movie watching was adorable, especially with a significant other. Cute.

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quq  (190511)

She was a bit taken aback by the question. “Um … I guess both reasons,” she confessed. “I have my horse, Moonie … and my dogs,” she said, not wanting to explain her dog’s names. Lenny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming. They were characters from a seven-year-old rated show that she’d loved a few years ago, so she’d named her pets after them, and it had stuck.

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quq  (190511)

She laughed, eyes squinching up. She realized that was what happened when she laughed. Her cheeks seemed to go up and her smile was wide, showing her teeth — maybe she even had a gummy smile. Then her expression fell a bit. It would be nice to have a mom who tried to make friends for you. Or cared enough to try, anyways.

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quq  (190511)

She shook her head and replaced the frown with another smile, but this time it felt fake. She’d had enough practice with this that no one could tell if it wasn’t real. She was used to fake smiles, sad as it was. “Nothing,” she insisted once the waitress was gone. “Nothing.” This wasn’t a Disney movie; she wasn’t going to burst out into a song explaining her lonely life. It was practically a sob story, without the crying. More like a pat-on-the-back, that’s-too-bad story.

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quq  (190511)

{haaaa omg}

Chu firmly shook her head. Even though she was a wonderful dancer, she wasn’t intent on showing off in the restaurant.
Even if she was laughing, because her date kept playing the same song over and over.

{time crunch sry}

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quq  (190511)

This time her smile was real. Genuine. And her laugh even more so, even if it was really high.
She grumbled, still smiling, and stood up finally. There was no way she was doing her stage dance, so she’d just have to make it up along the way … yikes. She was awful at improvisation.

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quq  (190511)

The more she danced, the easier it came. She actually added some of the moves from her last performance with her band — not the explicit ones, of course — and made it into something completely new. She was losing herself inside her body.

She blushed and looked down at the floor, causing her to go off balance and trip over a chair. “Ow,” She said, glaring at the offending tile. “Why do I always fall?” She asked, looking up to the sky. Seriously, why? Of course she never fell during performances, but she always did when she had something to prove.

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quq  (190511)

She couldn’t tell if the compliment was genuine or sarcastic, so she just responded by looking down again. She couldn’t help but notice as he was helping her up what actually nice hands he had. Her mind … a strange place.
She nodded at his philosophy. It made sense, she guessed.
When the food made it to their table, she gazed at it with hungry eyes, and then started eating. She ate really, really slowly, unsurprisingly. Her mouth wasn’t all that big, and she liked to savor her food.

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quq  (190511)

“Why are you so fidgety?” She asked. His leg was jiggling. And he kept looking back and forth. And just moving.
Maybe it was lent-up energy, and when he talked he let some of it out, but when he wasn’t talking it was still there, festering. Great theory, Chu.

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quq  (190511)

She scrunched her nose up. She knew she was boring, in most aspects of the word, unless she was live or preforming. Then she could be entertaining. But not when she was being herself. She finished her last bite and shoved her bowl to the center of the table.

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quq  (190511)

"Um ..." She tried to think of how to respond to that. "Professionally, I guess. Well, I used to. I suppose it's more for fun now ..." She trailed off when the waitress came wit the milkshakes. She couldn't help but feel a bit jealous at the easy interactions. You'd have to be normal to talk with someone like that.
She listened to Colt and pulled the chocolate away from him. He could have the strawberry if that was the one he wanted.

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quq  (190511)

She managed a small smile. "Yeah, I preformed," she said absentmindedly, lost in memories of her former life. She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down shyly when the waitress came back. Chu didn't like human interactions very much.
"Hip hop, ballet, modern ... mostly hip hop and modern, though. Ballet helped wit balance and flexiblity and all that stuff." She didn't know why it was so easy for her to talk to him.

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quq  (190511)

“No, not anymore … I mean, when I finish high school, I’ll probably join some group … but it won’t be like it was,” she said, with a tinge of sadness.
She watched his straw twirling through his milkshake and laughed. “Are you drawing something?” It was a legit question, but also a way to dodge his own.

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quq  (190511)

“A latte pattern?” She asked, laughing. She hid her smile behind her hand, giggling uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe … a barista. What a great dream, right? Hahaaaa.

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quq  (190511)

“A barista,” she said again, and lost her composure. She laughed, of course behind her hand, like any sane person with a gummy smile. (for reference she’s not like a lady laugh it’s the back of her hand against her mouth and her fingers curled slightly inwards haha). She really, really liked him. Even if he did smoke. Heck, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. She needed to live a little.

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quq  (190511)

She muffled her snort in the sleeve of her shirt, laughing. “I can’t believe that,” she said, because she couldn’t. Maybe laughing was like smoking.

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quq  (190511)

Chu nodded. She’d very much like to meet someone who made Colt so happy just thinking about her. She must really be something.
She watched the way his face changed between smiles; they made his face younger, less harsh. Cuter, to be honest.

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quq  (190511)

Her chin was still propped in her hand, and she kept it that way, even though it probably made her face look fat or something. She nodded small-ly, a bit afraid that he wouldn’t see it … but she wanted to try it. Not, like, get addicted or anything … just try it. You only live once, yeah?

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quq  (190511)

She pulled out a random one with the tips of her fingers and crinkled her nose at it. “What do I do now?”


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quq  (190511)


She did as he did, looking worried the whole time. When she breathed in, it felt so weird … ew. She started coughing, and pressed a hand to her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. It was just weird.

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quq  (190511)

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried again, this time even worse. She’d never been anything but clean, and she felt like she could feel her lungs dying. This was gross. But, she smiled for Colt’s sake. Because he was cute.

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quq  (190511)

She snorted, her hair falling back into her face. “My own,” she said, a small smirk lighting up her face. She dropped the cigarette out of her long-nailed fingers and stomped on it. Good riddance.

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quq  (190511)

“I can’t rap,” she said, the corner of her lips turning up again in that half-smile. Her best friend could, though. Like a pro. Ah. She missed her so much.
“Um … kpop?” She said, narrowing her eyes and tilting her head. She wasn’t quite sure if he knew the genre.

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quq  (190511)

“Yes,” she replied indignantly. She wouldn’t let her friend be so easily forgotten.
“Um … it’s on YouTube, yeah,” she said, looking down and scuffing her shoes on the ground.

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quq  (190511)

She was kinda terrified. No one here, at this new school, really knew who she was, and it was a blessing. To show him a video would be like revealing herself.
He could look it up if he wanted, though, and she wouldn’t stop him.

She was a bit startled at his constant motion. “A park?” She should probably be getting home soon, shouldn’t she? But, then again, who was waiting for her?

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Chu blinked and came out of her rebellious daze. "Oh, no," she said hurriedly, but still quiet, "I have to feed Moonie and everyone else, and I have to muck out three stalls and curry two of my father's Arabians ..." She stopped rambling and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She needed to quit overthinking everything. Her mom wouldn't kill her for one night off.

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quq  (190511)

She put her chin in her hands and thought for a while in the darkness. She was obviously overthinking, but she couldn’t help it. She’d never been anything but good. Though, it felt nice to not be for once. She nodded silently and stood up. “Let’s go,” She said in a tiny voice.

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quq  (190511)

“Yours,” she said quickly, not wanting him to see the leather and wood interior that contrasted greatly with the beaten up exterior of her truck. She nodded quickly again, before she could refuse.

{short ack}

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quq  (190511)

She tried not to shudder at the thought of 70’s music, barely repressed horror showing on her face. Although, something different than k-pop would be nice for a change, right?
She got in the car slowly, and sat down carefully. Cassettes? Was this thing a tomb or something?

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quq  (190511)

She tilted her head at the phrase comeback, and then realized it didn’t mean album. Hmph. She pushed the tape into the slot and waited for something to happen, and when nothing did, she searched for the button to press. She hoped she didn’t look hopelessly incompetent, although she probably did.

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quq  (190511)

Chu clenched her hands in her lap, trying not to yelp at every turn. Maybe she should have brought her own car; not only was she a control freak, but she only trusted herself. It was quite terrifying, and the moment they parked she jumped out and glared defiantly at the driver’s side.

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quq  (190511)

“Your driving is horrible,” she said matter-of-factly. She crossed her arms and looked around judgingly at the greenery surrounding her. There were a few trees, but none perfect for climbing. There was a nice grassy space that Moon might have enjoyed if horses were even allowed here.

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quq  (190511)

“Secret?” She asked, wrinkling her nose. She didn’t see anything that looked particularly magical. Although, the sunset was beautiful, staining the sky like a Halloween parade. She thought it was a very nice park. The rolling hills near her house were green and lush, and very very magical, but they never felt quite this … normal.

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quq  (190511)

Chu nearly started at the feel of her own hand in his. She suddenly felt so small. Maybe that was the park’s magic, she thought; giving you an outward perspective on yourself. If so, she wanted to leave. She tilted her head when they reached the ‘magic’. It just looked like a picnic area to her. It was so dark, so she went to turn on the lights to better see the secret, and a bunch of white Christmas lights lit up along the ceiling. It was so pristine and yet so hidden. Beautiful.

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quq  (190511)

Chu pressed her hands to her mouth in utter joy. They were the absolute cutest things she’d ever seen (excluding her dogs, of course). She bent down and looked more closely, still silencing her happiness. They were just. So. Cute.

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{I’m so sorry! I never got the notif … well … either that or I saw it and forgot. that’s not an uncommon occurrence}

She nodded along to his words, not really hearing them. The bunnies still held all of her attention. Since she was a child, she’d always loved rabbits - but always from afar. She knew everything there was to know. But she’d never had a pet bunny or even touched one; she was allergic to their fur or something stupid.
These bunnies, though. They didn’t have enough fur to make her sneeze. They were perfect to just look at.

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quq  (190511)

{maybe she goes home and they meet some other time ? idk}

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