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message 1: by Holiday House (new)

Holiday House (holidayhousebks) | 14 comments Hello,

If someone can please update the book description for Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective, that would be great. The title also needs to be corrected to just Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective. Right now it is Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective of Pharaoh's Court. Here is the description:

An egotistical royal cat and his dung beetle sidekick track a jewelry thief in this hilarious new series set in ancient Egypt.

Can a lazy cat and a dung-obsessed beetle really crack a mystery? Ra relishes his role as the Pharaoh's beloved—and spoiled—cat. So when an amulet goes missing from the palace, Ra has no interest in solving the mystery. He would rather enjoy his snacks and nap in the warm Egyptian sun. But Ra's friend Khepri, a wise and industrious scarab beetle, insists on investigating in order to save the young servant girl who has been framed for the crime. Once Ra gets going, he decides that being a Great Detective isn't so bad; in fact, he doesn't mind being hailed as “Protector of the Weak and Defender of Justice.” The comically mismatched duo is on the case!

Wacky illustrations with fun historical details bring these oddball characters to life. Includes a glossary, pronunciation guide, and detailed author's note.

“An ingenious mystery full of entertaining details for fans of ancient Egypt.”—Paula Harrison, author of the Rescue Princesses series

Thank you!

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments done, but without the review paragraph, which is not permited in the description field

message 3: by Holiday House (new)

Holiday House (holidayhousebks) | 14 comments thank you!

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