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Is there any accurate book on the Comanche People??

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ZsofiaA Hi,
I have recently read Gwynne's book Empire of the summer moon. I believe (and I'm not alone) that this book is quite racist. The entire book relies on the white men's descriptions of the Comanchees, and on specific events that are accurate but still written from the viewpoint of European Americans. Gwynne never consulted Native American historians or the Comanche community.
I would be very interested in a book about the Comanchees that accurately describes the Comanche culture without pathetic racial blurs as "primitive", "savage", "premoral", and "low-barbarian".
Any ideas? Thank you.

Dorinda Comanches: History of a People by T R Fehrenbach, one of Gwynne's resources. You may not like it, but I felt it was well researched and although written by a white person, an honest portrayal and well researched. The adjectives you listed above are accurate from a sociological perspective. If you yourself are not prepared to learn about this group from a neutral perspective, then that is your choice.

Rick Brady I have two book you might want to try.

Indians of the High Plains by George E. Hyde is an archeological analysis of Native American movements that has a 14-page chapter on Padouca, Comanche, and Ietans.

The Comanches, Lords of the Southern Plains, by Ernest Wallace and E. Adamson Hoebel is a less academic look at the People.

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Ruth I found Comanche Moon interesting and there is a fair amount of history in it.

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