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Suffer the Children
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June/July 2018 > #cantrelate (Review w/Spoilers)

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NightmareMaven | 257 comments Mod
**Really quick, before I leave my thoughts on the book: I'm going to be filming my review of this book on the 30th, so make sure you leave your review here, so I can incorporate it into my video!**

Ok, so I thought Suffer the Children was SUPER CREEPY, nothing creepier than killer kids, amirite? Although, I couldn't relate to the main characters as I'm not a parent, nor do I want to be. It was hard for me to truly understand why all the parents were freaking out like they were; the whole time I was reading I was like "Why don't y'all just let them starve and move on?"
I also wish there had been more of the kids attacking the adults once they turned into monsters, those parts -- especially when the kids were stalking a wounded Doug through the forest, or chasing Joan at the end of the book -- were straight out of a horror movie, and I loved it. I wanted more of that.
Other than that, I loved the "end of the world" aspect of the book and how society broke down after they lost an entire generation of people. I thought that was an interesting idea to explore and I never thought about how much society would change if an entire age-group were just wiped from the earth.
Overall, I would give this a 3/5.

Marcia (MoonRaven83) (moonraven83) | 1 comments Totally agree. More parts of the kids being hunger crazed. A world where a virus kills kids and people can no longer have more kids. Definitely a cool concept. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I suck at giving reviews hahah.

Melissa (graveyardagogo) | 6 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this book. It's a take on vampirism I've never seen before. The book itself has a great place. One thing after another happened that made me want to find out more. Because of that I finished it in 2 1/2 days. The characters were well written but I couldn't relate to them even though I am a parent. It's like they made choices most people wouldn't make. However this same reason made me want the children to eat everyone. I loved how as the book progressed that society breaks more and more. Overall, the book is a mind f*ck... in a good way. I give it a 4/5.

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