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message 1: by Nicole (last edited Jul 25, 2018 05:04AM) (new)

Nicole | 12 comments I am an experienced beta reader who had to step away from the profession for a bit due to schooling and a new and busy full-time job. Looking to get back into the business with my better hours and my finished schooling.

I specialize in the following genres:
-Crime Suspense
-Romantic Suspense
-Contemporary Romance

However, if a plot interests me, I’m willing to work with the author. In addition to the above genres, I have also worked with the following:

-Paranormal Romance

My price back when I was beta reading before my break was $0.50 per 1,000 words but I am more than happy to negotiate with authors. I also do rush orders and adjust costs appropriately.

Thank you in advance for the opportunities and I look forward to working with authors, hopefully, very soon!

message 2: by D.B. (new)

D.B. Watson (fakesubmite) | 3 comments Hi
I have a novel first in a series call: The Harlequin.

Adam Potter returned to Cargo City wanting to start a new life after recovering from a bad break up with his cheating ex-boyfriend. Adam bought a three-story building opening his own detective agency. Hiring a flirtatious college student for an assistant.
Adam’s first case, fell from a tree. Patrick Valdez is a blue blood aristocrat who loves to Cosplay, but also has a stalker who hides behind masks. He wants to get away from his devious boyfriend who’s blackmailing him.
A person wearing a Harlequin mask swirls chaos their way when he displaces Patrick’s abuser and chases him through the graveyard into a tree. Adam manages to save Patrick but never thought he would have to deal with his ex-boyfriend and new lover again. The detectives believe Patrick is the manipulator behind the Harlequin.
Adam must race to prove the police wrong and clear Patrick’s name and stop the Harlequin before he becomes his next victim.

This story is in a fictional world and runs about 67,000+ words. It’s book one of a series I’ve been writing for some time called: Two Timer series surrounds Adam Potter and Patrick Valdez. This is not porn; the story is the focus and the characters development, sex scenes are added when needed.

I just need a read through to tell me if the story works. I know there's grammar problems and I'm working on them.

I hope you consider my novel.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard Hutchison | 21 comments I have a contemporary romance around 70K (I am rewriting the falling action right now so I don't have a final count yet.) My beta readers have all been complementary about the plot, characters, dialogue, and pacing, I just need to know if it is finished. I am hoping to publish it traditionally. It is PG13. What sort of turn around can you offer?

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