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London sat on the bench and took a long drink from her half-full water bottle. It was purple, and the only sparkling one, so it was easy to find among the plain standard gray bottles. She was in the middle of a game, but it wasn’t really that serious, just Athena v. Hades. She’d been allowed to join the Hades team, thanks to the ‘familial relations.’
She was wearing jean shorts and a camp t-shirt, which contrasted with the team’s dark emo theme. It was cracking her up a bit.

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dashofmagic | 8 comments Cassian didn't want to admit it, but he may or may not have been wandering around aimlessly, incredibly bored when he stumbled upon the volleyball game. He knew a few people, so he decided to watch. Scanning over the players he saw a girl with purple hair, but her back was turned to him so he couldn't recognize her. When she finally turned around, he was pleasently surprised. London looked amazing and we couldn't help but yell "Let's go Hades!" incredibly loudly, causing one of the Athena boys to slip up, which earned him a glare or two.

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London looked into the audience, searching for the person who shouted to give them credit. That had been a point for Hades. She saw Cassian and gave him a crooked grin. “Kudos to you,” She said, and maybe he heard her, but maybe he didn’t, because it was kind of quiet. She changed positions and got ready to serve.

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