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Maxwell (welldonebooks) | 375 comments Mod
This thread is for discussion of Normal People by Sally Rooney.

Please be considerate of spoilers when posting your thoughts. Either use the spoiler tag or make it clear at the top of your comment that you will be posting specific details of the story.

Happy reading & discussing!

Gumble's Yard - Golden Reviewer For those in the UK this is now available in Waterstones.

message 3: by Hugh (last edited Aug 28, 2018 03:07AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Hugh (bodachliath) | 151 comments I read the whole of this book yesterday, and it is definitely a strong contender. My review

Gumble's Yard - Golden Reviewer And my review here

I also really enjoyed it (and it finished the longlist for me)

Britta Böhler | 314 comments Mod
I have to admit I wasn't taken with Rooney's debut but I tried to read her second book with an open mind. The writing was quite good and some of the themes were interesting but I was rather bored by the cliché-characters. An array of stereotypical women who just want to be loved and who always question their self-worth and the men are behaving as if straight out of a 'boys-will-be-boys'-movie.
And the ending is just plain cheesy.

2.5* (mainly because the writing was good)

Neil | 511 comments Sitting squarely on the fence, here is my 3 star review:

I much preferred this to CWF, but I can't get excited about it. It would have got more stars if it had more of Lorraine in it.

Gumble's Yard - Golden Reviewer I am still chuckling at you wanting more of the 40-ish Mum in a book which is explicitly about young students.

I am guessing (to take a book Connell enjoys) you also wanted more of Mr Woodhouse - although to be fair you would be equally justified there as he is also an excellent side character.

Neil | 511 comments I thought Connell's chats with his mum were the best part of the book.

And it is so long since I read Emma that I can't remember. And would probably have a different view if I read it again now, anyway.

Robert | 363 comments Sunita wrote: "I did not go into this expecting much, but I was impressed. I still think both novels (this and CwF) are way overhyped, but Rooney is doing something interesting.

My review: https://www.goodreads..."

Yeah, I think that one day she'll write an amazing novel. I can feel that.

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