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What are your thoughts on this book?
Kathy Kathy Jul 23, 2018 06:19PM
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Such a range of emotions during the read. Would highly recommend! Puts things into perspective..... :)

Loved it!

I did not care for this author or book

This book made me feel different emotions all throughout my reading experience. I really like how it was written and the raw emotions that come with it, However, the cheating part really bothers me. Right now, I can't still forgive Graham for doing that because for me, there are no reasons that could justify one's act of cheating, no matter what the circumstances are. That is why I am still debating with myself on how should I rate this book KASKJHDJHDJD

Amazing book. I loved how real and raw it was. I can not get enough of Colleen Hoover's books!

Absolutely loved this book. It's fantastic! For the majority of the book, I was so fearful for Quinn and Graham's relationship. The ending was absolutely amazing and I could not have wished for a better one.

5/5 recommend

Loved this book!It showed the struggles of marriage and was a very thought provoking read. Throughout the story, my heart went out to both of the main characters and I'm happy that there was light at the end of the tunnel for them.


This is Colleen Hoover's 4th book that I've read and i must say that this one is just as perfect as the others. This book made me feel like i was entirely present inside the book like i was actually there! hahaha i can feel all the emotions and how Graham felt for Quinn. Colleen just made me cry (as always) while reading her book. ♥

Overall I think it sends a beautiful message. Sometime we get so frustrated by all the thing that aren't going as we expected that we loose sight of those that are actually good.
The importance of forgiveness and that love is a choice. You like someone because of their perfects but choose to love them despite their flaws....

This book gave me all the feels. Beautifully written.

I truly loved this story and my heart ached for both characters in the story.

I hate that it made my heart hurt so bad, an A+ all the way!

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Elaine cripe I,like others thot it was well written and emotional
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