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message 1: by Mrs. Hrubik (new)

Mrs. Hrubik | 1 comments Trying to remember the title of a book. All I can remember (and not sure this is even the central plot) is a small town where a business in the main part of town (where there is little else) is being renovated or reopened after being closed. The main character is in town after being gone a long time and reconnects with the guy opening the business. There is some type of upcoming festival/holiday celebration or town celebration that coincides with the grand opening.
This is driving me crazy as I have begun watching Sharp Objects onHBO, Camille’s return to Windgap made me think of it but I can’t place the story!

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Lobstergirl | 37540 comments Mod
Mrs. Hrubik, please read the group pointers/rules at the top of the group homepage - which explain what to put in your header.

We also need to know when you read the book.

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