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message 1: by Jesse Schmitt (new)

Jesse Schmitt | 1 comments A mysterious attack on his homeworld catapults a young man into the galaxy at large to become one of the legendary Rangers. Training goes well. His first assignment... doesn't. Join Ben Mueller as he searches for the fleet that attacked his home, captures wanted criminals, and tries his damnedest not to be killed by his roommate.

This story was born from my love of the Star Wars and Mass Effect universes, so if you enjoy those you might enjoy my work.

More than willing to send a selection of the work if you don't want to get all 106k.

message 2: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Pike (joshualawrencepike) | 9 comments I would be glad to do a swap.

Humanity in the Deep is an 86k word novel. It has the hard Sci-fi feel of The Expanse with strong character growth and elements of romance.

I am getting ready to start looking for Agent's and want feedback. I am looking for beta read's not for editing or anything else. I am most interesting in thoughts on the story structure, character growth ect.

When Roger can no longer make a living on his home planet he is forced to choose between lobotomizing himself, so a corporation can use his brain as a computer, or leaving his home. He is hired onto the Erikson, a city size construction ship heading to an uninhabited system. When at the build site the star goes nova, the Erikson is damaged and forced to flee.
In a system every record said was uninhabited they find a large human population. They assume it to be a dark colony, but this colony knows no earth language and lacks technology freely available when the first ships left earth.

First three chapters (book is done, but thought you might want to read these before deciding to read the whole thing)

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