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T | 19 comments Hi all,

I am looking for a beta reader for my literary fiction novel with a dose of sci-fi/magical realism. It focuses on lesbian/bi characters and I would be happy to swap with another LGBT (female-focused if possible) story! I am open to sci-fi, new adult, romance/erotica, magical realism/fantasy, literary fiction, historical fiction, memoir, etc.

Here is a synopsis:

29-year-old superstore cashier Anne is dead, nearly 40 feet underground with a hole in her head. She has been bodysnatched by a group of reanimated people living below a cemetary, forced to work for the profit of a mysterious corporation. As Anne tries to understand what went wrong for her up above, and the strange world she has found herself in down below, she finds herself drawn to the society's charismatic leader, Noura, and the strange creature that is their god. Meanwhile, Noura has her own reckoning to deal with, political and personal. She too cannot help her feelings for the reckless, defiant Anne.

An anachronistic adventure told from the perspectives of four women, the book delves into Anne's past life, and the lives of her traumatized sister and her hardened mother, each of whom experience passionate love and aching loss. As revolution brews in the world below, lives begin to intertwine. Anne is tested when Noura reveals a shocking secret and her own past literally comes down to haunt her.

Thanks for reading! :)


message 2: by Carolina (new)

Carolina | 4 comments Hi! I'd like to beta read for you. PM me if you're interested :)

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