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School of Fear (School of Fear, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Young Adult or Maybe Childrens Book - About a school with a B&B room but B&B Means a different thing every day. [s]

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Aaron Lowery | 5 comments Hello,
I read this book a long time ago maybe 5 years and I cant remember a whole lot about it and some of my details might be two books mixed together but I'm not sure but it was about some sort of school I think run by a woman and there were i think 3 kids attending and one of them I think was a pathological liar and she said she had foot in mouth disease one time to get out of gym class, not realizing it was a real disease and while they were on a tour of the school ( and i think the school might've been this lady's mansion on a cliff or something like that) there was a room call the B&B room and the kids thought it meant bed and breakfast but actually the meaning changes every day and that day I think it was Bats and Bees or Beatles and Bees.
I'm sorry I don't have many details but id really like to find this book because I remember that it had a sequel I think and I wanted to finish the story.

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Aaron Lowery | 5 comments No I don't think so sorry they're not already in school in the beginning of the story like I think it is in Sideways Stories from Wayside School they get like accepted in? Sort of? And there's only I think 3 kids attending or maybe just 2

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Ayshe | 4228 comments Maybe School of Fear?

Edited to add:
Surely you don't have to choose such an extreme disease to avoid playing outside. ... I don't want the school calling the Center for Disease Control again. ... I had no idea that foot-and-mouth disease was real.

By any chance, is the Bed & Breakfast open for brunch?” Theo asked. Ignoring ... “Bats and bees,” Mrs. Wellington said jubilantly as the foursome cowered in a huddle.

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Aaron Lowery | 5 comments Yes! Thank you so much that was it.

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