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message 1: by Arianna (last edited Jul 25, 2018 04:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Arianna (overlookingcovers) | 14 comments Suggested Reading Times: August 1st-August 11th

This is the discussion thread for Throne of Glass

Please understand that this thread is for those that have completed the book and therefore we cannot guarantee a spoiler free zone. You may post freely about any books that have come before this book- Seeing that everyone should have finished the previous books before reviewing this thread.

Since there may be first time readers, we ask that no spoilers for the books after this one to be posted in this thread.

However, the exception to this rule is that you have noticed a connection between this book and another. If you notice something you didn't notice before that comes up in a future book, please make it known that the connection can contain spoilers for a future book and state which book it may spoil.

Make sure the spoiler (not the warning of which books the connection is made!) is encased by the proper format shown by goodreads. Click on (some html is ok) which should be located right above the comment box and it will have the format on how to encase a spoiler. Example (doesn't contain a spoiler) (view spoiler)

I have provided an example on what a comment should look like if you are making a connection. Again, it is not a legit spoiler.
Connection between Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire!

(view spoiler)

Julieth (_booksensation_) It’s the first day!!! Excited to start this series! :)

booksandpurls | 6 comments I’m so excited for this readalong! I started reading already and I didn’t realize how much I missed this world. Also as a rereader, the change is so big from the beginning to the end of the series!

Julieth (_booksensation_) By chapter 5.. I am really liking Celaena's sassy attitude..!

booksandpurls | 6 comments I realized we didn’t actually post about our Instagram account here (oops) so if you want, you can follow us on Instagram @travelingreaders! We post updates and stuff and it’s another place to talk about the books

Arianna (overlookingcovers) | 14 comments To see this from a rereaders point of view, it is amazing to see the character development that our characters went through. Even more so, Sarah J. Maas's writing has seriously improved. I was reading and thinking "Huh, this isn't as thick and rich as the books are currently." I think that is really amazing to see. Does anyone see a change in Maas's writing from this book to the current ones?

booksandpurls | 6 comments Sarah J Maas’ writing improved significantly. I feel like in ToG there’s a lot of exclamation points and an over all different mood to the story than later books. It’s still good, of course. But improvement is defiantly seen as the books progress.

Julieth (_booksensation_) I have always enjoyed her writing but I do also see the difference. One thing that I am loving about Celaena is her love of reading..

booksandpurls | 6 comments It’s August 8th, and that means we’re almost done reading Throne of Glass!

How far along are you? I hope you’re all enjoying reading or re-reading the book. Who’s your favourite character? Did you notice things you missed the first time around? Did you notice any foreshadowing? I know I’m blown away by the hints I missed. It really adds to the experience when one re-reads and knows to look for foreshadowing that now makes sense when before it was dismissed.

Happy reading!

Julieth (_booksensation_) Hello everyone! I’m really enjoying this book and I think my favorite character is Dorian.. it was Nehemia but I just hit page 280.. and so idk anymore.. 🤔🤔

Arianna (overlookingcovers) | 14 comments Julieth wrote: "Hello everyone! I’m really enjoying this book and I think my favorite character is Dorian.. it was Nehemia but I just hit page 280.. and so idk anymore.. 🤔🤔"

Both of those characters hold such an important place in my heart. But I must say that Nehemia is my favorite in the beginning of the series.

Spoiler for anyone who hasn't read past Crown of Midnight

(view spoiler)

booksandpurls | 6 comments I never really liked Nehemia the first time around, but knowing what I know after reading the series, I can tolerate her better the second time around.

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