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message 1: by Ally (new)

Ally Prince | 3 comments I am after a beta reader for my novella. As an Australian with the book set in America I would appreciate some American eyes to go over it for me. It is currently unedited as I want to change as many errors as I can myself first. I would appreciate honest feed back on the story line and content too.
Thank you.

message 2: by Eve (new)

Eve Ashland (eve_ashland) | 3 comments Hi Ally,

I would love to offer my American eye(s). Would you perhaps be interested in a swap? I have a 20K erotic novella that I would like to set forth into the world-- It was initially published in three parts but I would like to check the consistency and flow of it. Feel free to message me. Thank you :)

message 3: by Ally (new)

Ally Prince | 3 comments Hi Eve, I messaged you. Well I hope I did :)

message 4: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Terry | 4 comments Good morning Ally,

I've lived in the States all my life, and have written four novels, two of which were heavy on erotic encounters. I would be happy to beta read your novel and can probably get it finished in about a week.

Please contact me at


message 5: by Zero (new)

Zero (jl_sanchez) | 75 comments Hello,

I would like to beta read your book. Feel free to message me if you need one more.

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