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The China Garden
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy/Mystery/Romance garden w/ curse, female lead. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Sabrina Faye | 3 comments I read this book around 2008, it was either adult fiction or very mature YA. The cover has a garden and maybe a garden wall/gate on it? The book seemed to be set around the maybe the 90s/2000s?The entire novel is in the POV of the female main character who is a young woman that travels to a quiet rural town where her distant relatives are from (maybe her mom grew up there?). She meets and slowly starts falling for a guy who rides a motorcycle and comes around a lot but is known to be a trouble maker/bad boy. She feels the pull of something in the town/family home, specifically an overgrown garden and knows there are family secrets of some type about a dead female relative that no one speaks of...


As she starts uncovering more about the secrets and the garden she becomes more obsessed and drawn to figure it out. She has sex with the guy after a walk up a hill that has a circle of large stones on top with one is the middle with a hole going through it. The guy talks her into doing an old ritual of the town people where they walk around the stones and clasp hands through the stone with the hole. They then have sex on the ground and a dog being walked by a man interrupts them. The man with the dog says something about how the stone site ritual is an old marriage ritual. Later on she finds out that her and the guy she has fallen for are cousins by marriage and he was aware of it. (I know kinda ew)

At the end of the book thy find an underground/cave lake/river that is drawing them magically for some reason and they somehow figure out the curse/secret when they find a huge statue of a naked pregnant woman which begins to glow with burning heat and the guy carries it to some spot to break the curse even though it burns his skin black and he falls out. Afterward when it is all over they wake up un injured and I guess live HEA.

This is all I can remember, please help me find this lost book!

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Sabrina Faye | 3 comments Thank you, that’s it!!!

Sabrina Faye | 3 comments Solved

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