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chaos' hideout, a cave in with a two story base of operations sealed all the way around by a magical protective barrier to avoid detection.
this is an open rp to an extent, your character must have permission to get in.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Chaos - Tobias - was finally free. The shackles that had held him down for centuries had finally been burst open, the doors that had shielded him from the world had been broken down into splinters at his feet. He was free and "plans" didn't even begin to explain what he had in mind. No, predestined was the correct word to use. His intentions weren't to be pushed aside any longer. He was going to have his way with the world he rightfully should have hundreds of years ago before... everything was stolen from him.

Sitting in his dimly lit room, candles floating in the air around him like ghosts awaiting their orders, Tobias gazed through a crevice in the dark rock, watching the outside world. The trees blowing gently in a breeze, the sounds of woodland creatures as they milled about in the underbrush. Everything so... serene. Not what he had been anticipating after his release. His siblings had made themselves quite... inept, or so he'd heard. Made themselves into nothing more than teachers in the pathetic school they could have been governing. It was pitiful really. Such idle fools had locked him away only to further their own biased agendas? It bothered him to no ends that he had been so easily tricked.

But no more. Chaotic evil was slowly seeping into the world, both mundane and Portermount. He'd even given them a little present, a tremor, just to shake things up a bit. His followers, or his loyal ones of the moon were just now being given the chance to reach and feel the full extent of their powers. It made Tobias smirk each time he received news of new defacto's in his grasp.

How did he receive this news? Why, his little minx. One who was aligned with both Chaos and the Addermire institute quite beautifully. One who could weave his words almost as well as Tobias himself, to gain the loyalty and blind trust that seemed to readily given to people of confidence in this world. Tobias yearned to be out in this blind little world himself. But for now, he had to remain hidden, allowing the seams he'd begun to unravel fall apart on their own. Then, he would strike, like a snake to the heart of those he had once loved, and make them fall.

Oh it is going to be glorious Tobias mused, waving a hand at the crevice of dark rock he had opened and watching it close on command. He sat in a chair, eyes now flickering to the book in his hand, a little something to pass the time while he awaited news of syracruse and the mortal world so he could place his next pawns when the time was right. His dark hair fell into his face lightly, his blue green eyes not quite reading the words they passed over as Chaotic Evil himself leaned back in his chair, slim body draped like that of a panther, regal and able to strike whenever the urge hit him.

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There was no glass in the windows, most of the structures within the forgotten vale were heavily asian in architectural design. He thought it was romantic. He'd chosen the place several centuries before, and he'd kept it clean ever since, meticulously brushing away dust and grime, wall to wall, every other day. It was practically obsessive. Now it was just satisfying to see all of his plans come to fruition.

There was a breeze, and within seconds he'd appeared there on the window sill, resting his chin on one knee while his other leg draped over the ledge into the room. He buried his lips against the fabric of the sweater he wore, quite oversized. He was never big into fashion.

"You look busy. Am I bothering you?" he peered over Tobias' figure, biting his lip and raising two bushy brows expectantly as his lips curled into a playful grin.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias didn’t even glance up as he felt the breeze and heard the voice of his lover. Flipping a page idly and reading a solid paragraph before he finally spoke,”Oh yes I am dreadfully busy. Can’t you tell I have Oh so many things to do.” Tobias spoke mockingly, his voice smooth as icy but as warm as butter as the primidoral - or perhaps prima-dona- finally looked towards him. Gazing at him for just a moment more, Tobias snapped the book closed and flicked his wrist, placing it in a pocket dimension and raising a single eyebrow,”You bring news I presume?” He purred, remaining in his seat and watching the sly grin spread on his lips with an arrogant air around him.

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There was silence as Sin eyed him over, tilting his head and shrugging, "Knowledge comes with a price you know" he pointed out, gesturing for him to come forward with a single finger and licking his lips, "You have to pay the toll. Otherwise everything would come far too easily for you" he added, leaning against the side of the window and tapping his fingers impatiently against the stone and wood.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Everything does come far to easily to me. Including you.” Tobias purred right back, a small smile of his own appearing on his lips as he did the same gesture to him, beckoning him over,”I’m so tired. Perhaps you can come to me?” He teased, eyes flashing, nearly daring him to say no. This was the game they played, their own little fun.

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Sin rolled his eyes, lazily lulling his head back until it met with the stone and yawning, "Oh but I am so weary - you can't possibly expect me to travel such a distance. Then I would be doing everything for you" he cooed, glancing at him expectantly and breaking out in a few hushed, throaty chuckles.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments The small smile on Tobias’ lips remained as he chuckled ever so softly, the ground itself seeming to tremble from his laugh. Slowly, like a lazy panther he drew himself out of the chair and slid over, his steps methodical as he pressed Sin agaisnt the stone, keeping him dangling precariously on the sill of the window,”And what would this little toll you speak of, be?” He purred, finger gently stroking down from his lips to Sin’s chin, cupping it firmly but gently.

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Sin leaned forward and bit his finger teasingly before reaching forward and grabbing his collar. He was always a little rougher than Tobias. He caught him in a kiss, tender yet stern, as though he were staking his territory. He pulled away after a few moments, still clutching the collar of his shirt, lips ghosting over his, "A princess of Portermount is branded with your mark" he whispered, still grinning wickedly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias could never predict Sin. It’s what made him so delicious. Everything else, as Sin said himself ‘came to him so easily’. He grunted into the kiss, his hand sliding around a gripping the back of his neck firmly in a controlling hold. When Sin pulled away Tobias let out a small breath, gazing into his eyes before he chuckled,”Of course, royalty are so easy to manipulate.” As his hand relaxed, stroking the back of his neck,”And you? Anything from that dull little school of yours?”

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Sin leaned into his touch and slowly loosened his grip on Tobias' collar, sliding his hand down his torso and toying with his belt buckled carelessly, "Mmmmm... There was a staff meeting held, lots of yelling and bickering, nothing interesting. News has already begun spreading like wildfire. No one trusts anyone, royals are royally flipping their shit... In other words, good news. Things are going well" he explained quietly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias allowed him to play with his belt, but pulled away before it could go further. He knew how much Sin loved to toy with him, and he enjoyed leaving him pleading like a new puppy for attention. “Lovely. Lovely and... boring.” He releases him all together, walking back to his chair and heading past it to a chest, rummaging through it mindlessly.

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Sin frowned, pouting like a child before floating forward and leaning against the chair, peering over Tobias' shoulder, "Mmmmm? What are you looking for?" he purred curiously before moving back and settling on his knees on the cushion of the chair.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Oh just something to do in this mind-numbing place.” He sighed softly, standing and holding a whip,”... spending my time here when there is so much more dismantling I could be doing. It’s a wonder I don’t go... insane.” He tossed the whip back inside and looked at Sin, eyes piercing,”So, tell me, what meddling has my little minx been up to lately? The defactos? How are they?”

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Sin raised his brows at the whip and smirked, biting his lip in deep thought as he leaned forward, almost missing his question, "They're... well" he murmured, clearly a bit distracted. Thousands of years. It'd been thousands of years since he'd been with Tobias. He'd been with others briefly in the beginning to try and distract himself but he'd never given himself to anyone but Chaos.

He swallowed, "They're.. flourishing. There's one named Cricket and he sells booze at the parties in the Brigmore house. He's your average psycopath but he's done well enough. And a warlock named Wolfgang, he seems promising. But the dire wolf is my current concern. See the dire wolf is strong and instinctive, he's got his own pack." he suddenly grinned mischievously, "He's got razor sharp teeth, his biceps are massive, and he's got a pair of real dark eyes, he's a looker" he cooed, watching Tobias closely.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias seemed impassive. He hadn’t approached Sin about what and who he’d been up to when Chaos had begun his unjustified time under lock and key. But he was quite curious and maybe even jealous of Sin’s doings. He looked over at him, face remaining impassive, but there was a fire in his eyes. “Oh yes? Tell me about this pack of his. Spare me the useless details.” He demanded a bit bluntly, summoning a cup of wine and striding by him to sit cross legged on the edge of the large round bed he had in the room.

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"Useless? Hardly. Quite the contrary." he leaned against the back of the chair, amused by Tobias' reaction. "Don't be daft Tobias, jealous over a dog, how cute. His pack is.. useful as a pack of bloodhounds might be. There are four or five of them, can't recall. None of them particularly interesting. Abner and Elio are intelligent enough. Antoni is... intriguingly stupid, easy to mold. His sister.. haven't seen her yet, she's younger." he shrugged, "But Derek's a real threat, he's a brute, not exactly intelligent, pretty as he might be he's no tactician. Just a lot of muscle, a lot of big brawny muscle" he spoke in fluctuating purrs that occasionally melted into tiny chuckles as he watched Tobias closely, gaze just as intense.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias sipped his wine, gaze unnervingly still on him. As he spoke though his attention wavered, instead looking at a candle as it floated by his head. “And tell me then, does this Derek indulge in his powers?” He inquired, licking his lips slowly. If there was one person who could get a rise out of Chaotic Evil, it was Sin. Tobias may not mention it, but Sin truly had his heart, or what was left of it. Tobias could trust no one else besides Sin. He flickered his gaze to him again, finally murmuring,”Do you... indulge in your own little fantasies... with him?” He asked, seeming completely suave, but fingers tightening on his wine glass.

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Sin laughed at that, "Why would I do that when I have you? Hm? He's tied down by some fairy wench anyways, or was it witch? Doesn't matter. She's a target, I'll mark her on the list if she starts sticking her snout where it doesn't belong" he suddenly appeared behind Tobias, "Do you really think I'd let a mutt in on my fantasies Tobias?" he whispered into his ear, eyes low lidded.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias let out a small breath he didn’t even know he’d been holding as he heard his response, returning his gaze to his whine as he swished it around dully. When he felt Tobias behind him he licked his lips again, sipping the wine and slowly leaning his head back against his shoulder, still remaining with his eyes fixated on something else,”... and who do you let in on your fantasies Sin?” He purred his name,”Anyone exciting?” He inquired.

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"I don't know... are you exciting anymore Tobias?" he whispered into his ear as he let the back of his hand graze over Tobias' forearm. "Or have thousands of years in the dark taken away your spark?" he spoke almost poetically, words hypnotic, as tempting as sin always was.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “My spark? Darkness taking away the moons spark?” Tobias chuckled, his voice a breathy purr,”Oh Sin. You don’t know what you’re talking about. A thousand or so years only made me stronger... much more... exciting.” He paused, once more wishing to taunt him,”...But while I was away... you must have had some fun of your own.. didn’t you?” He asked, a note of accusation in his tone as Tobias tilted his head to be able to catch his gaze directly.

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Sin thought for a moment, frowning genuinely and leaning forward to kiss his neck, "No." he answered truthfully. The first few were for feeding. But he soon realized there was nothing to it any longer. Nothing to keep him going if not the small hope he had that Tobias would return. "No" he repeated once more, voice soft and broken as he planted kisses all along the crook of his neck.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “No? No one to hold you at night? No one to make you scream?” Tobias chuckled, turning in his grasp to push him down rather forcefully onto the bed, this time his own lips attaching to his neck,”No one as exciting as the monster who was locked away for so long?” He snickered, biting at his skin a bit teasingly as he held his arms down.

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<< woop sparta, i'll make the thread >>

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments ((Okeeee))

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He closed his eyes, leaning into his attention, "I was a mess" he whispered, "Truly. I approached each primordial and begged them to help me. Cara scoffed in my face, she laughed at me, Tobias. She said that I... deserved it, for being an accomplice" he whispered, reaching up to toy with his hair idly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias felt anger swell in his chest. He truly despised his sister,”I’ll do the same to her. I’ll rip her from her pedestal and locked her down like the bitch she is. A collar around her neck.” He swore, steely gaze drifting away as he imagined it.

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Sin chuckled quietly, throatily, leaning forward to kiss at his neck, "That is a goal, yes. Distantly. But we'll wait for the opportune moment to strike first. Patience, love, you've never really had much of it, have you?" he teased.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “I’ve used up all of my patience, thousands of years under lock and key demands it of you.” Tobias hissed, sitting up, once more guarded and angry under the surface. Oh how he wished to strut in front of Cara when he finally had her on her knees, how he wanted to laugh in the face of his brother and crush the little school they had beneath his feet. He huffed, shaking slightly as he calmed himself, swinging his legs off the bed to hunch over and think.

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Sin sighed and sat up as well, draping the blanket around them both and leaning forward to massage at his shoulders, "Yes of course there's always that. But you know what else is fun to think about?" he purred as he kissed the back of Tobias' neck, "The headmistress herself pacing around, waiting for you to show yourself, day after day, more of her students slowly turning against each other and herself. Until the whole school is a warzone and every drop of control she has trickles from her fingertips. And then, once all is said and done with, who'll come out to laugh at her?" he asked, voice hypnotic.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias’ eyes flickered between clear blue to green, his jaw set in a firm line. Sin was right, Tobias knew it. He knew he should wait just a little longer. But he felt as though he’d waited long enough. “I’ve been without control for too long. And now that I’m free... I still feel as helpless as before.” He admitted quietly, rubbing his temples as he tried to relax into Sin’s ministrations.

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Sin frowned faintly at him, still massaging deeply at the tense knots in his shoulders, "You've started a revolution, just by merely existing" he cooed.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “... if that were to be true it would have started long ago. But it isn’t. It only exists because of my siblings’ foolishness.” He muttered in denial, leaning back into his hands and closing his eyes,”I want to leave Sin. I don’t wish to be stuck somewhere any longer.” He whispered suddenly, opening his eyes to look back at him.

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Sin stared at him and suddenly his expression darkened, "Chaos, the moment you entered Portermount you released a tremor so powerful it set the gods astray. And you dare to question your own ability because things aren't moving as quickly as you'd prefer?" he massaged perhaps a bit too hard, nail grazing his skin, "Do you think I'd lie to you? Do you think I'd sugar coat it to make you feel better? You've an entire rebellion, the Defacto are loyal to you, and growing in numbers. Show some respect for yourself" he demanded.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias turned his face away, hissing in a bit of pain from his massage as he arched his back. Maybe he was... correct in that way. He shivered, Sin had more control over Chaotic Evil then he knew. Sighing, he realized he’d displeased his lover, slowly leaning back and kissing him softly once before whispering,”You are correct as always my love, I apologize.” He told him, smiling faintly to try and appease him,”...Now, When was the last time you and I ate together?” He asked gently, stroking his leg.

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His expression softened and he leaned forward to kiss his cheek, "I mean only for the best" he whispered before pulling away just slightly at his question and smiling weakly. "When was the last time we've done anything together?" he replied, looking away and biting the inside of his cheek at the thought. It'd been far too long.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias was silently relieved when Sin seemed to forgive him so quickly. He truly would lay the world at his feet if he asked, he loved him so much. “Oh? Is there something specific my little one would like to do?” He asked, stroking a hand through his hair and placing a soft kiss on his lips before he turned to fully face him.

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Sin took a deep breath and fell backwards onto the mattress, staring up at the ceiling in thought, "Do you remember the first dinner we had together? Of course that was.. literally ages ago. It was before Portermount, it was hardly a dinner. More a roast over a fire. Those were the early days, right before the Trojan War, things were simpler then. A roast perhaps?" he asked, reminiscing quietly to himself.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Mmm as I do recall we were at a beach, in nothing but togas. What lovely fashion. Just one layer of cloth to strip away...” Tobias trailed off teasingly, leaning over him and caressing his side as he chuckled softly,”Is this what you’d prefer? Simpler times? I can prepare the roast if you wish, but this time a full meal.” He murmured gently. He loved this, being alone all day made him volatile, but having Sin giving him a little attention made it all go away in mere seconds.

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Sin chuckled and grinned, nodding in approval before glancing at the chest where Tobias had put the whip, frowning playfully, "Pity, you didn't use toys..." he leaned up, kissing his forehead before sitting up, glancing around for his clothing, "Oh well, there's always next time." he glanced back at Tobias and thought for a moment, "... Don't you? Miss those times, before... everything?" he asked suddenly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias chuckled at his obvious invitation but said nothing, dressing in his simple silk shirt and pants and buttoning up the front. He looked over as Sin spoke, fixing his own collar before he turned, heading towards the larger part of the cavern through his hidden door, waving for him to follow. He didn’t respond for a few minutes as he summoned a fire, blue flames making the shadows dance on the walls. “...I miss the simplicity and liberty I once felt.” Chaos finally admitted,”No one can truly contain me, but... I do not wish I felt as though I was a caged bird. All I ever yearned for was to make this world a better place. For those who were under us to remain under us... safe from...” he paused, thinking safe from us before he quickly altered his train of thought,”I miss the trust. The honesty. We’ve grown and I do not find pleasure in the fact that our maturity shows a terrifying rarity of truth in this so called modern time.” He shook his head, summoning meat and a simple spit, beginning to cook as he fell into silence, giving a dismissive shrug as he stared into the flames.

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Sin watched him, having tossed on his rather oversized sweater and briefs. He figured pants were unnecessary. He listened to Tobias, following closely and nodding along, "... what might that rarity of truth be?" he murmured quietly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “The way I’m sure everyone speaks now. Rumors seem to flow abundantly on the tongues of the professors. And while it may be... helpful in a way, I do not like it.” He shrugged. Tobias was often a cryptic and confusing enigma, his opinions seeming to be even against his own self sometimes and rather odd. He cooked quietly for a moment before glancing at him,”Would you make some sort of desert?” He asked suddenly, eyebrows raised expectantly at him.

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Sin listened to Tobias and tilted his head, wearing a perplexed expression. He personally didn't care much about the behavior of those who didn't pertain to him. But he loved Tobias, and he would support the man regardless of what happened. He nodded, "Mm" he replied, closing his eyes and thinking for a moment, "Chocolate or vanilla?" he asked suddenly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “I’m more vanilla, but you know that.” Tobias teased before he smirked over at him, putting some spices on the meat he summoned,”...So chocolate.” He winked, turning fully back to the fire to allow his mind to wander as he cooked.

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Sin chuckled quietly to himself as he worked, conjuring icings and little decals here and there. It was a cake. A small cake for two. With icing in the middle and cherries ontop, drizzles of chocolate, flakes of coconut. It was frivolous and over the top, but so was Sin.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments When Chaos finished he slid the meat from the spit and conjured a proper table and chairs, candles lit on it as well as he set it with a little flair, adding some more dishes before glancing over to see if he was ready.

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Sin approached with an incredibly fancy looking cake, setting it down in the middle next to the candles and smirking to himself. It was flamboyant, red and black.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias chuckled and grabbed him by the hips, pulling him close and kissing him chastely before he pulled away and headed to sit, motioning to the chair across from him for Sin.

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