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So... I got the book, but I haven't started it yet, so enlighten me - what's the big deal? :D

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BookWarden | 40 comments Okay first, NEVER research this series. There are some things that happen a couple books down the line that's treated as public common knowledge, and you do not want this series spoiled.

The synopsis is very spoilery, so I'll tell you that it;s a traditional "hero fights ultimate god-tier evil". It has a very large cast of characters and a great and detailed world. Wheel of Time is very fantasy focused while still feeling human (no Forgotten Realms or D&D here!) and it has such great plots and characters and everything. There are FOURTEEN books in the series, and they're all heavily connected (like one long and continous arc) so you get tons of plot stuffs. Youi get adventure, war, politics, character studies, (the main character is one of the greatest in all of fantasy because of his journey through the series) and the plot is so intricate and detailed that people notice new things on their fourth and fifth re-reads. The fans still discuss how things might've happened, or theories on character and world and all of it because it's such an epic and immersive story.

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Got it! Not like I do that anyhow...

I started it today! Already loving it.

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BookWarden | 40 comments That's great! :D

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