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message 1: by Sassy Sedusa (new)

Sassy Sedusa | 85 comments Do you like reading long reviews or short reviews?

message 2: by Janie, Group Owner & Book Addict (new)

Janie Johnson | 14084 comments Mod
I don't read them really until after I read the book. I think longer reviews have more of a chance of containing spoilers.

message 3: by Sassy Sedusa (new)

Sassy Sedusa | 85 comments Totally agree Janie!

message 4: by Sassy Sedusa (new)

Sassy Sedusa | 85 comments I prefer short reviews over longer ones.

message 5: by Jannelies (new)

Jannelies | 58 comments What is 'long' and what is 'short'? I prefer quality over quantity so a 'short' review with useful information is better than a very long review that doesn't say a thing.
My preferences: a review that doesn't begin telling us what's already on the cover of the book. After reading the umpteenth review that stars with a summary of the story I lose interest. I always check before writing my review, and usually I do not say anything that can be read on the book cover itself.
On the other hand, reviews can be too short too. I don't like it when people only write three lines saying how well they liked the book. I think that if, for instance, you get a book from NetGalley, and promise to write a review, you have to be serious about it and write more than just a few lines, especially when you like the book.
Here on Goodreads I sometimes read very long reviews that are so great, giving so much insight, that they can really make my day. I'm often a bit jealous that my writing skills are not that good ;-)

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