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Erica Forrest Loathly by Erica Forrest

They were brought together by the unbreakable binds of magic and destiny; surely it shouldn’t be so difficult to accept happily-ever-after?

The original tagline, the first sentence I wrote, was ‘loathly lady hates the one forced on her by magic’.

In the story I intended to write, my loathly lady equally hated her beastly form for making her less than the woman she’d once been and resented her cursebreaker for forcing her back into the role. She didn’t thank him for changing her back, she blamed him for stealing her freedom.

Perhaps she would be swayed by patient love. But, more likely, her husband would grow tired of her cruel coldness and abandon her to her lonely freedom. In the Celtic legend, the hero loses patience with his lady and, in his ungratefulness, causes her to become loathly again. Despite his quest to retrieve her, in the end he loses her forever.

But, as it turned out, that was not to be the story I wrote...

If you're interested, you can find my book on Amazon and help subsidise my next bowl of gruel. You can also contact me for a free review copy, since I'm a debut author with no marketing budget.

Erica Forrest Loathly is free today and tomorrow for the two-month publishing anniversary, I'm planning to make it free every month on the 24th too!

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