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The Dweller's Guide To The Planet: All You Need To Know About Everywhere
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Andrew Levy Dear all,
I'm completely new here (to Goodreads, to this group, to writing, to asking for help) and don't know what the protocol is, but I'd really like to get some honest reviews of my book in return for honest reviews of other people's. I don't think The Dweller's Guide is for everyone - it's a mix of journalism and stats and is a fairly deeply satirical survey of all the places on earth you could choose to live. I'm told it's very funny - which is a bit of a worry as I'm not sure it was meant to be. If you think it might be of interest then please let me know. Thanks, Andrew

Douglas Charles Charles | 5 comments So Andrew,

I'm intrigued by the premise of your book and your candid approach to the protocol. So consider a review swap. This is the blurb on my book:

Based on the true story...Suffering PTSD and radiation poisoning from the K-19 disaster, Vasili Arkhipov rides the B-59 submarine carrying a nuclear torpedo into the Cuban Missile Crisis that thrusts him between Captain Savitsky and apocalyptic disaster. The Last Saturday of October is the real-life hero’s saga of the Russian sailor who saved the US from a nuclear firestorm on the most dangerous day in human history. It bears witness to the little-known B-59 incident in a scorching portrayal of the military standoff on Black Saturday 1962. It is a submarine thriller, delivered with the intensity of Red October and Das Boot, so detailed and gripping that it's hard to remember that the wild tale is true. The declassified story of Vasili Arkhipov, the Soviet naval officer who preempted a nuclear strike on America, is told from the claustrophobic confines of the Soviet submarine, B-59 beneath the sweltering sea. It reconstructs the submarine’s journey from Murmansk to the Cuban Missile Crisis in meticulous detail and recounts known events from inside the hull, shedding new light on accepted historical “truths.” The world watched in horror, never knowing that their only hope for survival was a sailor submerged beneath the Sargasso Sea. Declassified documents, US and Soviet, furnish evidentiary artifacts of the B-59’s voyage and provide the factual foundation for the story that reminds us of our tenuous existence in a nuclear world, and how we nearly lost it.

Let me know what you think.

Douglas Gilbert

Andrew Levy Dear Douglas,

What a story! Yes, I'd absolutely love to read your book and give a review in return for a review. My father was involved as a scientist in the Cuban Missile Crisis and I've always been interested in this period. I can provide a PDF copy of The Dweller's Guide - or, if Amazon rules allow, we could both buy e-books of each others?

Douglas Charles Charles | 5 comments Excellent. You will find The Last Saturday of October to be a fascinating read. You can find the kindle version at in the US or at in the UK.

Let me know where I can buy your book.

BTW I did my all-but-dissertation work at Yale.

Best Regards,


Andrew Levy Hi Doug,

I'll buy The Last Saturday on and review it there as well as on Goodreads. If you let me have your email I'll send you a copy of my review first so you can choose whether I post it or not. That way, I can be totally honest, but you get the final say. The Dweller's Guide is at or on Amazon UK at:
If you buy it today, it's on offer at only $1.99 for the kindle version as I have a Booksends promo.

Best Regards,


Douglas Charles Charles | 5 comments Hello Andrew,

I just ordered it. You can reach me @

Looking forward to reading it,

Best Regards,


Andrew Levy Just got yours too.

My email address is



Douglas Charles Charles | 5 comments Just finished and posted. Great work. I didn't expect The Dweller's Guide to be an all-nighter. Sorry if I gushed, but I love the research ethic.


Andrew Levy Doug,

Thank you so much! I'm still reading yours but I've already told friends about it - including my son-in-law who is a history professor at Notre Dame. It's not just that the story is so well told - though it is - it's that this is an incredibly significant story that would not have been told at all without your diligence. I think what you've done is extraordinary.

Douglas Charles Charles | 5 comments Andrew,

Thanks. It was a huge leap to tell the story from the pov inside the sub, but everything that I read about the B-59 incident was flawed because the journalists had never experienced submarine life. Like your book, I found myself uniquely positioned to reveal the story in a way that allowed the reader to feel the history unfold. Pure luck that the Future of Life Institute awarded Arkhipov with their inaugural prize just as I had finished.

Still working to get amazon to publish my review.


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