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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 80s YA Romance - girl spends time with BF's family while her mom travels for work and falls for BF's cousin who is visiting.

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Jane (see-jane-read) | 9 comments All I can remember about the story is that the girls' mom travels for work a lot and she spends that time at best friends (pretty sure during the duration of the book she is at BF's house twice). The best friend has a cousin that comes to stay with the family also, I don't remember why (school, vacation, etc). I don't remember any more info, other then they get together in the end.
I thought it was a Sweet Dreams book (am sure the cover was similar to their style of young girl on cover) but I have searched through that series several times and haven't found it. I have searched other similar series with no luck.

Thanks for looking.

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Jane (see-jane-read) | 9 comments Found it on my own.... funny how I spent ages looking and when I finally ask for help it pops up.
If your interested its called:
A Secret Love
by Jean Thesman

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