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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance or Dark Romance-Mob? heroine cooks dinner to surprise hero for his meeting & to protect her he treats her cruelly & she leaves the apt [s]

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Lydia (animelady04) | 3 comments UPDATE: FOUND IT! It's a duet - Mastered and the other book is Dominated by Maya Banks!

Okay so I am pretty sure that this story is a duet, maybe a trilogy....or the book might just be very long (over 200 pgs).
Anyway, the heroine has really bad low self-esteem and has three girlfriends. I think it was a previous dating experience? Her three friends take her out, and I can't remember how but she caught the attention of this rich guy that has ties to the criminal world (or some kind of mob/mafia). He has these "brothers" that protect him. They aren't related by blood but by pain and life. They are all extremely close because there's one particular "brother" that gives the heroine a hard time because he wants to make sure she won't hurt the hero.

The hero takes a lot of time to build the heroine up from her low self-esteem but doesn't really tell her what he does for a living and he hides his "associates" (other criminals/mob) from her. I remember in the book the hero says it's to protect her because his associates and enemies would see her as a weakness and try to hurt her. Because of this, he tells his brothers he has to have a meet with his associates for dinner and to take her shopping and keep her out of the apartment. The heroine finds out about it and one of the brothers was taking her to her old apartment and she snuck out the back, went grocery shopping, went back to the apartment she shares with the hero and cooks an amazing meal to surprise him. When he enters the apartment, he is upset and sad "knowing" he has to do something to show his associates that she doesn't mean anything....this is in order to protect her from his associates trying to hurt him thru her. He curses at her, treats her pretty cruelly and he makes her give him a BJ in front of his associates. He takes his associates out to dinner and leaves her there. She's pretty broken about it and thinks all of his loving talk was just there - talk. She throws the special dinner on the floor and takes off without anyone knowing.

She tries to call her girlfriends but since she and the hero got together, she hadn't been around her friends much and they were a bit mean and didn't even want to talk to her. The hero comes back to the apartment to find her gone and he tries to find her but she disappeared by then. At this time, one of his brothers asks if the hero is going to go after her and he struggles with the decision. On one hand he thinks she is better off without him but on the other he cares for her a lot and he doesn't want to let her go. Another brother talks to him and he decides to go after her.

Pretty sure the next book picks up from there, and it turns out she was at her hometown or her aunt or grandparents, something like that. He convinces her to come back with him and give him a second chance. He explains a lot to her and why he felt that he had to treat her so horribly. Eventually she ends up pregnant and the hero has this club that is some kind of front I think. The "police" end up going to the place and insinuate that the heroine was part of the reason the police were there. The hero becomes extremely cold to her and she begs him to listen to her but he doesn't.

He pretty much throws her out with the clothes on her back and the brothers are all for her, knowing she was innocent. The brother that gave her the hardest time takes her to his apartment for her to stay and rest at. The rest of the brothers start to look for the traitor as the information the police had would have come from a traitor. The heroine eventually decides she needs to move on and the brother find out the traitor was actually one of the brothers. The traitor that was the brother was actually the one that at the end of book 1 tried to convince the hero to leave the heroine alone.

Right before the brothers bring in the traitor, the hero decides to move past the hurt and wants to reconcile with the heroine because he loves her and wants to be with her.

That's all I can remember, not sure how the end up together or how the book ends. Any help will be awesome!

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Ebookworm2016 | 180 comments I would change your title to be a bit more specific. Add in mob romance and add in the scene where the hero was mean to heroine to protect her. Because that part was familiar to me and I have read it, so it will catch attention better.

With that said, I can’t place the name of the book. I’m pretty sure I got it off of a goodreads list. Either mob romance, “hero mean to heroin”, best grovel, etc.... I looked through the tops of some lists, but they are pretty long and I didn’t see it quickly.

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Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments This is so familiar, i will have a look thru my books and see if i can figure it out

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Shelia Williams | 752 comments Sounds interesting

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