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Sneak Peek Unedited

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Chiquita Dennie “Ohhh...Fuck. I can’t come anymore.”

Trevor gently pushed me into the mattress and spread my legs farther apart. He wraps a hand around my waist. He leaned down and licked up and down my neck, biting my earlobe and soothing it with a kiss. Laying flat on my back with sweat dripping off his skin and onto to back. Pressing the tip of his cock as it speared into me. I arched into him from the pressure of being stretched.

“Shit..” Trevor moans out as he shuddered from slamming into me.

Tightening my fists on the sheets. I closed my eyes and used my finger to release some pressure on my clit. The smacking of our skin in the room overwhelmed us both as Trevor picked up his pace. Thrusting in a circular motion in and out as our hands clenched together.

“Ughhhhh,” I whine as he soothing ran his hand up and down my arm as he pumped into me deeper.

“J you feel so good, baby,” Trevor whispers into my ear, causing a shiver up my spine.

“Don’t stop…Aghhh Fuck Trevor”

Following my hand, he smacked it out of the way and used his hand to pleasure my bud as his rhythm became erratic. He slammed his cock into me one more time before his Breathing slowed down and snuggled into the neck.

“Fuckkkkk... J” Trevor groaned out of breath.

Falling on top of me with his full weight, I push against his back, as sounds of snoring fill the room.

“Dammnit Trevor wake up.”

Hearing my phone ring. I reach for it on my nightstand and see Sabrina’s name on the caller ID. Grabbing Trevor by the balls, I squeezed lightly, and he moans and starts humping me again. Deciding to get a little harsh with waking him up. I pressed hard.

“Arghhh…shit J. What the Fuck?”

Shrugging shoulders nonchalantly he rolls over in pain, and I head into the bathroom with my phone.

“Hey, girl.”

“Well look who decided to answer the phone finally. We thought you ran away.” Liz says.

“Ever since her Annie get your gun episode, she’s been locked away from her best friends.” Sabrina joked over the phone.

Locking the door and turning the shower on I squatted down on the toilet to pee.

“Ha Ha Ha, Funny. Anyway, are we meeting for lunch today.”

“Janice please tell me you're not pissing while you're talking to us on the phone,” Liz asked.

Hearing a knock and watching the handle twist back and forth.

“I’ll be out in a second!”

“Babe I got to head out,” Trevor yelled from the other side of the door.”
Wiping then flushing the toilet. I head to the sink and wash my hands.

“Let's meet up at noon for brunch. I need to go and deal with Trevor real quick.”

I open the door as Trevor, and I stare into each other’s eye.

“Don’t start J. I’m just going to class and work.” Trevor sighed in frustration as he turns his back toward me.

Glaring as he walks out. I stood with tears pulling from my eyes. Thinking over the last five months with me shooting Trevor, Mary being pregnant with his first child. I realize then at that moment. I would always have to share him with someone else. She was able to give him something that I’ll never be able to after getting an abortion. Being in love with Trevor was a hazard to my health, and I need a change. Placing the phone down on his nightstand and gathering my things. I leave the engagement ring down next to the phone and walk out of his apartment forever.

Five Years Later

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Rise Chiquita wrote: "“Ohhh...Fuck. I can’t come anymore.”

Trevor gently pushed me into the mattress and spread my legs farther apart. He wraps a hand around my waist. He leaned down and licked up and down my neck, bi..."

Hi Chiquita, how long do we have to wait for this book? And I do hope you do a spinoff with Liz and Bruno also. Will Jimmy come around to accepting Sabrina? So many questions that I would love to see in a book please.

Chiquita Dennie Hi Rise, Thanks so much for commenting on the sneak peek of Janice and Carlo. Expecting to have it ready in October 2018. Spinoff on Liz and Bruno depends on the response from readers. You'll have to wait and see about Jimmy and Sabrina in book 4. I'll post the link to my ARC page for upcoming releases.

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