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Star Wars for adult readers?

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Robby Allsopp | 1 comments In my teens, I used to absolutely gobble up every Star Wars book I could get my hands on. I still remember how excited I was after reading my first Star Wars novel ever (I believe it was Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson) for the seemingly endless universe of space adventures I'd just discovered. I'm now in my 30's, and I've matured a lot as a reader over the years. After thoroughly enjoying authors like Frank Herbert, Steig Larson, George R. R. Martin, etc, I'm finding it really disappointing coming back to the Star Wars book universe. Even the newest works by my old favorite SW author, Timothy Zhan, seem very YA to me now. Are there any authors writing Star Wars for more adult readers? I'm not necessarily looking for more violence or anything like that, just more mature/realistic dialog, plotting, and pacing. This problem has really plagued all of sci-fi for me for quite a while now. It seems like all the authors I consider to be really good are writing heavy (and frankly, kinda boring) literary stuff. Like, could Daniel Levine or Ann Patchett please write something with lasers and spaceships and droids in it? That would be great! :D

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