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message 1: by Briar (new)

Briar (briar-rose-reads) | 1 comments Seeking beta readers to check for flow, pacing, and general plot analysis of my soon-to-be completed contemporary romance novel. I'm not looking for deeper editing, just want to know if this is something that seems to fit the market and actually flows as I'm hoping it does, lol. I'm getting a little bit of tunnel vision and would love a second set of eyes on this.

Looking to send the first 25k words first and then when the second half is complete, if you still want to read more, can send the rest.

Thank you very much!

message 2: by L.L. (new)

L.L. Ash (llashmedia) | 40 comments Are you interested in a trade?
I could use another pair of eyes on a novella I have in a similar genre as yours. 20K words contemporary romantic.
Just looking for overall opinion on story arch and character development and likability.


After a harsh breakup, all Kat wants to do is get to Tucson. On a fateful stop to fill up on snacks and cigarettes, she meets Cal, the abrasive, stubborn, tight-lipped stranger who asks for a ride.
There’s no way Kat could have known it would be the road trip that would change her future forever.

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