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Need recommendations for cult horror
Itchy Eyes Itchy Jul 21, 2018 08:05AM
Hope I've come to the right place for some help! To provide some context, I read Rosemary's Baby a short time ago and it's quickly become one of my favourite ever books - hence I urgently need something to scratch a similar itch. I guess I'm after a scarily plausible speculative/chiller-inflected book dealing with similar themes of devil worship, cults, or the second coming of the antichrist, either in a domestic milieu or with apocalyptic implications (contemporary settings preferred over historical). Being scary as hell is a good thing, being badly written is not (I just can't hack naff writing and plotting). What are the classics of the genre that I might have overlooked? As a tangential offshoot, any good chillers about sentient babies who might or might not be the antichrist? I suppose what I'm saying is, I loved loved LOVED Rosemary's Baby and although it might be peerless, I'm after the next best thing (or in the unlikely event you know of something even better, do spill the beans!) I like being made to think, I like feeling a shiver down my spine, and although agnostic, I have an appetite for plausible religious horror (if that's not an anachronism). Be fascinated to hear any thoughts you might have.

There are two books by Adam Nevill that you might like Both involve cults, although neither of them involve devil worship

Last Days
This cult seems to be connected with a form of the Elder Gods.

whereas this one is definitely pagan
The Ritual

Thanks Georgina - sounds like this Nevill fellow is someone I should be investigating. Appreciate the tip-off!

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