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message 1: by David (new)

David Brian (davidbrian) | 1612 comments (Mods feel free to move this if I've posted in the wrong section.)
My new weird fiction/horror novel is due for release on August 1st. If anyone would care to pick up a read-for-review copy, then just give me a shout. You can find out more about the book by following the link at the bottom.

The Lord of Always by David Brian


message 2: by David (last edited Sep 18, 2018 02:23AM) (new)

David Brian (davidbrian) | 1612 comments The Lord of Always is my latest dark fantasy/cosmic horror novel: currently priced just .99c - promo applies until September 21st.
The Lord of Always by David Brian
Welcome to Penhale House, an idyllic retreat set amid beautiful Cornish countryside. Unfortunately for Frank and Roz Tanner, the house sits on a nexus point to other dimensions. Frank and Roz are about to experience the honeymoon from Hell...


Peter squatted with his back against the wall; body shaking, fists pressed into balls and rested on his temples, eyes squeezed shut in the way children do when they believe that their not seeing will prevent some great evil from descending in the gloom of the night. But there were no bedclothes here under which this child could seek refuge from his monsters.

message 3: by Marie (new)

Marie | 3646 comments I was able to grab the book, David! Wow, it sounds really creepy! Right up my alley! :) Going to need to read this next month for my Halloween challenge. :)

message 4: by David (new)

David Brian (davidbrian) | 1612 comments Thanks, Marie! I hope you enjoy! ;)

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